Top 5 Best Skate Shoes for Kids 2021 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Let’s see how many adults other than professionals and die hard skateboard lovers skate? Probably not many! However, every other kid has a skater hidden in them.

Kids and teens are fond of skating because they enjoy how this sport coordinates with their adventurous and curious spirit. I remember my first skate shoe and how hard it was for me to decide which one to choose!

Today there are so many skate manufacturing companies offering the best skate shoes. It can get quite hard to decide which pair to choose. To make it easier, I have prepared a list of top brands with respective specific features. A description of all features is given to help you click with your pair.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • DC Kids Pure – (High Top EV Skate Shoes)
    “I haven’t stopped buying and will continue because it’s durable, beautiful, and fantastic looking. ” -Customer Review.
  • DC Unisex-Child Court Graffik Skate Shoe
    “They are nice shoes; I would buy them again but wouldn’t allow them outside play!!” -Customer Review.
  • PERSOUL Air Shoes – (Sports Athletic skates)
    “My son loves these, and they really do look like the name brand. They fit him comfortably and are true to size.” -Customer Review.
  • Adidas Unisex-Child Vl – (Court 2.0 CMF Skate Shoe)
    “They are so adorable and comfortable. I love that my grandson looks so cute in them!” -Customer Review.
  • Vans Kids Sk8-Mid – (Reissue V Skate Shoe)
    “Love them! Wanted strap on vans for the longest time but couldn’t find them anywhere. They are comfortable even for wide feet.” -Customer Review.

List of  Top 5 Best Skate Shoes for Kids 2021

1DC Kids Pure - (High Top EV Skate Shoes)4.8/5 Check Price
2DC Unisex-Child Court Graffik Skate Shoe4.6/5 Check Price
3PERSOUL Air Shoes - (Sports Athletic skates)4.6/5 Check Price
4Adidas Unisex-Child Vl - (Court 2.0 CMF Skate Shoe)4.8/5 Check Price
5Vans Kids Sk8-Mid - (Reissue V Skate Shoe)4.7/5 Check Price

1. DC Kids Pure – (High Top EV Skate Shoes)

DC Kid's Pure High Top EV Skate Shoes with Ankle Strap and Elastic Laces

DC shoes have won first place on this list because of their years of experience and their successful understanding of a child street style. They produce casual street skate shoes that appeal to the youth and set them at ease. The sole of these skates is thick and grips the skateboard broadly. Besides, the material is a mixture of durable materials that hold out against the odds. Not to forget the Velcro strap that increases stability by ten folds.

Padded tongue:
A padded foam tongue is added that is broader than an average shoe. Skate shoes are more suitable for skating than moderate walking or running. During skating, you face a lot of jarring movements on skateboards which can harm your joints. A soft padded tongue absorbs the shock effectively.

Mid top design:
The construction style of shoes is mid top which offers less freedom in movement than a low top but is better than a high top. The mid top does not completely restrict your movement. However, it keeps the ankle joint stable and intact with the Achilles heel muscle for rolling motion.

Elastic laces:
The laces of DC pure skates are long and elastic. You can easily span the upper of shoes and tie them around your ankle. However, make sure you use the proper lacing technique and tie the laces firmly so they do not come loose and tangle.

The mixture of material used for the outsole and the skate’s exterior coordinates with each other. The durable rubber and polyvinyl covering of the exterior keep the shoes intact, so they are not frayed at the first scuff from the skateboard or ground.

Good news for kids is that DC skates are available in more than twenty exciting colors. If anything, this factor will definitely appeal to them. Most shoes in the collection are affordable and easily accessible. They will bring the best out of your kids!

  • Toe cap overlay.
  • Extra durability.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • The straps tear easily.
  • check size chart before buying.

Reason to buy

One way to ensure fitness other than a good laceup is a padded tongue. The padded tongue of DC Kids skate shoes is thick and fluffy. It effectively covers the above of feet balancing out the hardness of skateboards!

2. DC Unisex-Child Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Kid's Court Graffik Skate Shoe

Here comes another pair of unisex DC shoes that are the epitome of class and low maintenance. Even if they are scuffed and worn down, they still do not look like they have seen harsh times. Your kids can explore to their hearts contact with the safety Court Graffik skates offer. The wide spanning laces at the top hold the sides of the shoes together. What more? The outsole is made of a resistant material that increases friction. The material is durable and flexible along the sides.

Lace up:
Unlike the previous pair, the laces are not as stretchable, but they make up for their relatively shorter length and broader diameter. You do not have to hassle with the laces because of their compact size. They can be easily knotted and thus give maximum fitness.

Slip resistant outsole:
It is not uncommon for the kids to slip off the skateboard. If the probability of slipping is high, you are likely to get injured. To remove that factor, Court skates have used slip resistant material for the outsole. It sticks to the skateboard and firmly forms a connection.

The material of the DC court shoes is softer and comfortable. It is added with extra cushioning that keeps the foot muscles protected all day long. Even after hours of practicing, your kid will not be scared of cramps as he takes off the skates.

Graffik skates may not be high top, but that should not stop you. To accommodate that, padding is used around the opening that wraps around your ankle and extends to your heels. The shoes’ back is soft and prevents the heel from slipping and damaging the musculoskeletal anatomy of the feet.

At the end the court DC skates are made in fifteen natural colors that are not too loud. It is a perfect pair for shy kids that do not like bright shoes. The natural hues will set you at ease immediately. Like the previous pair this one is also affordable!

  • low Top.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • Padded collar.
  • Comfortable inside.
  • Difficult to wash.
  • Ribbles make the inside uncomfortable.

