Top 5 Best Roller Skates Shoes of 2021 – According to Professional Skaters

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Roller skate shoes are back from the ’70s and it is time to gear up your old tricks!

Whether it is new or old sportspeople nowadays are still interested in watching skate tricks. They enjoy how their favorite skaters can maneuver the skate shoes to bring up unbelievable tricks.

Like any sport, skating is incomplete without a durable and agile pair of roller skate shoes. It may seem like this sport has come back to dominate the sports world but it was never dormant. Due to which there are quite a number of notable brands that continued producing one of the best roller skate shoes.

Before you jump in any further there are some facts you should be familiar with. How broad base roller skates are better? Which material to choose for wheels and the soles?

After spending hours watching the recommendations of professional skaters and co-founders of notable brands like LA Roller Girls Entertainment I have put forward a reliable list. To spice up your search I have added pros and cons for all skate shoes. This will save your time and energy. Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • C SEVEN -(C7 Skates Roller Skates)
    “As a returning retirement skater, I.e., haven’t skated since the late 1970s, I’m delighted with these skates. ” -Customer Review.
  • Chicago Women’s – (Premium White Quad Rink Skates)
    “The quality of the roller skate for the price is amazing. ” -Customer Review.
  • Rollerblade Inline Bladerunner -(Advantage Fitness Skates)
    “IMO these are great roller blades to learn with. I have a pretty wide foot and they’re pretty comfortable.” -Customer Review.
  • KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)
    “Great purchase. Got it as a gift and the recipient loved it! ” -Customer Review.
  • Chicago Skates Chicago Men’s  (Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate)
    “I just received my Skates and they are beautiful! ” -Customer Review.


1C SEVEN -(C7 Skates Roller Skates)4.7/5 Check Price
2Chicago Women's - (Premium White Quad Rink Skates)4.5/5 Check Price
3Rollerblade Inline Bladerunner -(Advantage Fitness Skates)3.9/5 Check Price
4KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)3.9/5 Check Price
5Chicago Skates Chicago Men's (Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate)4.4/5 Check Price

1. C SEVEN -(C7 Skates Roller Skates)

C7 premium roller skates are shoe wear suitable for indoor and outdoor sports. It is a must ride for hot summers when you want to feel a cool breeze while rolling. These skate rollers are suitable for girls and adults. The outer material is durable and versatile which gives freedom to easy ollies and backflips. If you are a casual skater with a great fashion sense these should be a must!
C SEVEN -(C7 Skates Roller Skates)

Premium Material:

The outside of C7 skate shoes is made of a carefully chosen material that stands its worth. The Faux leather is not only durable but gives you a great sense of control. It is attached with a lightweight material that balances out the restriction leather might provide. If you love your pair then the polished leather will make sure to increase its lifespan.


The urethane material added to the rolls of skate shoes is worth the ride. It is suitable for all types of terrains. Regardless of the soft trainers of your neighborhood, rough asphalt roads, or concrete, you can smoothly cruise through these paths. It is of medium hard strength so comfort is not compromised.

Fast movement:

The silhouette of Seven roller skate shoes is designed in a way that increases stability. Most beginners give up training in roller skates because they are unable to cover their speed. The modern engineering of shoes gives stability with a gradual increase of speed. You have complete reign over the control so high speed does not feel burdening.

Comfortable lining:

The interior of the shoes is lined with comfortable compressible foam. After a long day of skating the foam still remains fluffy and supple. That means whenever you pick up the skate shoes for a ride the inside will not disappoint. It gives a cloudy feeling that you can get used to.


Seven skate roller shoes are available in a variety of colors. If you are a fan of uniform color then you can have your pick. Floral printed designs for girls are accessible at affordable prices. With choices like this, you do not have to overthink buying a gift like this pair!

  • Ankle support.
  • Latest design.
  • High grip.
  • The wide diameter of shoes.
  • Best holiday gift
  • The stitching is not strong.
  • The skates rip off easily.
  • Outdoors is preferred over indoors.

Reason to buy

Skating has fluid like motion that exposes the skin of your feet to run against the fabric. This can cause further problems like blisters and corns. The comfortable lining of C7 roller skates ensures the skin remains protected against the soft fabric with a supple blood supply.

