Top 6 Best Cupsole Skate Shoes 2021 | Top Rated & Reviewed

Last Updated on October 26, 2021 by Jayda Salinas

While regarding skate shoes you must have noticed the word cupsole being tossed around a lot!

Cupsole is as vital to skates as a compass to a captain.

However, what is it about cupsole that sets it apart from its competitors?

It is hard to miss the protection and support of cupsoles. The kind of gluing and stitching is highly functional for skating. Moreover, the thickness of this sole comes in handy across multiple plains.

Putting all these requirements in one skate can be a hefty task. Not to mention other features that bring out the best of cupsole skates.

I have gathered a list of notable brands like Etnies, Emerica, DC, and Nike that are experts in designing cupsole skate shoes. To facilitate your search, I have added a description of individual features. Take a detailed look and do not forget to skim over the informative content!

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • DC Men’s Net Casual Skate Shoe
    “My job requires a lot of walking and standing and I know dc shoes aren’t for that purpose but they are perfect for that. They are durable and comfortable once you break them in.” -Customer Review.
  • Globe Men’s Winslow Sg Skate Shoe
    “I loved this skate, especially their absorb shock template in the insole” -Customer Review.
  • Etnies Men’s Cartel Skate Shoe
    “Freakin sweet deal for a great fitting pair of Etnies!” -Customer Review.
  • Nike Unisex-Adult Fitness Shoes
    “Absolutely beautiful shoes with a simple yet sharp look. Very comfortable insert and the shoe itself seems to be of durable construction. I switched to these from converse all stars.” -Customer Review.
  • DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe
    “So comfortable. They are so comfortable, take all the abuse from the beach, Misty moist weather, and my longboarding. They are still just as amazing.” -Customer Review.
  • Vans Kids Sk8-Mid – (Reissue V Skate Shoe)
    “Excellent shoes, I love Vans, they never disappoint!!” -Customer Review.

List of Top 6 Best Cupsole Skate Shoes 2021

1DC Men's Net Casual Skate Shoe4.6/5 Check Price
2Globe Men's Winslow Sg Skate Shoe4.0/5 Check Price
3Etnies Men's Cartel Skate Shoe4.3/5 Check Price
4Nike Unisex-Adult Fitness Shoes4.7/5 Check Price
5DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price
6Vans Kids Sk8-Mid - (Reissue V Skate Shoe)4.7/5 Check Price

1. DC Men’s Net Casual Skate Shoe

DC Men's Net Casual Skate Shoe

The first shoe that has scored the place on this list is the DC casual men skate shoes. True to their name not only are they casual but also fashionable. Furthermore, they are reliable because they might as well outlive a nuclear attack. The cupsole construction is hard and durable. The protection of shoes automatically increases with the vent holes in the exterior. To double the skating experience a lightweight yet heavily meshed tongue is used.

Physical Outlook
The DC men skates have their own style that defies convention. The shoes have a leather exterior rather than a standard canvas upper. The logo is embroidered onto the leather, giving it a more appealing appearance. The inside is soft, with many layers of padding to deflect thumps against the skateboard. Not to mention the high traction of the leather and rubber cleats. These weigh 1.02 pounds and measure 12 x 4 x 8 inches, as expected.



A mixture of leather and nubuck upper is used to highlight the strength of leather material. It is less prone to scuffing and increases the life of skates. Leather also puts great resistance against stretchability and maintains the shape of skates throughout the use.

Mesh tongue:

The fitness of skates can be further enhanced by a soft compressible mesh material. The mesh is added for the tongue that cushions the laces from digging into your skin. Apart from that it also enhances fitness by keeping the feet in place. The thick opening of the mesh prevents the debris and dust from flying inside the skates.


Given that the outside faces great friction you can only imagine what happens to the skin of feet. Increased rubbing can cause increased temperature which eventually leads to inflammation and the formation of blisters. That situation is pretty painful and can interrupt your skating patterns!

