Top 5 Best Mid Top Skate Shoes – Top Rated and Reviewed 2021

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Is choosing middle ground like a mid top skate shoe a good option?

If that imposing question is circulating your mind, then I know what decision needs to be taken!

I have been on this crossroad before. And let me tell you it is worth it.

Skating requires a lot of leg movement and bending where your ankles need space to flex. However, a high top can hinder that.

Similarly, low top skates are not as stabilizing as high tops. What better option than to choose a mid top skate that rivals both!

To help you choose the best and most efficient mid top skate shoes I have gathered a list here. It contains renowned brands with coordinating features for mid top skates that ideally complete the skate shoe. Additionally, I have added final verdicts to help you finalize your decisions.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • Vans Men’s Ward Hi Suede skates
    “Vans vans what can I say man’s this brand is amazing. Not only are they stylish, but they’re also comfortable.” -Customer Review.
  • Etnies Men’s Mc Rap High Sneaker Skate Shoe
    “Happy with my purchase. Fit as expected. Comfortable shoes.” -Customer Review.
  • FitFlop Men’s Uberknit Slip-on Mid Top Skate
    “I bought these for my husband who has plantar fasciitis and they really helped the pain. They are super comfortable.” -Customer Review.
  • Etnies Men’s Jefferson Mtw Skate Shoe
    “I am happy with these shoes. Haven’t had a pair of Etnies for about 20 years. I remember them being very comfortable right off the bat.” -Customer Review.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men’s Wrenford Skate
    “I bought these for my best friend. He wears them every day for the past four months and they are still in great shape.” -Customer Review.


1Vans Men's Ward Hi Suede skates4.6/5 Check Price
2Etnies Men's Mc Rap High Sneaker Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price
3FitFlop Men's Uberknit Slip-on Mid Top Skate4.6/5 Check Price
4Etnies Men's Jefferson Mtw Skate Shoe4.4/5 Check Price
5HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men's Wrenford Skate4.5/5 Check Price

1. Vans Men’s Ward Hi Suede skates

Vans Men's Ward Hi Suede/Canvas Top Trainers

Vans has made a name for itself in skate shoes for producing reliable and strong skates. Due to their indulgence in all kinds of skates, the high top is better than all. This brand has embraced the creativity of its fans and produces impressive and lively prints that give an iconic vibe. Ward hi skates have a durable outsole covered in a film of Sulphur butadiene rubber and traditional gum. Other than that, it has a simplistic upper that is easy to wash.

Sock liners:
Soft sock liners are sewn along with the interior of the skates that extend from the front to the back. They cover the area that faces the most friction and their soft natures keep the skin free of painful blisters. Apart from that you can forgo the socks and will be okay!

In this Vans pair, you have a variety of options. Unlike many skates, you can buy an upper that is flexible or the opposite of that. For ease of movement canvas upper is used with fashionable foxing that fixes the outsole to the exterior material.

Cup sole:
While the exterior is soft and flexible the durability is completed in the cup sole. The hardness of cup sole is better than all its alternatives because not only is it thick but also rigid. Hot glueing is used to hold the rubber layers together and then they are stitched to bring out the sturdiness.

Round toe:
If you are worried about your toes then leave it to the round toe coverage at the front of the skates. The outsole is thinner at the front but the coverage is broad and effective, it prevents the shock from reaching and damaging the toes in case you stub them against the hard surface.

The insole is thick and cushions to bring all day comfort. After a long day of hardcore skating, you do not have to anticipate pain in the shoe. It keeps the muscles relaxed and maintained at the natural anatomy so a little stretch makes them ready for another round.

This Vans pair is available in joyous designs and colors that resonate with all kinds of souls. There are minimalistic designs with a single iconic stripe as well as the check prints. Most shoes in the collection are affordable however with never advanced designed the cost can go really high!

  • Casual shoes.
  • High class suede trainers.
  • Combination of material.
  • Exciting printed design.
  • Platform measure is 2.
  • It has a raised bale.
  • Suitable for narrow feet.

Reason to buy

Like most professional skaters this Vans Skate pair is a must because of its rounded sole in the toe area. The extension of the cup sole protects the toes from getting injured easily. Additionally, it adds potential in toe flexing.

