Best Adidas Skate Shoes 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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The best Adidas skate shoes range from premium vulcanized shoes to comfortable slip-on. And from the mid to high-tops, Adidas has the best skateboarding shoes for grinding throughout your day. However, there are several skate shoes by Adidas, and we have shortlisted some of the best ones. Also, we will tell you in detail about the skate shoes. So keep reading our review and buying guide, then wisely decide to buy.

Best Adidas Skate Shoes


Only skaters understand the value of wearing the best Adidas skate shoes in 2021 for this activity. Although these shoes are not only comfortable, they will enhance your performance as well. Other than that, Adidas has a great fitting, and they have put a lot of effort into designing this type of shoe.

Here are the ten best Adidas skate shoes on the market for you.

List of 10 Best Adidas Skate Shoes for 2021

1Adidas Men’s Seeley4.6/5 Check Price
2Adidas Men’s Daily 20.04.6/5 Check Price
3Adidas Originals Adi-Ease4.6/5 Check Price
4Adidas Original 3MC4.5/5 Check Price
5Adidas Originals Men’s Campus Stitch4.3/5 Check Price
6Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Shoe4.5/5 Check Price
7Adidas Men’s City Cup5/5 Check Price
8Adidas Originals Women’s Campus Stitch4.1/5 Check Price
9Adidas Men’s Matchcourt4.6 Check Price
10Adidas Men’s Grand Court4.7/5 Check Price

1. Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe – Imported

Adidas is one of the best brands of skate shoes that are in every other household in one or another way. This company will warm your hearts as well as your pockets. Also, they have the best skate shoes, and one of them is the Adidas men’s Seeley skate shoes. For quality, we recommend buying Adidas skate shoes.

Best Adidas Skate Shoe

Check Price

The Adidas men’s Seeley skate shoes are the latest edition of the Adidas skate shoes, and they are 100 percent other fibers. This pair of Adidas stands out because it has a rubber sole and has great material as well.

Moreover, these shoes have a shaft that measures approximately 6 to 12 inches from the arch. And the platform measures approximately 0 to 3 inches. Other than that, the boot opening measures approximately from 0 to 3 inches as well.

Consequently, these shoes are made with a lace closure that has a boot opening with a rubber sole for its durability. Also, the synthetic material and resistant to wears and tear.  Best of all, the suede shoes allow you to ride with these amazing units everywhere you need. These are the best Adidas shoes in 2020.

However, these shoes are having a durable construction and comfortable leather construction. Also, they are an affordable shoe by Adidas. And the abrasion material holds up to daily park sessions, and the textile lining keeps your feet comfortable off or on the board.

Finally, the tongue of the shoe is customizable for the ideal fitting with recessed lace eyelets. And they have a pivot point cupsole and a geofit collar as well as a high level of performance.

  • Durable and comfortable construction
  • Affordable skate shoe
  • Leather construction
  • Need more effort in the styling department

2. Adidas Men’s Daily 20.0 Skate Shoe – Textile lining

Next, we have the Adidas men’s daily 2.0 skate shoe that is imported and has a rubber sole as well. Also, this shoe is imported, and the shaft measures approximately 6 to 12 inches from the arch. Plus, the platform measure approximately from 0 to 3 inches. And the boot opening of the shoe measures from 0 to 3 inches around.

Adidas Men's Daily Skate Shoe

Check Price

Moreover, it has a rubber sole and textile lining as well. Also, the lace closure of these shoes is easy to do. Although a man’s daily canvas, upper shoes have a heavyweight canvas upper for the best protection. We recommend these shoes to those people who love to try new tricks. This pair of best Adidas skate shoes will provide the best protection. And the heavyweight canvas will not allow you to feel the skateboard due to extra cushioning.

Other than that, these best Adidas skate shoes have a low-profile style that has a monochrome upper built from heavy canvas. And the cushiony sock liner keeps your feet comfortable for many hours, even for the whole day.

