Best Skate Shoes Brands 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Want to get statement shoes? Here are the best Skate Shoes Brands that speak louder than words. These brands are line up all-around comfort, style, flexibility, and support.

Best Skate Shoes Brands


You can choose your closed eyes. All of these brands complete your skating needs. Also, these are top-selling brands that provide the best skate shoes in 2021 ever. You can choose which fits your needs.

Let’s get started!

List of Top 9 Best Skate Shoes Brands 2021

1Nike4.8/5 Check Price
2Adidas4.6/5 Check Price
3Dc men4.7/5 Check Price
4Vans4.7/5 Check Price
5Etnies4.6/5 Check Price
6Globe4.5/5 Check Price
7Converse5/5 Check Price
8Lakai4.7/5 Check Price
9Osiris4.7/5 Check Price

1. Nike

Nike is one of the top leading brands which always makes you keep smiling. This brand offers the best Skate Shoes Brands and sets the tone for the boards. It comes with a massive range of different colors, patterns, and styles.

There is always a competition between Nike and Adidas. It is hard to say which one is superior, but both of them are the best skate shoe brands. So, don’t worry about picking either or both brands.

Well, Nike Skate Shoe brands offer innovation. It inspires so many famous athletes because it ensures the utmost effectiveness in each pair. When you wear skate shoes of this brand, you feel protection and comfort.

This brand is a bit younger than Adidas. It came into the market in 1964. Today, Nike is one of the brands which is holding a significant market share in the sport’s market.

Having a pair of Nike means you have all set for skateboarding. Well, it’s specialty is the material quality and innovative styles. There are so many reviews that appreciate its durability. The shoes by Nike can take at least two years as long as you purchase.

Currently, two pairs attract so many players. Their names include Sb Zoom Blazer and SB Zoom Stephen. These two pairs focus on delivering possible performance.

Lots of professional skateboards settle with Nike for their top competitors. The Nike pair can withstand resistance and lots of other impacts on external factors. It lets you enjoy street skating as long as you want to while feeling snug.

nike skate shoe

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2. Adidas

Adidas has no exception. It has 95 years of experience when it comes to the best brand of skate shoes. To date, this brand is known for its quality. It has earned the ultimate reputation in many player’s hearts.

This brand is quite apparent. It can’t let you go. Yet, it’s older but improved with the latest technology from time to time. That’s why everybody knows its name.

The skate shoes by Adidas are available in every reputable store. Just, you will need to avoid the counterfeit product. This brand never lets you down because of its unbeatable quality. It dedicates to your service with the quality sportswear ever.

Its top-selling shoes are the Busenitz and 3MC. These are known for their iconic features and unmatched performance.

There are so many of its pairs that produce exciting collaborations. Its pairs amazed you by giving a blend of classic and modern style. Yes, it brings the perfect look with advanced technology.

What else you need to know from the best skatewear brand? Adidas skate shoes have enough stock to choose from here. There are different colors as well as styles, individually.

Besides colors and styles, this brand offers a unique shoe’s bottom. Without a zig-zag pattern, its shoes added excellent traction. There is a circular design that locks onto your pressure points.

Additionally, its shoes offer extra dexterous movements. It ensures reliability, durability, and great performance.

Furthermore, the shoes of Adidas have a great rating in terms of fit-as-expected as well. Indeed, the Adidas shoes offer higher stability than you ever want in skate shoes.

It gives impact protection, heel to toe protection, and foot molding technology. Some of the best shoes by Adidas are Matt Beach, Mark Gonzalez, Dennis Busenitz, and more.

Adidas skate shoe

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3. DC Men

DC brand has been developing skate shoes for decades. Its kick design delivers maximum performance and enhanced player’s abilities on the board.

It is known for dedicated performance throughout the skating community for being a genuine brand. Since 1994, it has been stood in action sports. Damon Way and Founders Ken Block made sure that the label stayed true to its skate image.

Also, it has a massive collection of shoes known for durability, high-performance, and stylish. It offers lots of incredible choices for skate-inspired lifestyle kicks.

This brand creates the best skate shoes brand, usually for men. But It is also available for women.

All the shoes are built with durable construction. Generally, they run true to size. All sizes are available to find out the appropriate one.

Well, we like DC skate shoes’ durability. These are made of high-quality material. With the innovative structure and latest technologies, this brand offers high comfort, durability, and extra support.

Besides a long lifespan, their shoes are supportive of the toe to heel. For added support, they come with a rubber insole. Also, they have compression vents that help your feet to stay cool.

When it comes to the bottom, the shoes have a beaded rubber design. They offer full control of your board.

What’s else special about this brand? Its shoes are available to wear in many ways to style. These are highly versatile due to their sense of street style. You will get so many attractive colorways and neutral as well.

Some of its best Skate Shoes Brands 2021 are DC Wes Kremer 2 S, DC Cure, DC Legacy 98 Slim SE, and more.

