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How many of you have watched professional clips of Olympic men skaters?

Do not be shy and admit that you all have!

Well, a big stepping stone for skating is the right skate pair. If it has fitness, low top opening, arch support, and ankle padding then you are off to the right start!


The question is how do you find the shoe that is made for you?

To help you in your quest I have listed the shoes with the best features and one plus point. Furthermore, a description of each feature is added for reasoning. You can take a start with any brands mentioned below. Follow the description and you will find your pair. Do not forget to read the reason to buy as they will solidify your decision.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe
    “This is the third pair I bought because they are such a good pair of shoes. Each pair lasted almost 2 years ” -Customer Review.
  • Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe
    “Have a few pairs of adidas and fit as expected and looks are what I was looking for.” -Customer Review.
  • WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers
    “Once you get them on though…pure satisfaction. The fit is nearly perfect” -Customer Review.
  • NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas
    “Shoes are of great quality and comfortable as well.” -Customer Review.
  • Etnies Fader Skate Shoe
    “Very pleased with the quality and well made shoe. If you like Vans shoes you will like these.” -Customer Review.


1DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price
2Adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price
3WHITIN Men's Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers4.3/5 Check Price
4NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas4.3/5 Check Price
5Etnies Fader Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price

1. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe

The first pair on this list is DC Men skates that have produced durable and comfortable shoes for years. They are known for their renowned features which make the ride comfortable for the skaters. Other than that, this particular shoe has special lightweight materials assembled to give a cloudy feeling. The shoes are shaped like a pill to cut through the air resistance for uniform speed on skates. Furthermore, the safety for skaters increases with padding in vital areas.

Rubber sole:
Synthetic rubber is used for the construction of a skate’s outsole. That added to the softer material above increases durability as rubber is a resistant material to wear and tear. It may warm up on a hot day but it is a good choice for vigorous skaters.

Pill pattern:
Another best thing about the tread apart from the material is that it has a pill pattern. This increases the functionality of shoes as the pills increase contact with the ground and skateboard. With the firm grasping, there is less chance you will slip off the skateboard while coming down inclined planes.

Mesh tongue:
The upper of the skates is covered in a thick padded tongue that adds to the comfort. It stops the laces from digging into your skin and further damaging the eyelets of shoes. It also gives arch support from above by letting the force spread uniformly across the foot.

Cup sole construction:
Now we are talking about durability. Nothing beats a cup sole with strong glueing and on top of that sewing of outsole layers. This keeps the rubber layers firmly connected and attached so you get the best feel of the skateboard while skating.

DC men is manufactured in more than fifteen basic colors. If you are a fan of black and white classics then these shoes are for you. This combination brings out the best of skate shoes. Not to add they are available at affordable prices and up for grab!

  • Soft boot opening.
  • low Platform measure 0-3.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • Lace closure.
  • Leather Upper.
  • The heel area needs padding.
  • The pull on fabric is annoying.

Reason to buy

The rubber outsole of DC men Graffik is suitable for all kinds of track surfaces; the superior outsole retains its shape while increasing grip on the ground. There is no chance you will slip down while skating on an inclined surface.

2. Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

Adidas is another renowned brand that is adept in manufacturing shoes for all kinds of sports. That does not exclude the skate shoes for men which have seen new evolutions. Adidas Daily has good performance and high flexibility. One look at this pair and you see all the plus points. The outsole is thick and protects your shoes. The exterior is double layered for protection and resistance to scuff. What more? The low top shoes give freedom of movement.

Low top skates:
Do you want to try out new flips and ollies? For that one thing, you need is freedom in movement. Especially when you bend and the muscles of the ankles contract. In that case, Adidas low top shoes give you space and comfort for muscle flex and power in pushing for accelerated skateboarding.

The inside of the shoes is lined with soft liners that bring all day comfort. You can only imagine what happens to your skin in skates compared to the exterior. The inside also faces constant friction and rubbing. To decrease skin damage through painful blisters soft material with micro pressing holes is installed.

The outsole is made of thick rubber and is lined with a film of polymer. It rounds up to the front of the shoes. This thick barrier covers the front of toes and prevents them from getting hurt. Not only does it give propulsion to the toes but also protects them. If you accidentally stub your toes the force will be deflected.

Adidas men is a canvas skate that is more flexible and less durable. The material of skate shoes is not as durable as leather or suede. However, that is compensated by the stronger sole. Canus has its perks with being lightweight, soft, and soothing.

Adidas Daily has amazing sift as well as bright colors that you will love to explore. The fire red is not only eye catching but also a sight to behold. This particular pair is borderline affordable. As compared to the previous shoe it is more costly.

  • Elite padding.
  • Professional skate shoes.
  • Canvas upper.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • The front of skates is narrow. li>
  • check size chart before buying.