  • Rubber sole and durable construction
  • Built to last-long
  • Textile lining for comfort
  • Heavyweight for some skaters

3. Adidas Originals Adi-Ease Fashion Shoe – Durable & stylish

Another amazing shoe from Adidas is the original adi-ease fashion shoe that has 100 percent pure leather material and a rubber sole. This model of best Adidas skate shoes has a huge demand in the market. The main reason for the demand is its robustness, stability, functionality, and durability.

Adidas Originals Adi-Ease Fashion Shoe

Check Price

However, they have a vulcanized rubber outsole and a contrast wraparound midsole, which is made for better functionality. We recommend buying this pair of skate shoes because it has the soft textile lining for comfort and premium suede upper for a plush look.

Moreover, the shaft measures approximately a low-top from the arch. And it is durable enough among all the toughest skate shoes. Also, Adidas is suitable for wearing all day with a casual dress. And the high paced action linked with skating. Plus, these shoes have a durable suede material, which makes them ventilate enough for all weather.

However, the breathability of the shoe makes them odorless. Although the rubber sole of the shoe is best for the triton that helps you to stick to the board.

Finally, the lace-up closure makes these shoes easy to get through the perfect degree of tightness while maintaining comfortability.

  • The rubber sole offers extreme comfort
  • Toecaps of the shoes are reinforced
  • Low profile grip may cause injuries to the risk-takers

4. Adidas Originals 3MC – Regular fit

Next, we have the Adidas original 3MC skate shoes that are worth buying. So if you skip them, you might not make the best investment. Also, they are made of 100 percent pure leather with a rubber sole. These are some of the best shoes that Adidas has ever made in history. Thus, finding this pair of Adidas shoes might be tough.

Adidas Original 3MC

Check Price

Moreover, the Adidas original 3MC has an iconic design. So when it comes to skateboarding, these shoes are in demand. We love that the best Adidas skate shoes 2021 have imported and designed material with pure textile material. Although the rubber soles of these shoes make them highly durable.

No doubt, these shoes are in high demand due to their quality. And we bet that you will never regret buying 3MC. Also, they have a breathable material that can keep your feet cool in hot and humid weather.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Exceptional design
  • Measurements may vary from other shoes
  • Interior comfort can be enhanced

5. Adidas Originals Men’s Campus Stitch and Turn – 100 % synthetic & textile

Adidas is a well-known brand of shoes, but men’s campus stitch and turn are different than other models. It has an iconic design that will add a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Also, this pair has soft pigskin construction with suede. And it has a lace-up closure that secures the foot in a place while riding.

Adidas Originals Men's Campus Stitch and Turn

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Best of all, the campus stitch has a reinforced toe box that protects the foot from impact. And it has a synthetic lining that ensures breathable wear. No doubt, the ortholite foam bed ensures a lightweight and comfortable design. Although it has a reinforced toe box that protects the foot from impact.

Moreover, the campus stitch has a soft construction for long-term wear, and it will keep the feet secure. Also, it has an iconic three-stripe design that adorns the side of the shoe. Plus, the campus shoe has a reinforced toe box. We recommend this shoe to those skateboarders that are always trying to make new techniques. These are some of the best and cheap Adidas skate shoes.

On the other hand, the synthetic lining ensures breathable wear with a rubber outsole for extra durability. And it weighs 15 oz, but the weight of the shoe is based on a single item only.

As if that’s not enough, this shoe has a lightweight and comfortable design. Lastly, these shoes have the best material that will last for many years.

  • Very stable and comfortable shoes
  • Provide maximum protection while skateboarding
  • Imported material
  • Toe cap may bend with extra-large toes

6. Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Shoe – Premium shiny leather

How can we forget the Adidas original men’s gazelle shoe? It is one of the most highly demanded shoes of Adidas. The material of the shoe is 100 percent textile and imported as well. Also, it has a rubber sole that has a gold foil Gazelle logo on the quarter panel.