2. Etnies Men’s Mc Rap High Sneaker Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Mc Rap High Sneaker Skate Shoe

Etnies has opened its gates to produce other shoes that have surpassed the demands of its customers. This skate is actually the advanced copy of the original MC rap skates of the ’90s that rocked the streets at that time, now they have more stability, support and comfort. What more? They have a suede upper that has the perfect combination of leather and canvas properties. The Strobel stitching along the sides of the shoes keep them intact and hold the exterior together.

Rubber sole:
No material can withstand the temperature and scuffing the skate shoe face than a strong and hard rubber. A rubber base increases friction and gives the maximum feel of the skateboard so you can steer it in several directions easily.

Strobel stitching:
The double Strobel stitching along the sidewall of the shoes keeps the patches of the exterior uniformly connected. This increases the stretchability and performance of skates. The stitching is done uniformly so the whole exterior gives protection and fitness as you skate on the ground.

Collar lining:
Etnies has an impressive mid top collar lining that gives freedom of movement but also keeps the ankles intact. The lining is smooth so it does not irritate the skin however the thickness holds the knees in place so they do not go out of symmetry of the body center. This helps in keeping the balance while skating.

Padded tongue:
Another advantage at your ease is the padded tongue that increases the fitness and comfort by ten times. The padded tongue gives support from above the arch and makes sure while you are bending your feet for skating the laces do not cut into your skin and a continuous connection is formed through the muscles of feet.

Etnies Mac Rap is available in one iconic and fashionable read color. It is hard to miss a rich red color whether you are skating indoors or on the field. The eye catching color highlights your personality and is available at an economical price!

  • Thick collar lining.
  • Resistant to scuffing.
  • Mid puff silhouette.
  • Merry mesh lining.
  • Thick collar padding.
  • The stitching is too tight.
  • Only available in one color.

Reason to buy

Etnies Men skate shoes are made for vigorous skaters who like to push against their limits. The durable material and Strobel stitching makes sure the shoes give their best performance every day till you last wear them.

3. FitFlop Men’s Uberknit Slip-on Mid Top Skate

FitFlop Men's Uberknitslip-on High Top Sneaker

Thirdly comes a revolutionizing pair FlitFlops that have changed the perspective of skates for everyone. They are comfortable even with a durable exterior. Uber knit skate is APMA approved and has endured the abuse of all skate tests. It can come out successful with the breathable micro vent exterior and rubber outsole. The single piece engineered uppers are stretchable and useful for all skating tricks. That is not all because the slip resistant outsole gives an unforgettable experience.

Slip resistant outsole:
If you are fond of skating along the beach and sidewalks then what is stopping you? If the outsole is the issue, then worry no more because there will be no more slipping. The rubber of FlitFlop skates is durable and resistant which holds the surface firmly and removes the film of water that can cause slipping.

Rubber pods:
The rubber pods in the outsole increase the performance of skates. While you are skating against the ground the shoes on the skateboard will move in coordination with the ground one. There will be no out of control movement that can inflict pain in your legs that can be damaging.

The exterior of the FlitFlop skates is sewn with a stretchy material that extends as you ush against it. However, when you relax it comes back to its natural shape to give the fitness you desire. The natural slip silhouette of the skates is maintained as long as they last.

Ultra light material:
To make up for the hard outsole, the ultra light material of shoes feels like skating on clouds. The material is handpicked so the skates do not drag your feet and hinder the movement of the ankle joint. You can enjoy high jumps with superior sprints to show you secret tricks.

The upper of shoes is made of a fabric that can be easy to stain. However, it is equally easy to wash off. You can use the right kind of detergent and a little hard rub for the stain to come off.

The parakeet green and camouflage green are my favorite of FlitFlop skates in this collection because they bring out the best of your personality in neon colors. Not to mention like all other skate collections this one is also affordable. However, if you prefer a superior design and have the money to buy it then go on. Elite designs are available at higher prices.

  • APMA seal of acceptance.
  • lightweight shoes.
  • Combination of material.
  • Promote foot health.
  • Hard Wearing rubber pods.
  • Difficult to put on.
  • Cannot wear socks along with these skates.

Reason to buy

Skating requires a lot of flexibility especially for old school tricks. For that purpose FlitFlop has chosen a super stretchable exterior for its skate shoes that widens on a little push but manages to retain the thin silhouette of skates.

