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Are you tired of getting breaks and sprains while rolling?

It is easy to get a twisted ankle if the ankle is exposed.

Moreover, especially if your shoes offer no protection!

Not to fear because I have a solution in the form of high top roller skate shoes.

The extra material of top roller skates protects you from additional damage while doing your good old Ollie’s tricks.
Finding a pair of reliable and soft high top skate shoes can be a feat. The material, dimensions of material, and foaming of high top rollers matter a lot.

To make it easy for you, I have assembled a list of Best High Top roller skate shoes. Furthermore, to make your buying more accessible, I have also added the users’ Cons. You can rely on this list to find your best match. Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • C SEVEN C7skates – (Dark Magic Quad Roller Skates)
    “The faux suede is soft and playable but still offers enough support for your ankles. ” -Customer Review.
  • XUDREZ Roller Skates – ( Soft Leather High-top Roller Skates)
    “I like that a tightening tool comes with them to tighten the wheels. “ -Customer review.
  • Roller Skates Classic -(High-top 4 Wheels Skating)
    “Best to go the size up and use thick socks if you are between sizes. ” -Customer Review.
  • Kuxuan Doodle Design -(Adjustable Illuminating Roller Skates)
    “They’re easy to adjust. The wheels and bearings can be replaced. I will buy from them again.” -Customer Review.
  • KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)
    “Fit as expected, are comfortable and roll well on sidewalks and roads.” -Customer Review.


1C SEVEN C7skates - (Dark Magic Quad Roller Skates)4.3/5 Check Price
2XUDREZ Roller Skates - ( Soft Leather High-top Roller Skates)4.4/5 Check Price
3Roller Skates Classic -(High-top 4 Wheels Skating)3.9/5 Check Price
4Kuxuan Doodle Design -(Adjustable Illuminating Roller Skates)4.8/5 Check Price
5KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)3.9/5 Check Price

1. C SEVEN C7skates – (Dark Magic Quad Roller Skates)

C SEVEN C7skates Dark Magic Quad Roller Skates

The first on our list is the C SEVEN roller skates that have earned their reputation due to advanced modification in their roller skates. They are better than the previous classics with an upgrade of wider wheels, adjustable height stoppers, and carbon steel bearings. The combination of these features makes the roller skates easy to control. You can change the speed while running downhill. Furthermore, the outlook of these shoes is timeless and dynamic.

High Top shoes:
The high top material around the ankles increases stability and attachment with the shoes. Unlike low top shoes, you do not have to move the whole foot. A slight twist of the ankle can change the direction for roller skating easily.

C SEVEN skate shoes have 61 x 38mm / High Rebound 80A wheels rounded along the edges. This makes the rolling easier because the wheels roll immediately as soon as you push them. What more? The medium width dimension of wheels increases adjustment with the ground.

The exterior of Pro roller skate shoes is made of pure leather. However, the leather is refined to look matte. Refined material adds to the appeal as well as the life of the leather. Besides, leather can withstand the burns from the ground keeping the roller skates as good as new.

Plastic material is carefully chosen and combined with durable aluminum to give strength to the chassis. This increases the load capacity of the chassis while keeping the weight minimum. High grade aluminum lining increases the tolerance of shoes against rubbles on the ground.

Given the price of the roller skates, C SEVEN might lean towards the expensive side. However, the premium blue color and durable features bring out the best in the shoes. So, overall, you will not be investing in the wrong cause.

  • Specific design.
  • High quality material.
  • Wide to medium wheels.
  • Additional ankle support.
  • Scuffs on one shoe.
  • A little adjustment required on fitness.

Reason to buy

C SEVEN roller skates have new modifications, one of them being rounded wheels which are desirable. They increase stability and advance speed with the smooth surface that can pass over the rough tracks easily.

2. XUDREZ Roller Skates – ( Soft Leather High-top Roller Skates)

XUDREZ Roller Skates Adjustable Soft Leather High-top Roller Skates Four

It would be wrong to overlook Xudrez roller skates because they contract seamless leather shoes to withstand any challenge. Regardless of you practicing skating indoors and outdoors, it gives the best performance. The simple traditional high top binding and lace up are hard to break in. Instead of large minor brakes, these quad skates work best with larger breaks.

