Best Nike Skate Shoes 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Welcome to have the best Nike skate shoes 2021 that have padded sole, lace-up closure design, durable material, and great synthetic material. Nike has a good reputation in the whole world. And this brand has been making the best shoes to satisfy its customers.

Best Nike Skate Shoes


No doubt, Nike is an expensive brand, but it will pay the value by its incredible features. We have shortlisted some of the best Nike skate shoes. We have considered the price, features, sole, material, and padding while shortlisting some of the best Nike skate shoes. Have a look at the best Nike shoes in 2021.

List of Top 7 Best Nike Skate Shoes 2021

1Nike SB Zoom Stephan Janoski4.6/5 Check Price
2Nike Stephan Janoski Max5/5 Check Price
3Nike Sb Paul Rodriguez 95/5 Check Price
4Nike Check Solarsoft Canvas5/5 Check Price
5Nike Sb Dunk Low Skate Shoes4.0/5 Check Price
6Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro4.6/5 Check Price
7Nike SB Stephan Janoski Max L Skate Shoes4.6/5 Check Price

1. Nike SB Zoom Stephan Janoski – Elegant design

best nike skate shoes

Check Price

The Nike SB zoom Stephan Janoski is one of the best signature skate shoes. It is having the name of elite skaters. Stephan is the person who receives the most bet from those players who keep on perfecting their flips, grinds, and spins. Also, it has a marvel sole who spends a lot of time skateboarding.

However, the sole of this shoe combines the best facets of the original SB Stephan and Nike air max 1, although this shoe is best for all-day comfort with a good mix of midsole cushioning. And the outsole of this shoe is flexible enough. They offer men’s sizes from 4 to 14 and women’s 3 to 12.

Moreover, this shoe has an amazing breathable mesh upper that resembles the rose ones. Also, it has an air-sole bubble on the heel of the cushions the feet from impacts. But these shoes aren’t much affordable.

Lastly, it has a free outsole that grants optimum freedom of movement.

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Cushioning on the heels
  • Optimum freedom of the movement
  • No cons as such

2. Nike Stephan Janoski Max – Authentic & durable shoes

Nike Stephan Janoski Max

Check Price

Next up, we have the Nike Stephan Janoski Max, which is one of the most recognizable Nike shoes. After the Nike zoom air shoes, these are the best shoes. For instance, these shoes are best for kickflips, ollies, and ramp tricks.

Moreover, you can wear the Nike Stephan Janoski Max with any casual outfit. Also, it is available in men’s sizes from 4 to 14 US and 5 to 12 US women’s sizes. Plus, these dope Nike skateboard shoes have minimal styling and a lightweight design.

However, it offers a reliable grip and excellent board feel. Plus, these shoes are durable enough that could last for more than a year.

Consequently, these Nike sb shoes have long-enduring vulcanized sole. Also, these colors are available in white, black, and pink colors. And it has different shades of blue, brown, grey.

Lastly, the Nike Stephan Janoski Max is budget-friendly shoes and the best skate shoes.

  • Reliable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-enduring vulcanized sole
  • Different colors available
  • padding can be enhanced

3. Nike Sb Paul Rodriguez 9 – Comfortable durable

Nike Sb Paul Rodriguez 9

Check Price

The Nike Sb Paul Rodriguez 9is of the best Nike skate shoes. It is also known best for the material. And these shoes have the best cut. Also, it is having a mix of mesh and suede material.

However, these shoes have a well-engineered model that contributes to its lightweight and breathability. Plus, the P-rod Rad sneaker is weightless in the technology, which can be picked in men’s size from 8 to 12 and women’s from 9.5 to 13.5 US.

Moreover, Paul Rodriguez is available in red and black. Also, it has a hexagonal zoom airbag in the heel for bounciness. Plus, these shoes have a lightweight pylon midsole for impact absorption.

Besides that, it has good board control material and smart buy under 80 dollars tag price only, although Nike Sb Paul Rodriguez 9 is having a better cupsole at an affordable price. Lastly, it has an enhanced zoom air unit in the heel as well.