4. Etnies Men’s Jefferson Mtw Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Jefferson Mtw Skate Shoe

The fourth pair for the best mid top is Etnies Jefferson skates that are impossible not to recognize. Not only because of the renowned company but also the quality and amazon rating of the shoes. They have the perfect harmony of softness and strength. Jefferson skates are specially made of Scotchgard material that brings out the best of the skate shoes and keeps them protected. Furthermore, these skates make sure your feet are enclosed in moderate temperature in winters.

The fabric covering the exterior of shoes has microfleece construction along with the interior. That means if you happen to step into a water puddle your shoes will not be ruined. The microfleece technology keeps the material from sagging and changing its sleep. Furthermore, a little exposure to the sun quickly dries the skates.

Tongue gussets:
The tongue is firmly sewn to the upper as far as the eyelets allow. Instead of free floating it adheres to the laces and prevents any debris and uncomfortable dirt from flying in. Not to mention it is less hassle than free floating while you put on your skates.

Water resistant:
Another feature that aids your skating across wet surfaces is the water resistant nature. If your shoes come in contact with water, it will not penetrate the external layers to wet your feet and socks. They will remain dry.

Gum outsole:
The gum outsole increases the durability and stickiness of the outsole making sure it sticks to all kinds of surface. The better the grip the lesser chance you have of slipping and hurting yourself. You can confidently maintain the balance on a skateboard.

Lug tread:
The traction of soles is further increased by the lug tread added to the outsole. The outgrowing protrusions increase the surface area and adjust themselves in moist areas so you can skate for firmly. Changing movements and extra skating activities is not a trivial task anymore!

For people who are fond of dark colors this is a good opportunity to grab any of the four pairs you like, they not only look classy but the dark colors can be paired up with any outfit. They are also a good combination for outdoor activities. The pairs are affordable and easy to access.

  • Tongue gussets.
  • Form lite 1 insole.
  • Microfleece insulated.
  • High density foam.
  • Water resistant material.
  • It has a flat footbed.
  • Shoes get hot in summers easily.

Reason to buy

A free tongue can be a real problem when you are in a hurry to get to your skating competition. In that case the tongue gussets come in handy for maximizing comfort and keeping the laces from thinning out which can result in altered performance.

5. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Men’s Wrenford Skate


If you want to make the best of fashion as well as your cool skate shoes then Harley Davidson should be your first choice. Harley Davidson needs no introduction as it has dominated the retail market for all products that range among the top in industry. Similarly, this shoe has a durable upper with canvas lining. They give flexibility as well as fitness. Not only that but the rubber sole is bendable and adaptable to multiple surfaces.

High top:
The shaft measure is mid to high top from the arch. It gives protection to the ankle and keeps it from getting additional shock and twists while doing vigorous skating on rough ground. You can adjust the opening to the alternative top you like.

Canvas lining:
Stiff and durable exterior of skate shoes can get tiring and domineering. In that case, you can choose a lighter material that gives flexibility and freedom of movement. The canvas material is soft and moves in all directions with the slightest of pushes. It feels heavenly on my feet.

Rubber sole:
Another good news is the rubber outsole that enables you to enjoy outdoor and indoor skating. The bendable sole is not as strong and hard as other skates but is suitable for easy skating. It gives an exceptional grip on outdoor rocky surfaces that can be slippery.

Vulcanized outsole:
While the sole is bendable it is also vulcanized. You do not want the sole to fall apart the first chance you get at skating. The durable sulfur links in the vulcanized material keep the skate shoes from giving in. All of this is done while maintaining the functionality of skate shoes.

Any Harley Davidson fan would know the must-have a collection of grey and black skates. I personally prefer the grey skates because the color is not only classy but also simplistic. These two shoes of the Wrenford collection have variable prices but are worth every penny!

  • Low Top arch measure.
  • Canvas upper.
  • Canvas lining.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • The canvas is thin.
  • Need supergluing repeatedly.

Reason to buy

The canvas upper of Harley Davidson Wrenford skate shoe is not only breathable but flexible. It is an ideal fabric for stretchable skate exercises like backflips and low riding skating. The canvas spreads uniformly in multiple directions.