The wheels of xudrez roller skates are equipped with sturdy 54 x 32 mm / 85A four-wheels. Additionally, the shoes are made of solid material suitable for a variety of tracks. To make it better, you can adjust the shoes’ width to not light or tight up.

Lace up:
Adult roller skates are made of simple traditional laces with not too complex eyelets that allow you to adjust fitness to increase ease. You can use the proper lacing technique of roller skates without damaging the fabric or pulling the eyelets out of their positions.

Skate gear:
In the front, the quad skate shoes defy the traditional brake system by using larger breaks than average. However, that does not pose as a setback but increases the agility of the skater. You have to tilt your toes a lot lightly to decrease the speed.

Tear resistant:
The chosen combination of materials is light on the skin and the best choice for roller skate shoes. Polyurethane material is combined with leather that increases durability and performance. The exterior is enveloped with thick leather that decreases the chance of instant tear from rubbing against a rough surface.

The all black roller skate shoes are a must in your wardrobe. Not only is black sustainable, but also heartwarming for many people. Mostly these shoes are affordable and available. Due to higher demand, they are restocked once in a while.

  • High quality components.
  • Simple lace up system.
  • Suitable for sudden stops.
  • High performance roller skates.
  • Provide great traction.
  • The glue at the base spills out.
  • The laces are sometimes mixed in color.

Reason to buy

High top roller skates may increase performance but they are liable to wear and tear. To prevent that a combination of highly desired material is used in Xudrez quad roller skates that gives you a chance to deliver your best.

3. Roller Skates Classic -(High-top 4 Wheels Skating)

Roller Skates for Women and Mens, Classic High-top 4 Wheels Skating Roller

Third on this list are classic roller skates that are suitable for people who have faced past injuries. Why is that? Because the shoes are manufactured keeping safety and comfort in mind. Along with that, the shoes have a stretchable lace system for fitness. The material is durable and can withstand many challenges. Furthermore, a controlled speed compatible bearing makes skating smooth.

Stretchable lace system:
Stretchable laces with premium quality last longer than non stretchable roller skate laces. Instead of the threads pulling apart, they keep the upper of shoes together so that during high jumps or inclined areas, your roller skates do not slip off your feet.

The addition of an impressive ABEC 5 bearing helps control speed. You can maneuver the heels’ velocity by the durable bearing that allows you to set your pace, whether it is an outdoor or indoor surface. They are present along the sides of the wheels.

Column Support:
Four wheel skates follow the traditional trend by presenting significant column breaks in the front. It is an excellent opportunity for the previously injured skaters to break their hiatus without fear of additional injury. The support system keeps you protected throughout the journey.

As if that is not enough, another feature is added for the injured and early beginners. The material of the shoes is handpicked and lined with a lightweight fabric. Apart from the wheels’ slight weight, you will not feel the extra weight of material and inside padding of roller skates.

The good news is classic roller skates offer a high level of comfort balanced with fitness. The roller skates will no longer cinch your feet. Additionally, there will be enough room to move your whole foot along with the skates at sharp turns and for backward flip tricks.

That is not all these roller skates are budget friendly and readily available. However, they are manufactured in one exclusive rich matte black color. Apart from that, they can be a perfect gift because of their affordable nature and great features.

  • ABEC 5 Bearing.
  • Large column support.
  • Airy and comfortable shoes.
  • A fitness chart is available for the perfect size.
    vLightweight shoes.
  • Have to wear thick socks along with these roller skates.
  • The tongue is too short.

Reason to buy

You no longer have to shy away from skating because of your past injury. Classic roller skates offer fitness and comfort that is unmatchable and a redeemable option for you to start your skating journey once again, smoothly!