  • Hexagonal zoom airbags
  • Lightweight pylon midsole
  • Good board control
  • Affordable shoes
  • No cons as such

4. NikeCheck Solarsoft Canvas – High-density foam collars

NikeCheck Solarsoft Canvas

Check Price

The Nike Check Solarsoft Canvas is one of the best Nike shoes. It is supportive enough and keeps you stable in the tricky moves. Also, these shoes give you a cool vibe when you are off your board.

Moreover, the Nike Check Solarsoft Canvas might be one of the best suits your skateboarding tricks, although it is made from a long-enduring canvas. And these shoes are available from 5.5 to 12 US sizes for women. And men’s sizes are from 4 to 14 US.

Additionally, it has a hyper feel tech-integrated vulcanized sole. And the NikeCheck has light-colored design options.

Lastly, it has metal grommets that protect the laces from fraying. These shoes are available at a wallet-friendly rate.

  • Pig suede upper sole
  • Spongy and thick heel
  • Dual-density
  • Moderate collar padding
  • Padding on the tongue can be improved

5. Nike Sb Dunk Low – Authentic & imported shoe

Nike Sb Dunk Low

Check Price

Next up, we have the Nike Sb Dunk Low Skate Shoes. Also, it resembles the look of the late 1990s, and these shoes have slashed down collar height. And they have a low-top kick that encourages you to get bold and fearless by pairing with wide pants.

Moreover, these shoes are available from 4.5 to 12 US. And we recommend the wide-footed people to size up in half than their standard size. Moreover, it has a padded tongue and a cushiony collar. Plus, these Nike zoom shoes have an inner sole to protect the feet from impact.

However, the Nike Sb Dunk Low comes in several colors from diamond finishing and metallic swoosh color. Also, you can wear these shoes with any of the casual outfits. Lastly, these are the best Nike skate shoes on Reddit.

  • Affordable
  • Logo on the side of the shoe
  • Comes in popular colors
  • Not breathable enough

6. Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro Skate Shoes – Good for walking and skating

Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro Skate Shoes

Check Price

Some of the serious skaters prefer buying these shoes. And the Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro Skate Shoes are best for tricks and complicated flips. Also, these shoes are available in versatile colors. And the colors of these shoes can merge well with lots of casual outfits.

Moreover, the Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro is available in 4 to 15 US men’s sizes. Plus, it has a classy upper premium leather material and a mesh-lined tongue. And these shoes have a breathable material and full color that secures the foot and ankle.

However, it has a removable insole that delivers the maximum impact from hard soles. Also, these shoes are not much affordable.

  • Upper mesh sole
  • Breathable material
  • Padded collar
  • Removable insole
  • No cons as such

7. Nike SB Stephan Janoski Max L Skate Shoes – High top skate shoes

Nike SB Stephan Janoski Max L Skate Shoes

Check Price

We have the Nike SB Stephan Janoski Max L Skate Shoes. These shoes are best for doing risky tricks on the skateboard. Also, it will support your heel with padding.

Moreover, these shoes have different colors available. For example blue, grey, brown, black, and green. No doubt, the Stephan Janoski Max L has a classy interior and offers men’s sizes from 4 to 14 US.

Additionally, these shoes have a high price but the best material. Lastly, it has a mesh tongue and air sole to absorb the impacts.

  • Mesh’s tongue
  • Air sole bladder buffers feet from the impact
  • Expensive shoes

Best Nike Skate Shoes FAQs

Are Nike skate shoes worth buying?

Nike shoes are the best skate shoes. It has every element that fits for skateboarding. Especially, the board feels great style, good cushioning, and plenty of comfort. One of the best Nike shoes is the Nike SB zoom Janoski that is perfect for skateboarding daily.

The Conclusion

Now that you have read our review of the best Nike skate shoes, you’ll have an idea of how they are different from each other. Also, these shoes have an amazing grip that will allow you to do all the tricks with safety.

However, we recommend buying Nike Sb Dunk Low Skate Shoes and Nike SB Zoom Stephan Janoski. These shoes have padded sole for additional comfort, synthetic leather material, lace-up closure, and durable material.

Other than our suggestions, you can buy any pair of Nike shoes for skateboarding. No doubt, Nike is a well-known brand that makes the best products for its customers.

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