Pill pattern tread:

The pill pattern of outsoles is an extension called to tread. The importance of tread lies in its pattern because it brings significant changes in direction of skating. The pill pattern tread increases the grip and feel of the skateboard because of its long angular shape.

Cupsole construction:

The cupsole’s rubber layers are attached to each other with strong gluing and to top that off strong sewing is done. After a long use and hits on the outsole, the layers remain attached maintaining the thickness between the skateboard and the feet.


The classic black shoes look classy because of the matte polished finish of the exterior. Along with that, the seams blend in creating a uniform and finished look. DC men skate shoes has variation in price given the tax and customization but even then, it is pretty affordable.

  • Vent holes for breathability.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Easy and free movement in skates.
  • Strong rubber sole.
  • Pill pattern tread.
  • The black color looks grey.
  • They are excessively light in the middle.

Reason to buy

The tread design of DC casual skates is noteworthy because it increases the grip on the skateboard by ten times. It is a useful feature in slippery areas and when you are skating downhill. Additionally. The grip also increases the potential in your push against the skateboard!

Customer’s Perspective:
The shoes are clean, comfortable, and supportive, making DC a pleasant experience. They endure a lot longer than you think. While this is the nicest feature, it could also be a disadvantage. Before you can fully start skating, you’ll need to break in the robust cupsole outsole for a few days.

2. Globe Men’s Winslow Sg Skate Shoe

Globe Men's Winslow Sg Skate Shoe

Secondly comes a skate shoe that is different from the first one but no less effective. Globe Men has constructed a skate that has a timeless look and multiplies the benefits of cupsole by two folds. Apart from the outsole, the performance is increased through comfort. The opening of the skates is cushioned with thick pads that protect your leg and ankle. Additionally, the PU insole is energized to add potential in skating by supporting the arch.

Physical Outlook
Globe is another leather shoe on our list that has a more simplistic approach. As opposed to the exterior, much attention is given to the interior of the shoes. It has a drop shock bed insole and a comfortable collar. The lace up above is too comprehensive to ensure good fitness with only four eyelets. However, the rubber sole is firm and glued strongly. These weigh 15 ounces with dimensions 13.3 x 8.5 x 4.8 inches.

Low top skates:

The opening of skates is designed to end below the ankle. Due to the lack of material around the ankle, the joint has the freedom to move in multiple directions. Though that does expose the ankle to potential injury but increases control at the same time.

Shockboard insole:

Nothing hurts worse than pulling away from something you are good at. Why shy away from jumps when you know there is a highly functional insole added to the Globe men skates. The shock absorbing technology helps make high jump landing smooth and uniform.

PU insole:

Most cuposle have additional orthotics added to them that facilitate skating. Similarly in this skate, the PU insole adds comfort by highlighting the function of the arch. It provides a compressible cushion that distributes the body weight evenly and works in synchronization with the vital center of the foot.

Rubber sole:

To increase the durability of skates the rubber sole is added with heel support. It is thick and suitable for all kinds of terrains. A little scuff and trek across the wilds will not be able to put a chink on the performance of the rubber outsole.

Suede upper:

Here comes the part that sets these skates apart from the DC men skates. The upper is made of suede rather than leather and is more flexible. Suede is also easy to pair up with shoes. However, it is quite a task to dry and clean a thick suede upper.


Globe man is a versatile skate that can be used as casual and professional wear. The basic white, grey and black color makes them an easy and sustainable choice. Not to mention they are affordable but little addition and shipping can raise their cost.

  • PU Drop insole.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • High arch support.
  • low top skates.
  • comfortable collar.
  • Low spot for the shoe tongue and sides.
  • The size of arch support in insoles is fixed.

Reason to buy

Smaller shocks can disrupt your skating pattern and make it difficult to regain balance. This problem is quite common and that is why a high quality cupsole is used in Globe Winslow skates to enhance stability and comfort.

Customer’s Perspective:
The size of Globe skates was just about perfect. Despite being only a fraction of a size larger than most of the other shoes customers have purchased throughout the years. Don’t worry; the longer you wear them, the more you’ll appreciate them. Furthermore, the excellent quality and materials of the cupsole is reassuring. The majority of clients stated that they would buy from us again.