Things to consider while buying the best Mid top skate shoes!

While mid top is the best option but it should also be the right one!

How do you make sure you are choosing the right material and dimensions of the mid top skate shoes?

Furthermore, you should know about the ailing features that bring out the best of the mid top skates.

Imagine that you are investing a lot in the pair because all the features look appealing but what if they do not go with each other?

To help you choose the best mid top skates I have added points to look out for. Take a detailed look and familiarize yourself.

You will be your own guide. Let’s get started!

Most professionals say that while playing with a skateboard, you put more weight on the balls and heel of the shoes. So, athletic skate shoes should have extra cushion in those areas. Sometimes your swollen balls feel like rocks, and the slightest of pressure can cause high pain. Similarly, you have to stop the progression of injury in heels by giving them something soft.

The material will coordinate the drawbacks of the cushioning. You see if there is excessive cushioning, it may absorb the shock, but meanwhile, it disturbs the shape of feet. If a tight and resistant material covers it, then the bulge of cushions will be confined, but the functioning stays the same.

For the exterior of skates, you have options between the leather. Suede and canvas. In my opinion flexibility is best with canvas and rigidness with leather. Find out more by reading how to choose the best material for skates.

Molded insole:
The main difference between skate shoes and regular ones is the insole. In skate shoes, you jump and twist more than you run. So, gel technology and multiple layering decrease the jarring force from the ground. It also increases the rebound properties of the shoes. An insole has all the adaptations of arch, heel and toes.

There are two major outsoles used for Skate shoes. They are the same for all the skate’s companies. The main principle of outsole is that it should be wear and tear resistant and should offer great friction against all kinds of surfaces. Besides sole treads of different patterns increase the grip of outsole. They can be broadly classified into two types:

Cup sole outsole:
Cup sole outsole uses hot glue and sewing for the assembling of layers of outsole. That makes this outsole more durable and resistant. Cup sole is also broader than the other type. However, there is a drawback: it offers less flexibility. In movement, because of the thick outsole and broader feel they ground you to the surface firmly.

Vulcanized outsole:
Vulcanized outsole is flexible due to its gummy polymeric nature. To increase the durability and stickiness synthetic chemicals are used that strengthen the cross link bonding of polymer. Because of this they are not only durable but also softer and flexible. This increases the flexibility and bends angle of skate shoes. However, compared to cup sole this outsole is less durable.

Advantages of Mid Top Skate shoes:

Lastly, of course, the Mid Top skates are not too high on ankles but also not too low!

Apart from the material and aforementioned features Mid Tops skates come with useful benefits that are:

They increase mobility and decrease restriction of ankle directional movement. Instead of binding around the ankle like high tops skate shoes they stop just below the joint. This tops them from imposing as a rigid material which takes extra force to mold and bend for movement.

Heel padding:
Another thing which is added in all Mid tops is Hell padding and extra cushioning around the opening. That is done to accommodate the lack of material around the ankle.

Premium skate manufacturers know you need stability while skating. To excel in that they have added cushion around the heel and Achilles’ tendon which acts as secondary High Top and makes Mid Top just as effective.


Another feature has been launched in New Mid Top skates that you most probably did not know. Roll up mid top skates have been introduced in the market that enable you to roll the padding around the ankle when you need it.
In case you are tired and want to switch to low top skates you only have to roll the material further to make it smaller!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are mid top skates durable?
Mid top skates are not as durable as high top skates however you can change that. The durability of skate shoes mainly depends on stitching and outsole. If the layers of the outsole are glued strongly then the skate is durable enough. Usually, the exterior of mid tops is flexible so lacks durability. You can add guard tapes to prolong the life of skates.

Should I use a mid top skate for my ankle injury?
Yes, you can use mid top skates because they will not press against your wound and help your recovery without taking a break. Although in that case I prefer high top skates as they are more stabilizing and give a better sense of direction.

Are mid tops skates considered boots?
If you are talking about hiking boots then yes. There are various types of skate boots however as long as they are lightweight, they can be used for both hiking and skateboarding. Make sure you choose the rubber and polyurethane coverage for outsole. A superior film for the outsole increases the functionality of boots.


I have mentioned the best mid top skate shoes after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of your mid top skate shoes.

If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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