What are the Best Insoles for Skate Shoes?

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No skate lover can imagine the weeks he might have to take off from his favorite sport because he has incurred a severe injury!

I know thinking about it alone is tough. That is solely why you should pay attention to features of shoes like laces, padding, toe boxes, and especially insoles.

Best Insoles for Skate Shoes.

Insoles are the vital features of shoes that allow you to show off your skills on skating rings. Whether it is an old school backflip or advanced ollie, you will be landing on the ground.

Now, insoles will be there to take the burn of the fall and ensure that you give your best. Furthermore, there are several types of insoles recommended for skaters. Even professionals struggle with choosing the right insole that covers the maximum of protective and rebound features.

Do not worry. You don’t need to score yourself an insole that has to have everything. You have to be smart in choosing the blend of premium features. That is why I have done hours of research to put forward a definitive list. This will save your time and energy. Let’s get started!

Our Top Picks:

  • Shred Soles – (Skateboarding Shoe Insoles)
    “Got back into skating recently and wanted to get insoles since I was feeling the impact when practising. Things have felt better ever since I got them.” -Customer Review.
  • Superfeet Hockey -(Insoles for Orthotic Support)
    “Good insoles with a medium amount of arch support. Made our skates more comfortable to wear.” -Customer Review.
  • Superfeet GREEN Insoles -(Professional-Grade High Arch Support)
    “Comfortable insoles. I bought these to use with both skate boots and running boots.” -Customer Review. 
  • Dr. Scholl’s RUNNING -(Insoles for Reduce Shock)
    “I didn’t get shin splints while skating, so now I can focus on going farther. I am thankful I tried these first before buying new skate shoes.” -Customer Review. 

List of Top 4 Best Insoles for Skate Shoes

1Shred Soles4.2/5 Check Price
2Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles4.4/5 Check Price
3Superfeet GREEN Insoles2.8/5 Check Price
4Dr. Scholl's Running insoles4.5/5 Check Price

1. Shred Soles -(Skateboarding Shoe Insoles)

Shred insoles have landed a first place on the list because of their high rating and testing protocols. I cannot begin to mention the tests they have passed to gain this satisfaction. You will feel the cloud like comfort right off the bat.

The insole is lined with a material that is resistant proof. That does not mean you will lose the feel of board skates. While maintaining the sensation, you can reduce friction that heats the feet quickly. The exclusive layer of micro urethane shred bed under the insole increases stickiness, so your feet do not slip.

You can pair up the insoles with any of your favorite skate shoes. The insoles adapt quickly and increase stability. After fitness, you can feel the stabilizing power through the cups, the balls, and the heel of your feet. This saves you from excessive movement and gives additional firmness to the plantar fasciitis. The insoles are designed in funky colors that will bring out your joy!Shred Soles - (Skateboarding Shoe Insoles)

  • Stabilizing insole.
  • Adaptable for all kinds of skates.
  • S shaped insole.
  • Micro urethane shred system.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • The padding is comparatively thin.
  • They are suitable for wide feet.

Reason to buy

The stabilizing influence of skate shred skateboard insoles is not only quick but also has a significant effect. The technology works quickly in bringing firmness to your ankles and heels so you can skate safely.

2. Superfeet Hockey -(Insoles for Orthotic Support)

Nothing can beat the functionality of Superfeet insoles. These are some of the best insoles that have dominated the world of skates for years now. The insoles have a perfect blend of air control and cushion. The cushioning is made of gel material that is compressible and increases the surface area to give maximum energy to the skaters.

Superfeet versatile insole is made of a thin layer of the insole that is contrary to the thick outsole but does not lack in any aspect of performance. The perforated layer of insoles keeps your feet hydrated and normalizes the temperature, so you do not face potential skin problems like blisters.

Along with that, the perforations run throughout the front to the toes. The ball and heel proportionality help you distribute the body’s actual weight, so while doing the tricks and dives, you can successfully maintain the equilibrium. Whether a power play or break away in hockey, you have complete control.Superfeet Hockey -(Insoles for Orthotic Support)

  • Natural support.
  • Pain relief.
  • Protection from blisters.
  • High quality foam.
  • Replaceable insole.
  • Expensive insoles.
  • The heel area is too flexible.

Reason to buy

For hockey players who understand the challenges of ponds to rinks, the perforated and contoured shape of the Superfeet insole helps you keep your feet upright on ice rings. They work great in keeping you grounded to the slippery ice slides.

3. Superfeet GREEN Insoles -(Professional-Grade High Arch Support)

Superfeet professional grades are highly preferred because they provide grip designing suitable for wide feet and high arch skaters. It has a deep heel cup for unyielding support. While moving, your heels will remain secured instead of slipping around in the availability of space. Cross-linked polyethylene foaming is used in the middle for the absorption of uneven weight. It fits and molds itself to the arch, so each step does not have to realign itself again.

Another layer of stabilizer cap is added to the foam to ensure a double distribution of shock. It is present at the base of the insole for maintenance of the structure while skating. If you had any doubts, they are cleared now because this professional grade system will give its best up to 12 months or 500 miles.Superfeet GREEN Insoles -(Professional-Grade High Arch Support)

  • Sustainable.
  • Sculptures for pain relief.
  • High density foam.
  • Durable foundation.
  • Soft and airy.
  • Dig into softer areas of feet.
  • Size is difficult to find.
  • Low effectiveness.

Reason to buy

For skaters with multiple conditions like plantar fasciitis, supination you can use Superfeet green insoles. The twist in the middle is designed to bring maximum comfort. The high-density insurance through the stabilizer cups is the best among all the insole competitors!

4. Dr. Scholl’s RUNNING -(Insoles for Reduce Shoe)  

Dr. Scholl insoles can get expensive, but that cost is not to be frowned upon. They make up for that by introducing insoles that influence your feet. They are trimmed to fit insoles that can be added to any of your favourite skate shoes.

With triple zone protection, it successfully reduces the uneven pressure attack by 40%. It has a flat midsole which does not mean it is not suitable and combined with the other features. It elevates the effect of unyielding support.

The insoles can be used repeatedly because the excellent Sweat Max technology prevents the accumulation of odour. Moisture is not collected, and your feet remain dry and fresh. Ball to foot padding and improvised midsole improves push-off, saving you from pain in shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runners’ knee while skating. Landing on each step does not set the jarring motion forces as it did before.Dr. Scholl's RUNNING -(Insoles for Reduce Shock)

  • Efficient shock absorption.
  • Suitable for sneakers, boots, and sandals.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Responsive.
  • Too flexible.
  • Slippery surface.
  • Hard in an isolated area.

Reason to buy

Are you tired of purchasing and matching individual skate shoe insoles? Then you should buy Dr. Scholl, which comes in standard shoe cutting form! You can easily cut the pads by following the drawn line to match your size. Save yourself money and time by investing in the right cause!


It is important to click with the right insole because it can save you from a lot of physical and career damage. It is not easy to shift shoes; however, the use of changeable insoles has made this task ten times easier. I hope you have clicked with a pair above to proceed with your journey!

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