3. Etnies Men’s Cartel Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Cartel Skate Shoe

This cupsole skate list would be incomplete without mentioning another pair of Etnies skate. Their dominance and expertise over the cupsole skates overpower many renowned brands. Better than that, Cartel skates have a high customer base to testify their performance. They give rebound energy to skating with a padded tongue. A heel pulls entry is hard to miss in your hurry to skate. Furthermore, it is an easy pickup because of the multiple materials for the exterior.

Physical Outlook
Etnies reflects the skating fashion with its multiple material upper. The upper is smooth to touch and is patterned together in an appealing way. Leather and synthetic mesh go hand in hand for durability and breathability. The lacework is a traditional 4 eyelet. However, the outsole is designed for high coverage and is wrapping along the sides. These weigh 13.4 ounces and are 11.81 x 7.87 x 1.97 inches wider.



The exterior of skates is a combination of leather and suede. You will notice that the experts have covered the areas prone to scuffing with comparatively more durable material. While the inner sides are suede covered to give stretchability and easy movement on a skateboard.

Thin tongue:

While the exterior is quite thick a thin tongue is added to create a harmonized balance. Instead of a thick tongue that hinders the muscle movement a relatively thin tongue increases inlet of air and potential for the next step. It does not irritate the skin across the ankle which can be pretty annoying!


The cupsole is stitched to the upper of skates that is not easy to fall apart. It is a relief for people who often encounter weak gluing during their hard skating tricks. The strong stitching can withstand any kind of street skating while holding the exterior fabric.

Cushioned opening:

While a cupsole is enough for heel protection but sometimes a hard rubber itself poses a problem. To remove the drawbacks of the rubber, a padded opening is installed. It adds to the softness and molds around the Achilles heel protecting the tendon.

Metal eyelets:

I can bet most of you have encountered weak eyelets at least once in your skating journey. It takes a lot of time to tame them so they can hold the laces in place. Well, worry no more because the metal eyelets have a smooth lace sliding and do not get ripped from the upper easily.


Like the previous Etnies skate, this one is also budget friendly. However, that is where the similarity ends because this skate has its own charm of design. The combination of materials used in the exterior is eye catching. It is an easily accessible skate but the modern modifications can increase the cost of a moderately expensive skate.

  • High strength skates.
  • Rubber outsole is thicker than usual.
  • Heel pull for easy entry.
  • Stitched sole to increase durability.
  • Stretchable exterior.
  • Heavily padded.
  • Split seam is often seen.

Reason to buy

Protection and fitness go hand in hand. The thin tongue of Etnies men Cartel skates is a balance for the thick padding in the insole. It prevents the feet from getting strongly enclosed. That can hinder your movement as less area is available.

Customer’s Perspective:
Etnies appears to be a good skate, but it is a thickly cushioned skate. The tongue is large and protective, and there is a strong ankle padding that has saved users on several occasions. It’s also a good skate shoe in terms of padding. However, due to their hefty nature, you may feel as though you’re walking around in moon boots.

4. Nike Unisex-Adult Fitness Shoes

Nike Unisex-Adult Fitness Shoes

Nike has taken over the sports world for a long time and the category of skate shoes is no different. Nike fitness skate has a high rating on Amazon with more than 200 reviews. This particular pair has high demand because it appeals to minimalist people. The upper is made of softer yet firm material. The traditional lacework looks quite simple upon first look but is wide spanning and stretchable. Not to mention the cupsole is made of thick rubber that has symmetric planes across the front and heel.

Physical Outlook
You simply cannot help but appreciate the basic look Nike fitness skate shoes have going on. The upper is a thin material that is lightweight and foldable. However, it is high quality and does not change shape on pressing too hard. Also, the padding around the ankle is thick. As far as the outsole goes the EVA material is as rugged as it looks. These weigh 1.95 pounds. (Dimensions 11.6 x 7.2 x 3.9 inches).