Reason to buy

You can regularly practice skating with Adidas men daily because the low top opening of shoes give you freedom of movement across multiple directions. The flexibility decreases muscle exhaustion and the lower padding keeps you protected.

3. WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers

WHITIN Men's Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers | Wide fit | Arch Support | Zero Drop Sole

Whitin men true to its name is a minimalist shoe. It has all the traditional features from the outside but much attention is poured on the inner. Due to high satisfaction and customer base mention of this skate shoe is a must. You have to try the low drop feature with people that have arch issues. It gives support and strength through energizing insole and heel cupping. If you have wide feet then all the better! Most sizes are suitable with wider front and large spanning lace up.

Zero drop shoe:
It is commonly a problem in people with wide feet that they face difficulty in accommodating the height of the arch support. Since this shoe has high arch support then to balance that a zero drop sole is used. It mimics the normal standing anatomy of a person aiding them in maintaining balance under all circumstances.

Wide front:
The front of the shoes has extra space for wiggling and flexing of toes. They do not rub against each other and the force does not increase the balance on the big toe. Apart from that, you can push against the toe pads and balls of feet for jumping and pushing on a skateboard.

Arch support:
The arch of feet is essential for distributing body weight among the ends of feet. The built in arch support facilitates the natural arch and keeps the muscles from getting cramped and sore. With this technique you can practice skating for hours and lethargy will be the last thing on your mind!

The upper of the shoes is knit with a strong fabric that has flexibility and emphasizes low maintenance. The fabric might get difficult to clean but it goes well with all the clothes in your wardrobe. Besides, it is also lightweight and breathable.

Whitin skate shoes are best in presenting simplistic colors. The all black is the most ordered as it is classy and rich color. Of all the shoes this one is the most budget friendly and you can buy an extra pair if you like. Keep the extra pair in your locker as you like!

  • Zero drop skates.
  • Well knit upper.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • minimalist shoes.
  • Go with all outfits.
  • The inole is thin.
  • Wider than an average shoe.

Reason to buy

Time to shower some attention on your metatarsals. The zero drop platform of Whitin men skates relieves additional pressure from the toes because the heels are equally involved. The toes can flex easier now!

4. NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

NIKE shoes have been tested by SATRA and other heel tests and have been passed. There is no way the shoes will fail after enduring the abuse of all these tests. Check Solarsoft skate shoes have the best quality and endurance for any skate pair. The soft sock liners and high density foam give protection and comfort. The functionality of shoes is increased by a thick insole and premium flex wrap construction. You should definitely check out the fitness of these skates!

The fitness of shoes is increased through flex wrap construction. The materials form a uniform mesh that contours to your foot shape and aid the movement. It forms a coordinated functionality with the shoes that increase rebound properties and energize the movement.

High density foam collar:
The opening of shoes can be irritating and not to mention if it is a single layered material, it will not be able to offer much support. Extra padding gives stability to the shoes and connects the ankle joints to the heel of feet forming a firm connection.

Rubber outsole:
The rubber outsole is heat and tear resistant. A strong rubber increases the durability of the outsole and effectively deflects shock from the ground. Apart from that compression on the rubber does not deform it and keeps the flexibility of shoes maximum.

An extended stitched vamp is sewn in front of shoes that increase the durability and flexibility of shoes. It is sewn uniformly so that when you flex your feet the material does not restrict movement from any direction. It also increases the room for the toes as the vamp is made of stretchable material.

As with most of the shoes on this list this one has many colors to offer. However, most of those might not be available. Not to worry because the standard classics are easily accessible and all time available. They are expensive shoes but worth every penny you invest.

  • Bring energy to skating.
  • Toe impact protection.
  • Better traction.
  • Flex wrap construction.
  • Vamp stitching.
  • The rubber of shoes is weak.
  • Cannot wear for long.

Reason to buy

Are you tired of shifting from skate shoes to another for ideal padding? Worry no more because Nike SB Check skates have an extra thick tongue that adjusts the fitness. Along with that, it gives support from above the arch energizing your feet.

5. Etnies Fader Skate Shoe

Etnies Fader Skate Shoe

Etnies fader skates are a gem because they work like an energized show motor. These shoes are specially designed to increase speed and contact with the skateboard. The upper of the shoes is bound together with elastic and broad laces that hold the seams together. Along with that the heel padding and midsole construction is designed to add activity. Best of all the material is made of insoles is a recycled PU foam that gives shoes extra life.

Even with heavy padding, the shoes are cleverly engineered to keep the maximum weight away from vital parts of feet used for lifting and pushing. The insole and area around the opening are lightweight fabrics so you can freely move. Additionally, the padding does not stop your fluctuation.

Lace up:
The upper of the shoes is more lacework than fabric that is because it balances out the padding inside. Besides an extra long lace up with increased stretchability gives better adjustment. You can get the best fitness without pulling too hard on the material of skates.

