Best Material to Choose for Skate Shoes – Complete Guide

Last Updated on April 26, 2021 by Jayda Salinas

Skate shoes are the best alternative to roller coasters out there. Easy to put on and take off!

However, what makes skate shoes unique is the whole assembly for the manufacturing of shoes. This assembly includes the outer material that can outlive several generations of skate abuse.

The padding enables you to parachute through the air and protective toe coating that saves your toes from pains like hitting a truck.

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There are several old-school traditional materials still in use that modern, yet classy materials have overruled. In this complete guide, I will tell you what material to choose for what part of the shoe!

Yes, you heard that right, a complete guide that unravels all parts of shoes. So, you can sail smoothly through the tracks with your skate shoes dominating the skills you own.

The Outer Material:

There is no denying that the first look matters a lot. Now I am not talking about aesthetics only.

Material for the exterior of shoes should be chosen carefully, felt through your hands for satisfaction because it guarantees durability, support, flexibility, and movement.

Along with that, the material can withstand unfavorable conditions, moisture control, oxygen outlet, and degradative properties.


The first choice of material for the exterior is leather. Now you may have heard stories that leather is outdated, but on the contrary, it is the most sustainable material in this article.

Leather skate shoes

Leather has been for the manufacture of skate shoes for years. It is a versatile product that can be used in combination and alone. Not only that, but it gives you a variety of options.

Where there is an advantage, you have to be careful of the drawbacks. The leather has to be genuine, high quality, and durable layered material. Most skating shoes do not have the coverage of pure leather. Semi-synthetic leathers are used that give fitness, durability, and class to the shoes.

Leather can withstand large amounts of pressure and keeps the harm outside of shoes protecting your feet for a long day ahead for skating.

The drawback of leather shoes is that they heat up quickly, and your feet feel like being enclosed in a furnace at a high temperature.


Time to talk about the material that gives a formal touch, sophistication, and an edgy outlook. Furthermore, leather suede can be used with multiple materials. However, suede alone is something to look forward to!

Suede Skate Shoes

About why you should choose suede material is for multiple reasons. Suede specifically is used because it allows adjustments in shoes easily. The interior can be easily stitched with extra padding for the toes and midsole.

Additionally, suede material can bring the best out of the notorious canvas shoes!

Suede allows stitching in many directions so you can get nose, kickoff, and heelflips efficiently. It is a relatively thinner material, yet a better avenger from skate related injuries.

You have to be careful with suede because it may be more breathable compared to leather, but it can bring out soggy feet.


Canvas material is suitable for people who like to enjoy skating once in a while. For aggressive and regular skaters’ canvas might not be the best option. Do you know why?

Canvas is a lightweight, fragile material as compared to its competitors. Even an hour of vigorous skating with canvas shoes can produce adverse effects on skating shoes.

Canvas Skate Shoes

However, the canvas is not to be underestimated completely!

It has made so far down the history for a reason. The most common canvas shoes available in the retail market are Vans, Converse Chucks, and Taylors all stars. There is no way a pair of one of those has not been your favorite!

You can make easy slips with the canvas as it is also not the expensive and best choice for beginners.


Textile is the modern tech shoe I mentioned before. You can flaunt the new editions with textile material.

Textile Skate shoes

It has the combination of best features constituting a lightweight feel, breathability, and durability. If your feet sweat too much and you are headed forward to a long day of skating, then choose a soft textile fabric material.

The textile can be thickened in those areas of skating shoes that have the most damage inflicted upon them. The range of thickness allows you to change the course of your skating and protection from potential harm.

Textile is an ideal choice for balancing the rubber soles and thick padding that can weigh down the skating shoes. A prime example of that is cupsole broad skating shoes.

Textile is not recommended for skating, and it has the potential of weighing down feet because of excessive bulk.

Heels padding:

Each part of your feet plays a vital role in a sport like skating. The importance of the factors should reflect in the carefully engineered features of the shoes.

Heels are prone to bruising and slipping in doing a flip and ollied with skate shoes. However, it would help if you were careful. To prevent damage to heel muscles, you should look for EVA foams, gel pads, and air pads. They are not only compressive but also attenuate the shock reaching the crucial heel points.


Finally, we talk about something that comes in direct contact with the arch and balls of feet. The midsole has a critical role to play in easing people with foot deformities.

It also smoothens the skating ride and flips for ordinary people. Apart from the outer material, the midsole should have to cushion for adding rebound properties to your running. The gel beads energize your steps and decrease the uneven body weight from hitting the body’s vulnerable spots.


The right material can change the score of the whole game. You can either choose inappropriate materials or decide to smooth sail your way through your favorite sport. I have recommended reliable materials with the reasoning that will help you in selecting the right skating shoes

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