Zero platform:

The zero platform outsole not only increases contact with the skateboard but also brings relief to the toes. Because of the level heels, the pressure is taken off the toes and they get more area to flex. Unlike the high platforms that push the toes forward, zero platform keeps them in place.

Toe protection:

To further increase toe protection extra padded is added in the front of skates. They envelop the toe pads and balls of feet so they do not get inflamed. An inflamed ball feels like a rock disrupts the balance of skating. Furthermore, if you end up accidentally hitting your toes against a hard surface the blow will be minimized.


Mesh lined vamp is added at the upper of the skates. It has a micro sized open cell pattern that increases ventilation. This feature is useful during humid summer days when your feet sweat excessively. The cool bursts of air keep the feet dry and fresh.


The laces of Nike fitness are stretchable and relatively long, they keep the sides of the shoes firmly together. If you know the right lacing technique you can overcome all challenges of skate fitness. The laces are easy to tie and wash. They retain their shape throughout the life of skates.


The traction of Nike skates is increased with a durable rubber cup sole. However, the outsole is thick and hard to bend. That means you can take it to rough terrains without fear. Besides the stiff nature is a balance to the stretchable upper which can cause the skates to slip off.


Now, this pair is different from most skates on this pair because of the extensive styles available in the Nike fitness collection. It has light basic colors as well as bright colors. As expected from a notable brand most shoes in the collection are quite expensive. However, if you have money saved up then get yourself a pair!

  • Flexible skates.
  • Heel contours in insole.
  • Mesh lines vamp.
  • Lightweight skates.
  • Highly advanced toe protection.
  • Expensive skates.
  • Difference of sole thickness between both shoes.

Reason to buy

Time to shower your toes with the attention they deserve. Toes are important for forwarding propulsion because while you lean forward for the next step they flex and increase area so your steps are in line. To give them protection toe pads and caps are added in Nike fitness skate shoes.

Customer’s Perspective:
Customers have finally decided to try these good old comfortable skate shoes after battling aching feet and legs with other athletic shoes and insoles. It also helps that they look nice and are reasonably priced, demonstrating Nike’s reliability. You’ll be glad you purchased these. They’re also really comfortable during my long work shifts. To achieve better results, we recommend using a thick gel foam insole.

5. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Men's Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoe

The first pair on this list is DC Men skates that have produced durable and comfortable shoes for years. They are known for their renowned features which make the ride comfortable for the skaters. Other than that, this particular shoe has special lightweight materials assembled to give a cloudy feeling. The shoes are shaped like a pill to cut through the air resistance for uniform speed on skates. Furthermore, the safety of skaters increases with padding in vital areas.

Physical Outlook
DC Men is part of a fantastic collection that offers a wide range of schematic ideas and styles. The DC court has a thicker and stretchy lace upper and a longer lace section. By clenching the eyelets, you can improve your fitness. It’s even better because the upper is constructed of imported leather, suede, and canvas. We’re not far behind when it comes to cupsole quality. The shoes weigh two pounds and have dimensions of 10 x 15 x six inches.

Rubber sole:

Synthetic rubber is used for the construction of a skate’s outsole. That added to the softer material above increases durability as rubber is a resistant material to wear and tear. It may warm up on a hot day but it is a good choice for vigorous skaters.

Pill pattern:

Another best thing about the tread apart from the material is that it has a pill pattern. This increases the functionality of shoes as the pills increase contact with the ground and skateboard. With the firm grasping, there is less chance you will slip off the skateboard while coming down inclined planes.

Mesh tongue:

The upper of the skates is covered in a thick padded tongue that adds to the comfort. It stops the laces from digging into your skin and further damaging the eyelets of shoes. It also gives arch support from above by letting the force spread uniformly across the foot.

Cup sole construction:

Now we are talking about durability. Nothing beats a cup sole with strong gluing and on top of that sewing of outsole layers. This keeps the rubber layers firmly connected and attached so you get the best feel of the skateboard while skating.


