Best High Top Skate Shoes to buy in 2021 | Detailed Buyer’s Guide

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Are you tired of hurting your ankles while skating? Apart from collecting dozens of orthotics have you thought of making adjustments to your skate shoes?

No, I am not talking about another load of expensive adjustments.

A simpler way to get more ankle security and stability is a high top skate.

They cost the same as an average skate. But have extra material, padding, and hell cupping for comfort and balance of the ankle joint.

Leave the part of deciding which shoe is worth the purchase to me. I have put forward several options of high skate shoes for you to pick your favorite pair. They have elite features and cons have been added to discuss drawbacks as well.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • Propét Men’s Lucas Hi Skate Shoe
    “These boots have enriched my life. These boots easily fit my feet and the zipper makes them easy to secure to my feet. ” -Customer Review.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men’s Wrenford Skate
    “I bought these for my best friend for Christmas. He loves them and wears them all the time!” -Customer Review.
  • British Knights Men’s Kings Sl Skates
    “I really enjoyed receiving and now wearing these shoes. A great shoe at a great price.” -Customer Review.
  • FitFlop Men’s Uberknit Slip-on High Top Skate 
    “Good foot pad. Easy to put on and take off. Too narrow. Seems more fit for women than men” -Customer Review.
  • Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes
    “Wonderful! They also fit even more comfortably when half-zipped. I adore the construction.” -Customer Review.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR en’s Baxter Skateboarding Shoe
    “I like the low profile indoor lounge look for just chilling indoors. This Chuck-Taylor-style (CT) skate is much more comfortable than the CT. ” -Customer Review.

List of Top 5 Best High Top Skate Shoes 2021

1Propét Men's Lucas Hi Skate Shoe4.3/5 Check Price
2HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men's Wrenford Skate4.5/5 Check Price
3British Knights Men's Kings Sl Skates4.6/5 Check Price
4FitFlop Men's Uberknit Slip-on High Top Skate4.5/5 Check Price
5Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes4.7/5 Check Price
6HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR en's Baxter Skateboarding Shoe4.6/5 Check Price

1. Propét Men’s Lucas Hi Skate Shoe

Propét Men's Lucas Hi Skate Shoe

The first high top skate shoe on this list is prioritized because of the thickness of high top material. The security extends to the lower extremities and the ankle is unmatchable. Propet has mastered the art of ankle security by pairing the shoes with other comforting features like thick tongue, durable material, and cup sole. The material lasts longer and keeps the richness of leather to the maximum.

Nubuck Upper:
The nubuck upper is ideal against the scuffing skate shoe face. The durable full grain exterior increases the life of the skates and keeps them safe in all conditions. Not only that but leather erases the excess movement due to its nonstretchable nature.

Open cell:
The interior of the shoes is lined with small perforations that increase ventilation. The high top opening of skate shoes naturally decreases air exposure and can lead to irritated skin. The open cell accommodates that by allowing quick access to cool air that keeps the feet dry and fresh.

Cup sole:
Another feature that increases the durability of the Propet skate shoes is the cup sole. You cannot overlook the specialty of cup soles with their hard gluing and another layer of extra stitching that keeps the sole from falling apart. Furthermore, the stitching looks fashionable.

Removable footbed:
Are you going to change the whole skate shoe if your insole has fallen apart quicker than you expected it to? That is a lot of work. Well, no more because the Lucas men skates come with customizable footbeds. You can install an extra thick footbed of variable height easily.

Thick tongue:
An extra padded tongue is installed at the upper of shoes beneath the laces. The thick natures increase fitness and provide all day comfort. It keeps the movement of the shoe uniform and brings out the density while you are practicing hardcore skating activities.

You will find all natural shades of leather from dark coffee to light tan in the Propet skate shoes collection. Even if you end up buying a light pair it will match all the outfits of your wardrobe. These skate shoes are affordable to expensive and available at a diversity of prices.

  • Casual shoes.
  • Resistant to scuffing.
  • Combination of material.
  • High density foam.
  • Open cell padding.
  • It has a flat footbed.
  • Shoe inserts restrict toe area.

Reason to buy

Are you tired of your excessively sweating feel but do not want to let go of high top protection? Then without thinking this Propet Men Lucas skate shoe is what you need. The open cell construction keeps the inside ventilated and fresh.

2. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men’s Wrenford Skate


If you want to make the best of fashion as well as your cool skate shoes then Harley Davidson should be your first choice. Harley Davidson needs no introduction as it has dominated the retail market for all products that range among the top in the industry. Similarly, this shoe has a durable upper with canvas lining. They give flexibility as well as fitness. Not only that but the rubber sole is bendable and adaptable to multiple surfaces.