2. Chicago Women’s – (Premium White Quad Rink Skates)

Chicago women skating shoes are a blend of superior features. This company of roller skate shoes has come up with many solutions to your modern day skating problems. Not only that but the material for each feature of the shoes is handpicked for maximum security while skating. The high top design at the back is proof for ankle protection. The fitting lace system allows adjustment and leniency of tying the laces over injured areas of feet.Chicago Women's - (Premium White Quad Rink Skates)

High Top design:

While skating you need complete control over ankle movement because there is less walking and more rolling. The ankle joint might be a little restricted in this case. However, you get an additional blanket of security around the joint. The high top material that wraps around it is soft and maintains a position for smooth rolling.

Lace up:

One small slip and you can tumble over really bad while skating. That is why you need a high end adjusting shoelace system. With the right material and lacing technique, nothing can jar the adjustment. That is why Chicago women have used a special stretchable material for laces so your feet are not choking. The lacing system spans widely over the upper of shoes for maximum control.

Precision wheels:

The rolls of skates are made of anti abrasive material that lets them roll uniformly over rough surfaces. The wide width of the shoes gives you control and spans a larger area on the ground so you do not face any hindrance. The semi precision bearing keeps the wheels lubricated even after long hours of use. The rubble does not get stuck in the moving joints of the wheel easily.

Aluminum base:

The base of the shoes is made of aluminum metal. This metal is specifically chosen because not only is it lightweight but easy to handle as well. Aluminum can stand its worth against corrosion for a long time. The adjustable aluminum truck easily allows the wheels to turn around one point.


White quad rink skates are pretty affordable shoes as compared to the others mentioned on this list. You can easily buy an extra pair without worrying about the cost. However, it is the only pair in the collection with pink hot wheels that brings joy to a dull day.

  • Classic quad skates.
  • Efficient speed breaker in front.
  • Double adjustment.
  • Great starter shoes.
  • Aluminum base for wheels.
  • More suitable for kids.
  • The speed breaker is fragile.
  • Bolt threads are stripped after less use.

Reason to buy

Instead of shifting from shoes to shoes why do not you try the effective lace system of Chicago Women Roller Skates. It gives you advanced adjustments without the need for tugging on laces every few minutes of skating.

3. Rollerblade Inline Bladerunner – (Advantage Fitness Skates)

Rollerblade inline skates are recreational shoes specifically designed for women. Rollerblade has set the new trend by choosing rollerblades rather than traditional skating wheel patterns. This brings a whole new advantage to your skating because the inline wheels give you speed and comfort. They may seem like they are hard to get by but they are recommended for beginners!Rollerblade Inline Bladerunner -(Advantage Fitness Skates)

Shock absorption:

The base of the shoes is lined with shock absorbing technology so that while doing the tricks you do not lose your balance. Landing after a high jump should be done carefully because the wheels are ready to roll for forwarding movement. The shock can initiate an excessive movement that can disrupt your equilibrium.


The insole of the shoes is made of soft and contouring material. The special insole is added with heel and ball cupping for comfort and rebound properties. Even if you are rolling most of the time the leg movement can drain your energy quickly. The energizing insole gives energy to heels and the front of feet for all-day joy.

Blade runner wheels:

The blade runner wheels are added at the bottom of shoes in an alternating pattern that does not interfere with each other. The inline alignment allows you to get moderate to maximum speed with little effort. The narrowed down silhouette of the shoe cuts through the air resistance and gives propulsion to your movement.

Supportive shell:

The supportive shell around the roller blades gives additional protection. It makes sure that the wheels stay in place and do not move out of the pattern assigned to them. Distortion of shape can easily happen when you face a sudden boulder but supportive shells around wheels decrease the probability of that.


Rollerblade inline roller skates may tip the scale of being expensive however they are not overly costly. With the superior blend of such features, the price is worth every penny. These fitness roller skates like the previous pair are also manufactured in one color theme of pink and black hues.

  • Gives control of speed.
  • Blade runner wheels.
  • Durable material of shoes.
  • Supportive shell.
  • Lower center of gravity.
  • Sometimes they arrive in bad quality.
  • The wheels are misaligned.
  • The wheels are too hard.

Reason to buy

If you are tired of tumbling over your feet because speed is a milestone for you then the inline blade wheels of Rollerblade inline blade runner skate shoes are made just for you. The wheels hand you control and precision of movement that is hard to get by!

4. KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)

The classic four wheel Kyis cowhide roller shoes are made of bouncy gummy material that is a standard of Kyis roller shoes. You can take them for a ride in outdoor and indoor activities. The vintage heel along the back gives it an old vibe and a classy feel. The shoes are made of cowhide lightweight material that is easy to carry around and step into. The safety buckle installed in the interior of shoes makes the breaks in running smooth and quick.KYIS Cowhide -(Roller Skates for Women)

Ankle stability:

The ankle stability in this roller is given by a combination of two features. Soft padding with extra padding wraps wound the ankle and travels up to them a little below the calf. Along with this, the heel padding protects your heel. The Achilles heel is protected from sudden movement and the muscles can relax easily.


The addition of cowhide and suede makes the shoes look heavier. It is quite the contrary because even with a durable combination like that the roller skates remain lightweight. This specialty gives you more control over the movement without the heavy material dragging the shoes on the ground.

Bounce wheels:

Bounce traditional four wheels are ideal in skate roller shoes because they not only allow you to skate but take steps as well. You may not feel the need of taking steps while skating but over paths like stairs, the rollers will not stop you from taking easy steps. The bounce technology momentarily stops the rolls so you can take stabilizing steps.

Toe coverage:

The front of the roller skates is given a bootie-like construction with a double layered suede pack. This is specifically done to protect your toes from hitting the front. During an abrupt stop, the metatarsals can face a shock that disturbs the inter metatarsophalangeal joint angle. The double padding in front attenuates the shock.


Here comes the pair of roller skates that are available in more than one exclusive color. Kyis roller skate shoes are accessible in a blend of two colors. The yellow with the opaque green of wheels is a beautiful blend. If you are fond of green then there is another affordable hue just for you!

  • High top.
  • Covered in suede.
  • Double layered shoes.
  • Secure fit.
  • Unisex shoes.
  • They run a bit smaller.
  • You have to be careful in ordering size.
  • The shoes get dirty easily.

Reason to buy

Buying a shoe with suede covering is a great advantage for passionate roller skaters because the lightweight material lets you enjoy skating all day long. Kyis cowhide roller skates are lined with handpicked lighter material so you can move quickly and freely.

5. Chicago Skates Chicago Men’s  (Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate)

Chicago Skates Chicago Men's Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate - Classic Black Quad Skates

Lastly I have mentioned another Chicago skate shoe because it is impossible not to. These skaters are specifically designed for skaters who are fans of old classics converted into new innovative skates with better features. The aluminium chassis of this skate is lightweight and strong. not to mention the 58mm wheels that are moderate and covered with urethane layers. Most important of all is the rink design of skates that bring your tricks indoors.

Urethane wheels:
A moderate width is chosen for the wheels because they are better suited for the indoor activities rather than the outdoor. however if you want to skate outside you will be okay. the urethane material increases grip on the rinks and sidewalk. Not only that but it also gives high speed.

Precision bearing:
What little control you lost of the speed while roller skating can be maintained with the help of precision bearing. they are added to make your movement smooth and inline to body propulsion. The bearings are durable and help you reduce speed as you skate downhill.

Thick tongue:
To encompass the drawbacks of a sturdy material the thick tongues added at the upper area. The tongue wraps around the front of the feet giving protection and stability to the arch from above. Since the arch is essential in absorbing body weight and giving stability.

High top:
Paired with a strong lacing system the chicago skates give high top security. The additional material around the ankle gives stability. The influence of the high top skates spreads far below the heels so the whole log movement is interconnected. Furthermore the durable laces increase high top stability by ten folds.

Another best thing about Chicago Men skates is that they are accompanied by large front brakes that are quick to act. if you want sudden action while facing difficulties in rinks then tip your feet forward and the breaking action will immediately apply.

The polyurethane skates are available in a matte black color that can be paired up with any outfit. in the bright light of skating rinks they reflect light classically. To make it better these roller skates are budget friendly and easily accessible.

  • Anti corrosive metal tracks.
  • Adjustable stoppers.
  • Seamless material.
  • Lightweight skate shoes.
  • Additional padding.
  • The leather boots are stiff.
  • Restriction for movement.
  • The wheels are hard to adjust in the beginning.

Reason to buy

For vigorous professionals and long hour skate trainers, it is ordinary for the wheels of roller skates to wear down quickly. However, the same cannot be said for Chicago Rink Men skate rollers because the Nylon film on wheels paired with an aluminum base holds the wheels in place and makes them scuff resistant!

Things to Consider While Buying Good Roller Skate Shoes:

Useful information always leads to a successful bring. If you know what to search then you will not ace as many problems as an average person without a direction. The same is the case with roller skates.