Whether you want a pair of everyday’ clothes or a skateboard, it has covered you. However, DC stands for “Doors Clothing.â€

Dc Skate Shoe

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4. Vans

No words to describe Vans skate shoes, they offer unbeatable performance. It proves its dominant strength since 1996. The reason for its popularity is both the pro classic and pro skate series. Its shoes have top-notch quality.

The Vans’ shoes come in a range of designs and colors. If you take about the performance of Adidas and the efficiency of Nike, then Vans shoes are all about reliability.

This brand is offering double stitches that maximize durability. The shoes have a sturdy design. Indeed, it allows you to deserve the best for the money you paid.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro, the Vans completes all of your skating needs. If you are looking for stylish yet higher performance skate shoes, it would be the best choice for the best skate brands.

Moreover, it is offering lots of designs and colors so you can get what you are looking for. Its footwear delivers a stylish silhouette without compromising comfort.

Out of its best pairs, we liked Old Skool, Era, SK8-Hi, Atwood, Half Cab, and Authentic. It has a range of silhouettes, both for men and women.

Moreover, its pairs are available in men sizing most often than not. But women can choose 1.5 sizes down than their usual foot measurement from the men sizing to get the snug fit.

Besides that, the Vans shoes are made of canvas, leather, synthetic, twill, mesh, wool, corduroy, rubber, suede, and textile materials.

Additionally, it utilizes technologies such as MTE 360, Duracap, Wafflecap, Luxliner, and Ultracush HD sock liners.

This brand’s shoes are neater. Overall, it can take all challenges when it comes to the best Skate Shoes Brands.

Vans Skate Shoe

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5. Etnies

Indeed, Etnies is one of the leading brands when it comes to the best skate brands. It is a famous footwear brand since 1980. It was founded in Europe but grow rapidly in the US. Now, it is popular almost all over the world.

Like other top skate shoe brands, it is offering styles and colors to choose from here. It gives maximum comfort and pleasure.

We like the professional look of its shoes. It will be the best choice if you are a fan of skateboard sport. Also, it offers great traction. Well, its shoes have a low profile or mid style but give desired mobility.

Unlike other brands, this brand has limited design but with various size and color ranges. Also, this brand is known for its charity. It contributes to its sales and helps society, such as the “buy a shoe, plant a tree†campaign.

So don’t you take this chance to do some good deeds along the way?

This brand highlights the best of both worlds. It is offering a rubber cap sole with an injected EVA midsole. When it comes to the outsole, it has a grippy vulcanized feature.

Furthermore, the shoes are more versatile by having a nice look and high comfort. They ensure you are wearing a quality pair of footwear that properly cushioned your foot both for on and off skating ramps.

Besides that, its shoes clean up like a dream. It comes with tough material against dirt, so depending on the preference, you might go for it.

There are some examples of Etnies. These include Fader, Barge LS, JamesoneVulc, Kingpin, and more.

Overall, if you are looking for a lightweight, durable, and reliable pair of skating shoes, it will never want to take off.

best skate shoe brands

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6. Globe

Globe is another great addition to skateboard shoes. This brand offers the most stylish shoes which promote confident stride.

The shoes are completely padded and enhanced protection. The brand operates its factory to manufacture the skateboards and trucks that are distributed under Globe as well as Dwindle.

It’s clear to see Globe’s premium quality. This brand is perfect in terms of that true skateboard shoe style. It gives a durable midsole that is built to withstand the shocks and other awe impacts.

When it comes to sudden movements, it doesn’t disappoint you. With solid leather and synthetic construction, its shoes are designed to get the most stability on the board.

Besides, the Globe threw a one-of-a-kind S-Trac grip system for the bottom of its shoes. This feature is unique and makes shoes more perfect for skating.

Also, this brand is making the best Skate Shoes Brands for those who are light on their feet. It ensures comfort by giving a padded tongue and firm cushioning from the toe to the heel area.

This model comes in 20+ unique colors and a cool aesthetic look. It is a brand that covers quality products, and the footwear justifies itself with real evidence.

The skate shoes have a three-stripe design. With the quality material, its shoes are emphatically woven together so you can wear them comfortably.

Furthermore, they have a simple and low profile design. Despite that fact, don’t question its execution as well and adaptability.

Also, they are offering solid grasp and vulcanized cleats. Yet, it is the best skate shoes brands.

Besides that, they are set up with softened cowhide material, leather, and synthetic. Due to this reason, the shoes are sturdy and scraped spot-free.

Again, the popular three-stripe logo ensures great wraparound. Overall, the quality of shoes enables you to get the best understanding while skating. It ensures a spotless, dry material to dispose of the clean quickly.

Globe Skate Shoe

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7. Converse

The converse is a brand that you can trust. It has been developing its products since 1908. Though it is now become Nike’s subsidiary in 2003 but maintains its quality individually as one of the perfect options.

From time to time, this band went through radical changes. It is making shoes for the military to the artist stage and then now to the street. To date, it adapts goof with the latest tech and the custom styles as well.