Adidas Originals Men's Gazelle Shoe

Check Price

Moreover, this shoe has a premium shiny leather upper that is soft and durable enough. And the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch. Plus, it has a trefoil logo on the heel patch.

Best of all, this shoe has a soft synthetic leather lining, and it has earned an excellent reputation for giving skateboarders a certain personality. Also, it has a molded PU sock liner that provides cushioning from the hard impacts.

Plus, these shoes provide additional comfort for the foot of the rider. Also, the toe of shoes features hallmark three stripes made of synthetic material. Gazelle is the best Adidas skate shoes on Reddit.

Lastly, the outsole has a good grip with an excellent and precise board feel.

  • Comfortable, stable, and versatile skate shoe
  • Durable construction
  • Stiff in first – may need a break-in period

7. Adidas Men’s City Cup Skate Shoes – Made USA / imported shoe

Next, we have the Adidas men’s city cup skate shoes that have leather suede upper and rubber sole. Moreover, these city cups Adidas shoes are for professional skateboarders that can take risks without the fear of injury. Also, they have excellent material of premium suede that is reinforced with cupsole shoes.

Adidas Men's City Cup Skate Shoes

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However, these shoes have a double midsole wrap for additional support for large impacts. Also, the city cup offers a great flip trick. Plus, this shoe is best for the 360s.

Consequently, the Adidas skateboarding shoes have high-quality and have a heel stabilizer. Also, the suede top and tongue offer excellent ventilation. Plus, the lining of these shoes offers a cozy feeling with the best fabric. The fabric of these shoes can give you the best feel and stability.

Other than that, these shoes have the best material for shredding the trees and chilling at the parks.

  • Protects feet from hard surface impacts
  • Synthetic lining ensures a breathable wear
  • Durable construction
  • May get loose after a certain time

8. Adidas Originals Women’s Campus Stitch and Turn – Classic look

Adidas not only makes the best skate shoes for men but also the women and kids. These shoes are specifically for women, and it has a rubber sole. Also, it is imported with 100 percent leather material. Moreover, these best Adidas skate shoes have an old-school classic look, and the upper sole of the shoe is soft due to pigskin suede.

Adidas Originals Women's Campus Stitch and Turn

Check Price

However, they have lace-up closure to keep the foot stable and fix at a place while riding. Plus, the upper material of the shoe is constructed with the best durable material.

Best of all, the Adidas has a reinforced toe box that protects the foot from heavy or hard impact. And this shoe is available in chalk pink and metallic gold color as well. As if that’s not enough, these shoes have a synthetic lining to ensure breathability. And they have a rubber sole with a lightweight and comfortable design.

Consequently, the rubber sole of these women’s skate shoes makes them extra durable. So we recommend these shoes to those women who ride a skateboard often. Also, women can wear these shoes with jeans or any other casual outfit to look cool.

Finally, the three-strip design of Adidas makes the shoe classy. And each pair of this shoe weighs 15 ounces.

  • Classic look
  • Low profile construction
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Narrow sizes and break-in period for most of the wearers

9. Adidas Men’s Matchcourt Fashion Shoe – Synthetic material

Our second last pick is the Adidas men’s match court fashion skate shoes. They bring a board-ready feel and low-profile style to these shoes. Also, they have a mixture of materials that makes them last longer. Plus, the different materials make them durable and extra protection as well.

Adidas Men's Matchcourt Fashion Shoe

Check Price

Moreover, these shoes have a deconstructed upper that is responsible for the best fitting. As if that’s not enough, this shoe has a reinforced toe that adds protection and built-in sock liner provides the best support as well.

Although, these shoes are available in white color only and have a rubber toe cap for enhancing the durability of the shoe. And the partial eye stay prevents the wear and tear of the shoe. Also, the grippy vulcanized outsole makes them precise for board feel. Plus, they have double-wrapped foxing for advanced-durability.