DC men is manufactured in more than fifteen basic colors. If you are a fan of black and white classics then these shoes are for you. This combination brings out the best of skate shoes. Not to add they are available at affordable prices and up for grab!

  • Soft boot opening.
  • low Platform measure 0-3.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • Lace closure.
  • Leather Upper.
  • The heel area needs padding.
  • The pull on fabric is annoying.

Reason to buy

The rubber outsole of DC men Graffik is suitable for all kinds of track surfaces; the superior outsole retains its shape while increasing grip on the ground. There is no chance you will slip down while skating on an inclined surface.

Customer’s Perspective:
The rubber outsole of the DC men’s Graffik is ideal for all types of track surfaces, and the excellent outsole maintains its shape while enhancing ground traction. Skating on an inclined surface eliminates the possibility of slipping.

6. Vans Kids Sk8-Mid – (Reissue V Skate Shoe)

Vans Kids Sk8-Mid Reissue V Skate Shoe

Vans skates have been tested by the RTP and RSA authorities. After enduring a lot of abuse these skates have come victorious and intact. The black and white Vans kids are made of synthetic fabric layered with suede. The double layering makes them resistant and durable. Additionally, the combination of padded color and heel contours increases flexibility and support. The addition of a vulcanized outsole adds durability with a broader feel and more flexibility.

Physical Outlook
Vans Sk8 kids’ shoe is a flattering black pair with bold stitching along the sides and the front. It is mostly a black shoe that can be paired with any kid’s outfit. Think of it as a mini version of the high top Sk8 shoes. However, instead of lace up the upper has two wide straps for fastening. Additionally, the cupsole is strong and has a high tread against the skateboard surface. These weigh 12 ounces with dimensions 11 x 1 x 7 inches.

Vulcanized outsole:

To increase the life of the rubber outsole and advanced technology is used that builds stronger chains in polymers. Vulcanized outsole is flexible because of the gummy nature of the polymer and hence preferable over cup sole giving freedom of movement while skating.


The material of the shoes is suede which is the best fit combination of leather and suede. Not only is it flexible but also breathable. Suede is also resistant to wear and tear. Unlike leather, it does not restrict foot movement.

Padded collar:

If you are scared of the brittle ankle bones of your kid then you have every right to. At this growing age, you need to take special care. Worry no more because the padded collar of these skate shoes protects skin from damage and keeps the ligaments around the ankle bone secured.


It is a relief if your skates are lightweight. You will be handling the skateboard while pushing on the ground with the other one. If the skates are heavy, you could lose momentum and likely injure your front toes badly.


Vans black and white kids are pretty expensive as compared to the other skates on this list. However, if you have money saved up then what are you waiting for, grab your kids and order as they are only a quick away!

  • Flexible skates.
  • Heel contours in the insole.
  • Vulcanized construction.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • Broad straps on the upper.
  • Velcro material peels off.
  • The skates are too snug.

Reason to buy

Vans kids’ skates are lightweight and flexible shoes that can be bent and make movement easy. The special lightweight material is added so you do not feel the shoes on your feet slowing your steps!

Customer’s Perspective:
You cannot go wrong with vans as they are adorable and easy to put on defiant little feet. Many customers went on to buy a second pair for their siblings. Additionally, the sizing chart is easy to figure out for the kids. However, the one thing you should not fall for is that they are thin fabric skates more suitable for autumn and summers than the winters. We recommend layering with socks to keep out the chill.

What makes Cupsoles vital for skating?

Nothing gives you better results than the analysis of your requirement with its competitors.

Cupsole is an important and long used feature in skate shoes that cannot be overlooked.

If you are going to buy a god cupsole skate then remember even between the cupsoles there are variations!

About the understanding of variation, you must read the details I have given below to be a good judge.

Let’s get started!


Cupsoles provide immense support to not only your ankles but legs while skating. The construction and alignment of rubber layers are done in an impressive way that adds to the support and maintains the normal framework of your muscle coordination.