High top:
The shaft measure is mid to high top from the arch. It gives protection to the ankle and keeps it from getting additional shock and twists while doing vigorous skating on rough ground. You can adjust the opening to the alternative top you like.

Canvas lining:
The stiff and durable exterior of skate shoes can get tiring and domineering. In that case, you can choose a lighter material that gives flexibility and freedom of movement. The canvas material is soft and moves in all directions with the slightest of pushes. It feels heavenly on my feet.

Rubber sole:
Another good news is the rubber outsole that enables you to enjoy outdoor and indoor skating. The bendable sole is not as strong and hard as other skates but is suitable for easy skating. It gives an exceptional grip on outdoor rocky surfaces that can be slippery.

Vulcanized outsole:
While the sole is bendable it is also vulcanized. You do not want the sole to fall apart the first chance you get at skating. The durable sulfur links in the vulcanized material keep the skate shoes from giving in. All of this is done while maintaining the functionality of skate shoes.

Any Harley Davidson fan would know the must have a collection of grey and black skates. I personally prefer the grey skates because the color is not only classy but also simplistic. These two shoes of the Wrenford collection have variable prices but are worth every penny!

  • Low Top arch measure.
  • Canvas upper.
  • Canvas lining.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • The canvas is thin.
  • Need supergluing repeatedly.

Reason to buy

The canvas upper of the Harley Davidson Wrenford skate shoe is not only breathable but flexible. It is an ideal fabric for stretchable skate exercises like backflips and low riding skating. The canvas spreads uniformly in multiple directions.

3. British Knights Men’s Kings Sl Skates

British Knights Men's Kings Sl Sneaker

British knight skates are a renowned brand from the nineteenth century that have revived their skates with new looks and better adaptations. After carefully analyzing the customer needs, they have put forward men knight skate. This classic skate has inner as well as outer advanced features. The footbed is made of molded foam that helps the arch and the padding around the front and back balances your steps. What’s more? The rubber outsole is thicker than average and gives superior experience.

PU molded indole:
The insole is made of molded material that is soft and adapts the shape of feet after a few skating runs. Not every time you have to wait for the shoes to adjust, the molded insole has long-lasting effects. It does not go out of shape and supports the arch exceptionally.

To balance off the high top nature on a hot day the lining of breathable fabric is added. It helps maintain the cool temperature and decreases the probability of you getting painful burns and blisters from hot and scratchy material. The cool inlet of air is also soothing.

Padded collar:
One look at the shoes and you will understand the thickness of the padded collar. It wraps around the ankle joint and prevents it from extra movements. Furthermore, it decreases the onset of lethargy while you are skating. The uptight muscles remain relaxed in soft padding so you can skate all day long.

The upper of the shoes is made of durable leather that retains the durability of king skates. The leather is stitched with an embroidered design that makes it fashionable. It also compliments the overall look and gives extra protection.

British knight skates are easily accessible and only a click away. They are available in more than five exciting colors ranging from classics to fashionable prints in bright colors. The best part is that no matter what shoes you get your hands on all are affordable and economical!

  • Rubber durable outsole.
  • Breathable tongue and collar.
  • Combination of material.
  • Comfortable inner lining.
  • Breathable micro vents.
  • They are a little heavy skate pair.
  • thick padding.

Reason to buy

Not every time you put on a shoe does it have to accommodate from scratch. The molded insole remembers your shape and retains it throughout the skating so the British knight men skate is not disfigured. Additionally, it is one of the best ways to relieve your childhood skate memories!

4. FitFlop Men’s Uberknit Slip-on High Top Skate

FitFlop Men's Uberknit Slip-on High Top Sneaker in Waffle Knit

For those people who are on their road to recovery from a severe ankle injury and want a softer yet hard skate then fitflop meets your description. It has a high rating and customer satisfaction on amazon. The shoes have innovative design and a perfect balance of breathability as well as strength. You can try out light tricks in mid top to high shoes that have zero platform soles. The insole is energizing and increases the potential of skating.

The upper material of the shoes is stretchable and the fabric moves in all directions uniformly. You do not have to rely on one particular direction to bring outs the best of your flips. All directions will have uniform elasticity and the material retains its shape after a long use.

High top:
This is another mid to high top skate that protects your ankle and absorbs shock. The padding runs throughout the back to the heels. It prevents slipping and keeps the injured Achilles heel from getting any more damage. The padding might be stiff at first but it softens as you wear out the skates.