Finally, the match court shoes feature a low-profile style of skate shoes with a mixture of many other materials. And the responsive fitting is also amazing than the other Adidas skate shoes. We highly recommend buying the best Adidas skate shoes – match court.

Bottom of Form

  • Looks great and durable
  • No need to break them in
  • Sizing may vary from your standard shoe pair

10. Adidas Men’s Grand Court Skate Shoe – lightweight

Last but not least, we have the men’s grand court skate shoe that is 100 percent leather with rubber sole. Also, the shaft of these shoes measures approximately from 0 to 6 inches. And they are imported as well as the boot opening measures approximately from 6 to 12 inches.

Adidas Men's Grand Court Skate Shoe

Check Price

Moreover, it has court-inspired suede with pillow-soft cushioning. Also, you can wear these shoes with a regular outfit. And the suede upper for a plush look with enhancing your personality as well.

Other than that, it has a cloud foam sock liner for lightweight cushioning and comfort. And match court has a rubber outsole for an excellent grip as well. No doubt, these skate shoes are 70’s style, and they took inspiration from the past for moving it into the future.

Consequently, they have leather-like details. And the signature style of Adidas 3-stripes flashes the sides of the shoe. Although the midsole cushioning gives comfort while walking or riding.

We bet that the riders will love the design of this shoe. And it has a sleek look with a durable material to hold the extraordinary skating circumstances as well. Also, this shoe offers a higher degree of comfort and support.

Lastly, we recommend buying the best Adidas skate shoes not only because they are durable but for the adituff construction to ensure the safety of the rider. And the torsion system in the heel will make them flexible enough to hold all the hard impacts.

  • High-price of skate shoes
  • Rubber sole for added comfort
  • Rubber protective toe cap
  • High price

Buying Guide – What to Look for in Adidas Skate Shoe

There are some factors that you must know before buying the best skate shoes 2021.

buyer's guide adidas skate shoes

Sole Thickness (Board Feel)

So if you are deciding whether you want to have a thick or thin sole? The sole of the shoe depends on your personal choice and skating style. As there are disadvantages, advantages to both soles. Although a thicker skate shoe is more durable and offers better protection against harsh landings.

Also, the hard and thick sole prevents painful foot bruising. And the limit of shoe sole depends on how well you can control and feel the skateboard beneath your feet. On the other hand, a thin sole has lightweight, but they aren’t much durable.


Generally, a gum sole with a consistent pattern provides the most traction. And the grip tape will help the rider to stay on the skateboard cleanly from the tricks.

Typically, the skate shoes with an inconsistent pattern are considered casual or lifestyle shoes. Other than the hardcore performance skate shoes. Finally, it all comes to personal preference for the skate. Also, it depends on the skating style if you want a shoe with less or more grip.

E-cap Material and Construction

The lancelet area and toe are usually the main parts of the skate shoes that take the brunt of the damage from being rubbed against rough grip tape. Even if they are run over by wheels after failed tricks. Mostly, the best Adidas skate shoes nowadays have a leather toecap or suede layers to prevent unsightly holes from forming in the toe of the shoes.

However, many shoes have built-in lace covers that elevate to prevent the common issue of broken laces from repeated abrasion against the grip tape. Recently, skate shoes tend to be lower and slimmer. And Adidas sometimes sacrifice the number of layers and the quality of toecap construction. Also, if you are looking for a durable toecap, then don’t care about the style. And you may want to look for an older and truer skate shoe model.

Heel and Tongue Padding

Skateboarding is one of the most extreme sports, and it has the most risks involved in having a potential injury. Because your feet are in closes contact with a skateboard, and they are using the fist to get hurt. So the skateboarding companies realized this fact and came up with a skateboard shoe that protects feet from common injuries.

Moreover, the most common injuries through skateboarding are bruised heels. And other injuries include broken feet from half of the wheels landing on one foot and the other on the skateboard. So to prevent these injuries, Adidas has added impact reducing technology. And this technology is in the shoe’s heel and extra padding on the tongues to minimize the severe impacts of the foot. Also, we have noticed the most padding in the best Adidas skate shoes in the early 2000s. But now companies have started making sleek shoes with less padding and bulk.