I can guarantee that the cupsole is the most durable rubber construction in all skate shoes. Why is that? If you add stitching on top of gluing there is no way material is falling apart quickly. Similarly, the cupsole is glued and then sewn with extra concentration on the bottom and top to give a long lasting skate.


Because the top and bottom are sewn separately it gives extra space to slide in protective orthotics. You can add an extra thick midsole for your high arch. Furthermore, if you want stability then look for pairs that have absorbing panels, airbags, and heel support inserted in the skates.


Cupsoles are thicker than other soles because the rubber is meant to ‘cup’ your foot from all sides. Besides if you need stability then there should be a thick enough layer to deflect or break the force before it attacks the vital points of feet. That makes it particularly useful for a ride in rough and uneven terrains.

Drawbacks of Cupsole in skates?

Well, where there are benefits the drawbacks are not far behind.

If you want to be a good judge then keep your enemies closer and all that should also be a consideration here as well.

So, look out for it!

Board feel:

Because of the thickness of the cupsole the feel of the skateboard is decreased. The cupsole is more focused on posing as a barrier than allowing you control on skateboards. However, it is okay because the stabilizing technology of the skates will not let you down!


Another thing to look out for is flexibility! If you rely on bendable soles too much then cupsoles are not for you. The rubber of vulcanized soles is gummy and easy to bend. They are suitable for backflips and good old ollies more than cupsoles.


Given the detail, attention, and orthotic accessories added cupsoles they make a good deal. However, this good deal can get expensive. Compared to Vulcsoles, Cupsoles are costly. Not to worry because I have motioned skate pairs that will be up to your budget!


A person with a high arch should choose a cupsole skate paired with breathable material. Instead of choosing the competitors these pairs will last longer and help you improve your foot disorder within months!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the major difference between a cupsole and a vulcanized one?

There are two major outsoles used for Skate shoes. They are the same for all the skate companies. The main principle of the outsole is that it should be wear and tear resistant and should offer great friction against all kinds of surfaces. Besides sole treads of different patterns increase the grip of the outsole. They can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Cup sole outsole:

Cup sole outsole uses hot glue and sewing for the assembling of layers of the outsole. That makes this outsole more durable and resistant. Cup sole is also broader than the other type. However, there is a drawback: it offers less flexibility. In movement, because of the thick outsole and broader feel they ground you to the surface firmly.

  • Vulcanized outsole:

The vulcanized outsole is flexible due to its gummy polymeric nature. To increase the durability and stickiness synthetic chemicals are used that strengthen the cross link bonding of polymer. Because of this, they are not only durable but also softer and flexible. This increases the flexibility and bending angle of skate shoes. However, compared to the cupsole this outsole is less durable.

Are cupsoles customizable?

If you are to look for customization then, believe me, a cupsole is a better option. You can change the thickness, shoe, and dimension of the insole in cupsole skates easily. While manufacturing the upper and sole are sewn separately so there is plenty of room for alterations. Add your favorite changes without hesitation.

What should I do if I want flexibility in cupsole skates?

There is a big misunderstanding that cupsoles are rigid like a twig. In fact, the construction of the sole is different from a classier rock bottom. It may be thick but it still gives a fraction of flexibility. However, if you want more then look for a breathable upper paired with stretchable mesh and an elastic lace up.

What does Cupsole mean for skates?
A rubber outsole with a tall “sidewall” is known as a cup sole. The sidewall of the shoe cradles or “cups” the upper, hence the name “cup sole.” The cup sole or a sidewall stitch construction is one of the lightest and most flexible of all outsole constructions since it lacks a midsole or welt.

Are Cupsole shoes good for skating?
Cupsole shoes are designed for skateboarders who want a lot of cushioning and support. However, the sort of rubber, midsole, insole, and heel support used in a shoe determines if it is a suitable pair of cupsole shoes. The best part is our mentioned cupsoles win out in the end when it comes to cushioning and protection.


I have mentioned the best cupsole skate shoes after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for the successful picking of cupsole skate shoes.

If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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