4۔ Kuxuan Doodle Design -(Adjustable Illuminating Roller Skates)

Kuxuan Doodle Design Roller Skates Adjustable for Kids,with All Wheels Light up

Kuxuan doddle design roller skates are bubble shoes meant for adventurous personalities. They are
suitable for people of all ages, especially eager kids. Two Velcro straps are added along with the laces that are not very common in roller skates to ensure safety. The material is a mixture of durable fabric
and leather, giving freedom of movement while stopping any potential slipping for beginners. The
environmentally friendly and hardened PP material is a suitable choice for kids.

Soft interior:
Only a beginner can relate to the number of tumbling and falling you have faced amid your learning skate sessions. The inside of skate shoes is lined with a soft material To minimize damage and potential wounds. The outside faces all the damage while the inner keeps your feet safe from scrapes and protects them from a hard fall.

Heel cupping:
The insole has a deep heel cupping to adjust your heels. The heels muscles are thick; however, they can slip and twist. They are also bound to important ligaments that extend to the toes and knees. Heel cupping gives the heel stability and extends their safety to the far ends of muscles, so they do not tear easily.

Triple protection:
The lace up, Velcro strap, and safety ratchet are added at a 45 degree angle close to each other
yet afar for easy movement. The ratchet strap is a new addition to these skates that ensure your foot movement is aligned with the body and helps distribute your body weight onto the shoes’ wheels. You can further adjust the fitness through durable and soft laces.

PU Wheels:
The wheels of doodle design shoes are made of long lasting material. Along with that, the wheels have a width of 54mm x 32mm dimensions. They are adjusted with ABEC 7 bearing with additional protection because you might encounter hurdles that can disrupt the wheels and the metal base of roller skate shoes.

Kuxaun roller skate shoes are available in girly pink and violet colors. They have a combination of white
among them to add to the softness of the shoes. You kid wants a pair like that in their collection.
They are super affordable and can be replaced with a new pair without much worry if damaged easily.

  • Triple protection.
  • Durable Velcro straps.
  • ABEC 7 Bearing.
  • The need for shoe replacement is eliminated.
    Impact resistant soles.
  • Roller skates are not easy to loosen.
  • The tricks are too rigid.

Reason to buy

Kuxaun roller skates are a perfect fit for your kids that are prone to injury. The triple protection with durable ratchet and Velcro straps keeps their legs secured to their knees so even if they fall, they will not feel it!

5۔ KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)

KYIS Cowhide Roller Skates for Women and Men High-Top Shoes Double-Row Design

The classic four wheel Kyi’s cowhide roller shoes are made of bouncy gummy material that is a standard of Kyi’s roller shoes. You can take them for a ride in outdoor and indoor activities. The vintage heel along the back gives it an old vibe and a classy feel. The shoes are made of lightweight cowhide material that is easy to carry around and step into. The safety buckle installed in the interior of shoes makes the breaks in running smooth and quick.

Ankle stability:
A combination of two features gives the ankle stability in this roller. Soft padding with
extra padding wraps wound the ankle and travels up to them a little below the calf. Along with this, the heel padding protects your heel. The Achilles heel is covered from the sudden movement, and
the muscles can relax easily.

The addition of cowhide and suede makes the shoes look heavier. It is quite the contrary because even with a durable combination like that, the roller skates remain lightweight. This specialty gives you more control over the movement without the heavy material dragging the shoes on the ground.

Bounce wheels:
Bounce traditional four wheels are ideal in skate roller shoes because they not only allow you to
skate but take steps as well. You may not feel the need to take steps while skating, but over
paths like stairs, the rollers will not stop you from taking easy steps. The bounce technology
momentarily stops the rolls so you can take stabilizing steps.

Toe coverage:
The front of the roller skates is given a bootie like construction with a double layered suede pack.
This is specifically done to protect your toes from hitting the front. During an abrupt stop, the metatarsals can face a shock that disturbs the inter metatarsophalangeal joint angle. The double padding in front attenuates the shock.