Well, the Converse best Skate shoe brands are one of the best choices. It comes with a massive collection of shoes on the market. But it has an entire line dedicated to staking.

If you ever use the Converse stake shoes, you have felt its uniqueness and one-of-a-kind sensation. It expresses the performance. Besides, there is a huge range of designs as well as styles.

Well, there are some of its top-selling shoe names. It includes the legendary Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell series.

This brand made shoes from canvas or rubber material. The best Skate Shoes Brands are lightweight and flexible. It is providing great grip and traction so you can perform well.

Out of its amazing specifications, this brand offers no real cushioning inside. It lets you get blisters fast. So you can use them for walking for a few hours in your normal life as well.

It won’t regret investing your money. There are so many to feast your eyes on Converse stake shoes.

But Converse shoes are pretty flat, so you should make sure to get the best that fits your needs. Overall, the Convers brand is a symbol of creativity as well as self-expression. It offers durable and reliable skate shoes.

Converse Skate Shoe

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8. Lakai

Lakai is the best brand of skate shoes. It is offering sleek and simple design stake shoes with a low profile and vulcanized sole as well.

It utilizes the material from canvas and suede. Also, it depends on your personal preferences.

This brand is known for its streamlined shoe design. It is offering a reinforced top cap. This feature added protection from being targeted at a specific point, which is the most positive reason to see so many stake shoes.

Also, there are so many holes around the toe. It is repeatedly sliding against the grip tape during flip tricks. Their shoes also include a removable insole that can be customized and replaced based on your skating style. There are so many styles and colors available.

We liked Lakai because of its supportive features. It offers clean shoes that deliver extreme performance.

If you are on a bit more budget, the Lakai would be a perfect choice. It offers all the basic needs that you ever want in state board shoes.

What’s makes Lakai special? It offers stake shoes with rubber insole, wide outsole, but wonders simply walking on pavements as well. For enhanced grip, this brand offers a zig-zag pattern to grip on the board.

Besides, we suggest Lakai’s best Skate Shoes Brands that have wide feet. It accommodates wide feet needs properly. Overall, this brand is known for its comfortable shoes, regardless of how long you wear them.

Lakai Skate Shoe

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9. Osiris

Last but not least, Osiris is the name of reliability. This brand would be a great option while choosing the best stake shoe brands.

The main feature which you might not like is the bulkier look. But it is the best option who want cheap shoes that will stand long.

The Osiris offers you get additional heel support through a cup sole. There is include enough padding. It is perfect for skaters who regularly stake handrails or large ramps.

When it comes to the material for stake shoes, this brand offers leather and suede stuff. You can choose according to your preferences. Also, it offers a double stitched toe cap for added protection.

What’s more? This brand is offering reinforcement in the commonly-ripped toe area. This feature is most crucial when it comes to staking.

However, you will get stiff shoes so you won’t have much board feel. Besides, this might be a problem with some street skateboarders.

Out of its amazing benefits, this brand lets you get a ruggedly reinforced outsole. This feature ensures stability in road rash and some serious wipeouts as well.

Due to its excellent padding, this brand’s shoes offer a high level of comfort. Besides, if you are not a fan of the style, it will be a cool choice for you to choose one of these brands.

Furthermore, there are so many different styles available from this brand for skating users. If you want durable and comfortable shoes, we highly suggested the Osiris stake shoes.

Overall, the Osiris is a more affordable and long-lasting, reliable brand. But it is for those who are not too concerned with keeping up with all the latest shoe trends and styles.

Osiris Skate Shoe

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Best Skate Shoes Brands 2021 FAQs

Are skate shoes bad for my feet?

Stake shoes are designed for skaters regardless of how long you use them. These are designed to provide a too tight fit, which means that the friction factor is increasing. Asa result, the shoes can wear and tear. Besides, there are so many other aspects included ins skate pairs keeping you away from a bad experience.

But there are so many brands that use innovative technologies that offer great comfort without compromising fit. It makes it not bad for your feet.

How can I make skating shoes last longer?

Yes, you can make your skateboard shoes last long by proper caring.  You should not apply any extra fluid while cleaning them. But skate shoes tear soon because of the rough and tough sessions.

Which brands offer the best skate shoe brands?

Do skate shoes make a difference?

If the basic elements cut off, then the output would not be the same as you expect. As far as skating shoes, it is an art of controlling your movements more precisely. It is a fact that our feet can do wonders, but getting the best Skate shoe brands makes a great difference.

The stake shoe is designed to provide you the perfect grip so you have full control over your movements. It also reduces increases the friction so you will get better stability over the skateboard.

If you have not to skate shoes while skating, your feet experience sweat, impacts, and other conditions. You also don’t have a grip on your skateboard. Asa result, you will have a bad experience.

Above all, stake shoes do make a great difference. These are specially designed to give stability, comfort, and grip to get the best skating experience.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, these are the best stake shoe brands available on the market. It depends on you which brand you will like or which fits in your needs, but we assure you these are trusted and reliable brands out there. Besides, if you have any questions, drip it down.

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