Low top:

Yet here is another low top shoe that gives freedom of movement. Your ankle can move in multiple directions and has better coordination with lower extremities to continue the motion forces running along the length to the arch.

The midsole is made of compressible padding that is egg like and upon larger push compress easily. While preparing for pushing and landing from jumping the PU Foam cushion compresses and absorbs the shock helping the arch work efficiently. It is also comfortable and feels heavenly.

Due to the wide range of design and customization the price of the skate shoes in this collection ranges from affordable to expensive. Good news is that most shoes are affordable. However, if you have money saved up then you can choose.

  • All day functionality.
  • Egg crate midsole.
  • PU Insole.
  • Slip resistant sole.
  • Low Top Shoes.
  • They do not have thick cushions.
  • Check size chart before buying.

Reason to buy

Automatic traction and rebound property are not easier to find in skates. Etnies skate shoe gives you an opportunity to explore both with a compressible and molding PU insole that brings out your professionalism across all planes.

Things to consider while buying Best Men’s skate shoes:

Nothing compares to the importance of the right shoe. Skating is a sport that requires fitness and functionality. It is not quite like walking and running. Our area of the center is the ankle and lower extremities. The shoes should have a firm attachment to the skateboard.

Instead of paying attention to the insole, the outsole is what you should be worried about. There are many other vital features which you should be aware of!

This way your purchase will be successful and your skating journey smoother. I have mentioned the list of all features you should look for in skate shoes. It covers every aspect of the Men ‘s Skate Shoe.

Let’s get started!

Right shape:
Let’s clear something first that in skate shoes there is a big difference in shape and size. A perfect size does not mean you have got the right body. The shape depends on the middle and toe areas of the feet. It is a deciding factor that will influence many other features. If one of the two things is loose, that means you have not bought the right shape.

Most professionals say that while playing with a skateboard, you put more weight on the balls and heel of the shoes. So, skate shoes should have cushions in those areas. Sometimes your swollen balls feel like rocks, and the slightest of pressure can cause high pain. Similarly, you have to stop the progression of supination in heels by giving it something soft.

The material will coordinate the drawbacks of the cushioning. You see if there is excessive cushioning, it may absorb the shock, but meanwhile, it disturbs the shape of feet. If a tight and resistant material covers it, then the bulge of cushions will be confined, but the functionality stays the same.

Suede, leather, and canvas are the most suitable options. Canvas has more stretchability and is less stiff than leather and suede. Similarly, you can choose leather for stiffness and durability!

Molded insole:
The main difference between skate shoes and regular ones is the insole. In skate shoes, you jump and twist more than you run. So, gel technology and multiple layering decrease the jarring force from the ground. It also increases the rebound properties of the shoes. A PU insole has all the adaptations of the arch, heel, and toes.

Wide toe box:
As you already read that with forwarding propulsion, most weight shifts to the front of the feet. You do not want excessive rubbing of balls to insole because of additional weight. That is why a complete toe box will relieve the toes of confined space. They can shift to distribute the force back to the feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
What are the different types of sneakers?
Skates are broadly divided into three categories, namely high-top, mid-top, and low-top shoes. Each class varies with weight, foaming, design, and ankle coverage. You can choose the method which matches your condition. They do not differ for aesthetic reasons only.


Low tops define the short opening of the skates. They do not cover the ankle. Compared to the other types, they are also lightweight and more flexible. They are further divided into:

  • Runners.
  • Skate shoes.
  • Air force.
  • Stan smith.


Mis-tops are a middle between the high and low-tops. Some of the types over the ankle and some do not. However, they do differ in their stretchability and traction properties. They are divided into:

  • Yeezy.
  • Air Presto.


They are the opposite of low-tops because they bracket your heels, and the opening is supported by high cushioning and extra fabric. Furthermore, they weigh more than the low-tops. They are suitable for casual wear instead of formal clothing. You will find these skates comfortable for summers rather than winters. They are divided into:

  • Air Jordan.
  • Converse.
  • Margiela Future.

Can the insoles be changed in the brand of skates?
Yes, you can change the insole of most brands. Some skates use memory foam in which you will notice the insole does not need any change. However, if they do not, then the skates have the freedom of changeable footwear to replace with customized orthotics. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for feet that have plantar fasciitis.

How do you know when it is time to find new skates?
There are two significant signs of the skates dying. If you spot one of these, then you better start saving up!
If the padding of shoes is no longer thick. Walk in the skating pair and check if it has thinned out in some areas or you do not feel the cushion at all. It is no longer useful because there will be no shock absorption and protection.

The state of the outsole determines the value of skates. Due to wear and tear the outsole thins out or falls apart in fragments. A sturdy outsole made of rubber has a broader feel and a better feel of the skateboard. If the rubber is not sturdy enough then time to change!

I have mentioned the best skate shoes for men after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for the successful picking of men’s skate shoes.
If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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