Shoe Height (High, Mid, And Low)

Besides that, the types of shoe heights are self-explanatory as there are skate shoes with high, medium, and low side around the ankle. Also, the benefits of high and mid skate shoes are the protection that they offer from your skateboard. Also, they protect the ankles and increase the stability to limit the risk of sprains.

However, a lower shoe tends to be better for the mobility of the ankle and tends to keep the feet and ankle cooler. As if it was covered by the high or mid-top leather shoe. And the styles change after some time, but there are certain pros and cons of any preference.

Plus, you may have heard a term in our review of vulcanized and cup sole on skateboard shoes. But what those terms mean to you? Before we get an understanding of each, it is important to note that both soles can work well. And it comes down to one’s personal preference of what a skater prefers.

Vulcanized Soles

Moreover, the vulcanized shoes have they are solely attached with glue to the body. And these shoes have no stitching on the shoes. On the other hand, the vulcanized shoes are not glued, but they are superheated to the body of the shoe.

Other than that, the best benefit of the vulcanized sole is the amount of board feel and flexibility. Also, it provides the skater making it best for the technical flat-ground tricks. And the drawback of these soles is that they lack padding and heel support. Plus, we recommend buying this type of Adidas skate shoes for people who skate large sets of stairs regularly.

Cup Soles

The cup sole is one of the main parts of skate shoes. And you can tell that a certain skate shoe has a cup sole if you see the stitching that attaches to the sole to the side of a skate shoe. Although this type of sole will cup –cover your heel. And they will provide a level of support and sole hardness that will not be found in any other brand shoe.

Consequently, the drawback of the cupsole is that they lack the board feel and rigidity of the skate shoe. And the rigidity limits the precision that you can control your skateboard. Also, the street skaters who value the board control may not like the rigidity of a cup sole. Plus, the skaters who regularly throw themselves down large gaps and stairs will like the support and cushiony feel of a cup sole that skate shoes will provide.

We hope that our buying guide helps you to find the best Adidas skate shoes.

Best Adidas Skate Shoes FAQs

Is Adidas one of the best brands of good skate shoes?

Yes, Adidas is one of the best brands of skate shoes. Rather than the mid-tops to high-tops, they have the best Adidas skate shoes for cruising, grinding throughout the day. And there is a variety of shoes in the Adidas range from premium to vulcanized shoes. Also, there is some comfortable slip-on.

Are Adidas Gazelles good for running?

According to its style, gazelles are sleek looking, and they are best for skateboarding. And the shoe could be flat enough for running. Also, they don’t have the perfect texture for running. So we don’t recommend these shoes for running.

How long-lasting is the Adidas skate shoes?

Adidas has the most durable skate shoes. And they will last for 5 years. Although they won’t wear out after five years. The sole of Adidas’ shoes will still be intact after years. But you should buy another pair of skate shoes for 5 years.

What is the difference between Adidas gazelle and city cup skate shoes?

The main difference is the design of the toebox. Although: both have durable upper material and soft synthetic rubber lining. And these shoes are made in the USA.

The Conclusion

Adidas is similar to Nike, but they never attracted the hype with their limited releases. And Adidas has proved themselves in the market to make the most durable and classic skate shoes.

Initially, Adidas had gone through a lot of criticism when they started making the skate shoes. Although: they got a lot of fame from the consumers now. Adidas made a smooth transition to modify traditional models for skateboarding. And then, they decided to add a vulcanized gum sole with a reinforced toe cap for durability and performance.

Now that you have read our review of the best Adidas skate shoes review. You’ll have an idea about the difference between various skate shoes of Adidas.

If you are still confused, then we recommend buying Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Shoe and Adidas Originals Adi-Ease Fashion Shoe. They have the best material rubber sole, breathable lining, regular fit, and much more to offer.

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