Energizing insole:
The insole is made of multiple layers to increase comfort and rebound properties. While gaining speed on the skateboard the leg work is increased. While the leg work is not brought to zero, it is made considerably less with an energizing insole that stores energy and reflects it back with every push in the skateboard.

All that extra padding can weigh down the skates. The last thing you need is the weight with an injury. Another reason uber knit skate is a good option is light fluffy materials that keep your feet springy and out of major hard work for skating!

The flitflop skate shoes are designed in a slim fit silhouette to balance out the stretchable upper nature. This and the cushion of the midsole keeps the feet attached to the shoes so they do not slip off. You do not have to worry about the lack of strong straps or large spanning lace work because the fitness is unmatchable.

FlitFlop is designed for low maintenance people who like dark colors. The only two shoes of this collection are dark blue sapphire and black. They go with all outfits and look modern. The price ranges from affordable to expensive depending on your level of skate customization.

  • 100% textile fabric.
  • Resistant to scuffing.
  • ergonomic shoes.
  • Stretchable upper.
  • versatile shoes that can be used for more than skating.
  • They lack arch support li>
  • Suitable for wide feet.

Reason to buy

The slim fit construction of FitFlop makes sure your skates do not slip out. Instead of shifting from one skate to another you can concentrate on a pair and accommodate it to the adjustments you like!

5. Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

Vans shoes are thoroughly tested from the heel contouring to rubber quality. They are reliable shoes that have passed all standard skate tests. This casual pair is a simple decision because they go out of the way of traditional standards. The high top opening covers the ankle and gives stability. Instead of interfering it aids the skating, even with that opening the shoes are lightweight and breathable. What more? The slim shoes with comfortable lace up further increase support.

Canvas and suede:
A combination of flexible and rich durable materials is used. Even with high scuffing, the shoes hold their worth. Multiple layers of durable and stiff material are more immune to wear and tear. The good thing is with tears the shoes still look fashionable.

The tongue of Vans is padded and has a lining. It keeps the tongue from losing its thickness. Apart from this, the tongue’s thick padding increases fitness and keeps your feet grounded in the skate shoes.

Ankle support:
The high top material is not a mere extension. The material tightly wraps around your ankle and keeps a continuous connection between lower extremities and feet’ motion forces. It also prevents excessive movement. However, it does not offer low top freedom of movement. It does have its perks though!

Heel counters:
Special hard and shapes heel contours are added at the back of shoes. They do not poke the heel but keep it in place. It is a stabilizing feature supporting the back of the feet so you do not face heel slipping and pains.

Vans classic casual skates have a thick white line running up the side with circular patterns across the high top area. This adds appeal and character to the shoes. Depending on the area there is a variation in price but even with that they are affordable. They lean towards affordable to high prices though!

  • Casual shoes.
  • Resistant to scuffing.
  • Combination of material.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • They are a little expensive.
  • Suitable for wide feet.

Reason to buy

Good thing Vans SK8 hi skate shoes have thought of heel contoured technology. It is not easy to come back to skating with an injury, but there is less chance of multiple damage to the previous area because of special hard contouring. It increases comfort and direction of skating.

6. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR en’s Baxter Skateboarding Shoe

HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR en's Baxter Skateboarding Shoe

Lastly, here is another pair of high top Harley Davidson skate shoes for its fans. This shoe is a lot like the previous pair only with the addition of a strong lace system. The fitness and adjustment of this skate pair are impressive. The boot-like construction makes the shoes strong and protects your toes from getting hit. The exterior is made of hard material yet the inner lining is soft to bring comfort and ease.

Toe protection:
Not all the material is lined with protection but the essential areas are not overlooked. A thin rubber is wrapped around the skates’ front, which is less durable than the outsole rubber. However, in case you stub your toes it will protect them from getting damaged and hurt.

Sock lining:
The whole interior of skates is lined with soft liners. It is not unusual for skaters to get blisters because the constant rubbing against the skateboard and the hard insole can cause blisters. Sock liners prevent you from getting skin damage and increase the fitness of skates.

Canvas upper:
To balance out the upper of Baxter skate is constructed with canvas. Not only is canvas breathable but also flexible. It will complement all kinds of outfits. Additionally, unlike suede, it is easy to clean and wash. This lightweight material is best for people who do not like heavy skate boots.

High top:
Unlike most skates, Baxter has an exceptionally high opening of five inches. This forms a firm connection between the lower legs and the whole feet. The motion forces running from the hip joint are extended and absorbed at the arch without facing the ankle joint’s interruption. This uninterrupted movement gives you superior balance while skating.