With the wide variety, the world has to offer it is essential that you know your target. I have highlighted important features that must be present in all skate shoes.

Those features not only help with normal skating but brighten the day of a person that might have any foot deformity. Without any delay let’s find out which golden features should be there!

Suede material:

Time to talk about the material that gives a formal touch, sophistication, and an edgy outlook. About why you should choose suede material is for multiple reasons. Suede specifically is used because it allows adjustments in shoes easily. The interior can be easily stitched with extra padding for the toes and midsole.

Additionally, suede material can bring the best out of the notorious canvas shoes!


Finally, we talk about something that comes in direct contact with the arch and balls of feet. The midsole has a critical role to play in easing people with foot deformities.

It also smoothens the skating ride and flips for ordinary people. Apart from the outer material, the midsole should have to cushion for adding rebound properties to your running. The gel beads energize your steps and decrease the uneven body weight from hitting the body’s vulnerable spots.

Finding the perfect fit: 

The percentage of people who compromise the perfect size to save money is alarmingly high. Men purchase one size larger shoes, and similarly, women target smaller size shoes. To fit into the standards of beauty, you are further damaging your feet. A good fit should not be overlooked. The essential step of finding the perfect skate shoe is by starting through a size.

  • Height, Width, and Length: 

While examining the shoes, you should check all three dimensions. It will prevent you from buying too narrow shoes or a perfect fit but clinched in the toe area which could worsen hammertoes. You can ask the shoe specialists to help you measure your width to move in fitted skate shoes.

Shock absorbing:

Skate shoes should be shock absorbing because shock from the ground can all but take a minute to break your momentum and speed. Shock absorbers give you stability and let you continue your skating without interruption from the tremulous ground. That is why while buying skate shoes make sure there is shock absorbing padding but also the wheel center should be lower to get closer to gravity.


There should be no harsh or fishnet stitching for skate shoes. Sharp and non stretchable stitching does not only cause discomfort but can be dangerous for the material of shoes. It can rip through the material and destroy the balanced construction of shoes. Nylon stitching is ideal because it relents to force without distorting the assigned shape of the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I choose the right wheels for my roller skate shoes?

I will tell you two tips regarding two aspects of the wheels of roller skate shoes.

Wheel size:
I would prefer a smaller wheel size for beginners as you move toward the professional routine you can choose bigger and narrower skate shoes. This includes inline skating shoes with a narrow diameter.

Flatter shoes are for young children and adult beginners because the wider shoes the more surface area is covered. This increases the resistance because the flat side is in contact with the ground. Furthermore, it also increases stability and grip. Narrow wheels attain speed quickly as compared to wider flat wheels.

How do I break in my stiff roller skate shoes?

The first and foremost step is easier, you just have to give the shoe time. Start skating in the shoes a little bit to break them. Use them more frequently but stay indoors and try on carpeted floors in case you have to return them. The shoes will stretch but also to your specific adjustments molding to shoes of your feet. You can also use other methods to break in your skate shoes:

  • Heating:  

Heating works in expanding the shoes, especially the tight spots. You can use a blow dryer or steamer over the skate shoes. Make sure you are wearing skate shoes while doing that, so they fit perfectly. You will also know when to stop the heating.

  • Frozen water:  

Pour some water into a plastic bag and fill it to the expansion you want in the skate shoes.

Make sure you place it in the shoes and put the shoe and the bag inside the freezer. Let the water freeze overnight for expansion. Take out the bag. Dry the shoes and try them on for examination.

What are the accessories I should buy along with my roller skate shoes?

As far as accessories are concerned you can overlook some accessories but not all. Accessories smoothen your skating process and are Plan Bs in case your skate shoes are affected. The important ones that will come in handy are:

You can change the heels even in the least customized shoes. This gives you ease in adding wheels that are more suitable in regards of dimensions like width and size.

Breaks are adjustable and you can control how much you need to tilt your feet to get breaks. You can adjust breaks by using customized toe stops which are available easily. They are especially used in roller or quad skate shoes.

Laces can not only be changed for aesthetic purposes but also to modify fitness. They get damaged easily so an extra stretchable pair is always helpful.


I hope you have found what you were looking for. you can start by searching through the roller skate brands that I have mentioned. the search will be well developed and help you find the right match.

If you have any questions please ask. I will be delighted to answer.

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