Here comes the pair of roller skates that are available in more than one exclusive color. Kyi’s roller skate shoes are accessible in a blend of two colors. The yellow with the opaque green of wheels is a beautiful blend. If you are fond of green, then there is another affordable hue just for

  • High top.
  • It is covered in suede.
  • Double layered shoes.
  • Secure fit.
  • Unisex shoes.
  • They run a bit smaller.
  • You have to be careful in ordering size.
  • The shoes get dirty easily.

Reason to buy

Buying a shoe with suede covering is a great advantage for passionate roller skaters because the
lightweight material lets you enjoy skating all day long. Kyi’s cowhide roller skates are lined with handpicked lighter material so you can move quickly and freely.

Things to consider while buying High Top Roller Skate Shoes!

A person without a compass is lost. So will you be if you have an extensive collection of roller skates displayed in front of you and you do not know what to choose? It is easy to be tempted by the exterior design.
While the material plays an important role, several other factors can make buying high top roller skates easier. Sometimes one material that is suitable for many is not a perfect fit for you.

To play safe, I will give you tips on material and much more. Remember to follow the tips and enlighten yourself. I have added reasons as to why you should look for this feature. The description will help you navigate till you find your favorite pair.

What is High Top?
High top roller skates are different from an average roller skate because it gives you the advantage of additional material around your ankles. The cut of shoes ends above your ankle joint.

Not only that, but apart from the material, there is also the extra lining of padding to give stability to ankles.
It is a huge advantage to people who have been injured previously.

Control of roller skates relies predominantly on the pivoting of your ankles and lower muscles. So, you have to protect them at all costs!

Let’s find out the difference high top roller skates make:

One of the many reasons why skaters prefer high top roller skates is because they provide more comfort than low and mid top skates. The extra material is soothing to the skin and feels soft.

However, there can be a problem of adjustment. Please ensure that you have gone through the size chart of the particular roller skates because the extra material has to fit around your ankle for maximum effect.

Another way of gaining control of speed and turns is by material around the ankles. High top roller skates keep your calf connected to the feet through ankles, so at the point of turning, power skids and spins, you do not feel sharp pain.

High top shoes increase stability because they are often accompanied by roller skates with thick truck plates and wide feet. That increases your contact with the ground hence increasing the strength. Even at the most tilting body positions, your momentum will be maintained.

I will be lying if I say high top skates completely eradicate the need to wear socks. Although as compared to low tops, you do not have to go overboard with thick, woolen socks. However, some high top skates require socks for additional comfort and fitness.

Last but not least, another reason that cannot be overlooked. You will find this everywhere because it is a plus with high top roller skates. During winters, the additional material and customizable padding maintain the warm temperature. They insulate your feet so you can enjoy skating with relaxed muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are high top shoes lightweight?
Now, this is where the bar goes in favor of low top shoes. However, there are high top lightweight skate shoes. It all depends on the material and padding. I have mentioned lightweight, high top roller skates above that increase ease in movement. They give equal speed and push in the direction as low top roller skates do.

Should high tops be chosen for rough terrains?
Yes definitely! As compared to other types, high tops are a suitable option. They have broad wheels and a customizable insole that allows you to set the padding according to your standard. The increased stability does not damage your feet as you cruise through rough terrains. However, your movement may be restrained, so that you should use other roller skate accessories.

What are the types of high top roller skate shoes?
High top skate shoes are versatile and can be used for more than classic skating:

Artistic Skates:
Artistic or Recreational Skates are used for your traditional skating. The material sits above the ankles, and they look like an everyday pair. They have broad wheels, thick plates, and leather material for movement.

Rhythm Skates:
Rhythm skates resemble jam skates in their appearance. They can be used for classic skating as well as dancing. Dancing here insinuates all types of movements copying the beats and rhythm. One main difference is the toe break. They resemble the jam skates and are different from sizable traditional roller skate breaks.

Converse skates
Converse skates are not as strong as the other types, but they have their due importance. Converse are more suitable for beginners and people who like breathable shoes. You can take a good start with this type. However, they also fall apart easier than durable leather skate shoes.


I have mentioned the best high top roller skate shoes after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of your high top skate shoes.

If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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