For undependable dependability and high security, a rubber outsole is added with vulcanized Construction. It gives maneuverability and a broader feel of skateboard so you have more command over your movement. Best of all it increases control of speed and skateboard direction without slipping.

With a notable brand like Harley Davidson, you would expect the cost to automatically go up. The good news is that is not the case here. Braxton skate is available in black and white pair with the badass logo emblazoned on the ankle that is hard to ignore. The shoes even with differences in price range are affordable and budget friendly.

  • Comfortable sock liners.
  • Resistant to scuffing.
  • Front toe protection.
  • Lightweight cement construction.
  • Hard outsole.
  • They are a little expensive.
  • Suitable for wide feet.

Reason to buy

The comfortable sock liners inside shoes are a suitable balance for high top skates in keeping your feet comfortable and carefree. Unlike hard skate the padding ensures you do not get blisters and are energized all day long.

Things to consider while buying the Best High Top Skate Shoes!

I cannot emphasize the importance of a good high top skate pair. If you frequently use them then you know what I mean.

Sure, they lack freedom of movement but the ankle protection is unmatchable. High top skate is another way of ensuring safety for the injured ankle.

Skating can be done across multiple surfaces and is a sport that requires vigorous body movement.
You need to take care of your body as much as your favorite skateboard.

In choosing the high top skate there are several factors you should be aware of. Not only will they enhance your skating experience but also bring out the best of the skate shoes.

Let’s take a look into the vital features:

Right shape:
Let’s clear something first that in skate shoes there is a big difference in shape and size. A perfect size does not mean you have got the right body. The shape depends on the middle and toe areas of the feet. It is a deciding factor that will influence many other features. If one of the two things is loose, that means you have not bought the right shape.

Most professionals say that while playing with a skateboard, you put more weight in the shoes’ balls and heel. So, athletic skate shoes should have extra cushion in those areas. Sometimes your swollen balls feel like rocks, and the slightest of pressure can cause high pain. Similarly, you have to stop the progression of injury in heels by giving them something soft.

The material will coordinate the drawbacks of the cushioning. You see if there is excessive cushioning, it may absorb the shock, but meanwhile, it disturbs the shape of feet.

If a tight and resistant material covers it, then the bulge of cushions will be confined, but the functioning stays the same.

For the exterior of skates, you have options between the leather. Suede and canvas. In my opinion, flexibility is best with canvas and rigidness with leather. Find out more by reading how to choose the best material for skates.

Molded insole:
The main difference between skate shoes and regular ones is the insole. In skate shoes, you jump and twist more than you run. So, gel technology and multiple layering decrease the jarring force from the ground. It also increases the rebound properties of the shoes. An insole has all the adaptations of the arch, heel, and toes.

High-top opening:
Increased jumping causes more impact of unbalanced force on the ankle joint than it does to the arch. While most skate shoes have a flexible midsole, they also have a high-top opening.

The extra fabric and foam around ankles save you from potential arthritis and brittle bones. The major muscles present in the ankle connect the lower extremities to the feet and it must be protected at all costs.

Professional athletes pay their pediatrics a timely visit and are referred the best shoes by them. However, if you are not an athlete, then no need to step back. The passion for skating should not be limited only to the best out there!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
How does flexibility in skate shoes help injured ankles?
An injured ankle is naturally rigid and inflexible. If balanced by the flexible nature of the shoes, it reduces the pain to a greater degree. If you buy hard skate shoes, that will increase the damage to the further points like the knee joint. The soft material will adapt to the joint shape and quickly shift the muscular movement forces in the stiff ankle tendons.

How can you evaluate the build-in support of skate shoes?
Pick up your shoe and twist it sideways from both ends. The motion of both hands should be opposite to each other. If the shoe twists easily, it is too bendy and not rigid enough to support it.
The stability of skate shoes depends on a little resistance in twisting. However, if they do show a little resistance, then they are suitable to wear!

What is the breaking period of most of the skate shoes?
Analyzing the breaking period of skate shoes can be complicated. You have to judge the rigid and softer parts individually. If the outsole is starting to bend and soften, then you should change the skate shoes. Similarly, after some time, the memory foam starts losing its regular shape.
You will feel the odd clumps of foam in the pads, so that means they need replacement. You should make sure that if the footbed can be replaced, then there is no need to change the whole shoe.

I have mentioned the best high top skate shoes after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of high top skate shoes.
If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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