Reason to buy

Are you scared that your kid might slip off his skateboard? Then worry no more because the slip resistant outsole of DC court skates is unmatchable. It keeps the tiny feet firmly planted to the skateboard even when you are going downhill!

3. PERSOUL Air Shoes – (Sports Athletic skates)

PERSOUL Air Shoes for Boys Girls Kids Children Tennis Sports Athletic Gym Running Sneakers


Thirdly the Persoul air shoes are the best kid friendly you will find. They have extra stability and breathable fabric that will make friends with your kid immediately. They will not be in a hurry to remove the skates. With over 1000 positive reviews, it is one of the best recommendations. The upper material of shoes is made of stretchable fabric that fits like a sock and is comfortable. Along with that, the thick outsole deflects shock quickly.

Air cushion sole:
The sole has unique technology installed named air cushion. Now the air cushion does not mean a softer insole but a compressible one. The air cushion helps your feet adapt to the feet while forming space that forms a barrier to the ground’s shock. After a high jump, your landing will be smooth and uniform.

Contoured insole:
More attention is paid to the inside of the shoes. The insole is contoured to support the arch of the feet. This effectively helps the arch muscles absorb and distribute the shock to the heels of the feet. This way, you can lift your feet and push with them without having to slow down.

Breathable fabric:
The exterior of shoes is made of porous material that stretches easily. It does not hold you back from twisting and moving your foot in a specific direction. While stretching, the pores open and allow an inlet of fresh air that keeps the feet dry and cool.

Here is another thing that sets these skates apart from the traditional shoes. It is rare to find a pair that can be used for skating and walking, and running. However, the insole and the upper air skates make all the exercises possible. Your kids can explore further by doing multiple tasks.

If your kids have saved a little money for their favorite air then this is their chance to make their tiny hearts happy. The Presoul skates have a diversity of options with more than six colors. All the shoes are covered in uniform colors and the bright pink and dark blue pair is hard to miss!

  • Rubber sole.
  • Air cushioning.
  • Skin friendly fabric.
  • Adjustable lock pads.
  • Available in exciting colors.
  • less durable material. Narrow shoes.

Reason to buy

The contoured insole inside Persoul Air Skate shoes gives a natural catalytic push for the movement during skating. It is attached right up to the arch and flattens underneath the toes so you can push against the skates easily.

4. Adidas Unisex-Child Vl – (Court 2.0 CMF Skate Shoe)

adidas Unisex-Child Vl Court 2.0 CMF Skate Shoe

My list would be incomplete if I did not add a pair of Adidas skate’s shoes to it. Not only does this brand dominate the other sports but a winner of skate shoes as well. The specifications of fitness, along with other measures, set them apart. There is no way you would make a mistake with the wrong pair from Adidas. The shaft measures 0-6 inches from the arch. Furthermore, the platform measures about 0-3 inches. Lastly, the heel measures are the same and in proportion with the platform measure.

Rubber sole:
You will not be surprised to know that skate shoes face many scuffing against the skateboard and ground. Due to which the outsole should be made of durable material. The rubber of the outsole is resistant to ground burns and increases friction, so the shoes do not rub excessively against a single surface.

Velcro straps:
Instead of the laces, the upper of Adidas is covered with broad Velcro straps. The two stripes are made and cover the maximum area. Instead of your kids getting frustrated with the laces they can quickly use straps for quick access to the skates. The straps do not wash down the kid’s excitement!

Wide toe space:
Adidas child VI has a broad front. During the forward push of the skate’s excessive weight is placed on the metatarsals, for which they need to stretch to accommodate the weight. The wide toe box gives room to the toe joints and prevents blisters’ formation on the toe pads.

Cup sole outsole:
Not only is the glue used, but the layers of the outsole are sewn together. This makes the advanced for absorbing shock from the ground. This also forms a firm surface from a high jump. However, there is a drawback the cup sole outsole might not feel so stretchable.

With a notable brand like adidas you would expect the prices to roof. However, that is not the case. Adidas unisex skates can be easily accessed online and they are affordable. If you want to give them to your kid then do not think twice and click for a useful purchase!

  • Shaft measures 0-6 inches.
  • Platform measures 0-3 inches.
  • Wide opening of skate shoes.
  • Synthetic leather.
  • T Toe design.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • Beware of the fakes.

Reason to buy

I cannot mention how many people have been dying to get Velcro straps on their skates. Well, good news this particular Adidas child skates have two thick straps that hold the material together and increase fitness.

5. Vans Kids Sk8-Mid – (Reissue V Skate Shoe)

Vans Kids Sk8-Mid Reissue V Skate Shoe

Vans skates have been tested by the RTP and RSA authorities. After enduring a lot of abuse, these skates have come victorious and intact. The black and white Vans kids are made of synthetic fabric layered with suede. The double layering makes them resistant and durable. Additionally, the combination of padded color and heel contours increases flexibility and support. The addition of a vulcanized outsole adds durability with a broader feel and more flexibility.

Vulcanized outsole:
To increase the rubber outsole’s life, an advanced technique is used that builds more robust chains in polymers. Vulcanized outsole is flexible because of the polymer’s gummy nature and hence preferable over cup sole giving freedom of movement while skating.

The material of the shoes is suede which is the best fit combination of leather and suede. Not only is it flexible but also breathable. Suede is also resistant to wear and tear. Unlike leather, it does not restrict foot movement.

Padded collar:
If you are scared of the brittle ankle bones of your kid, then you have every right to. At this growing age, you need to take special care. Worry no more because these skate shoes’ padded collar protects skin from damage and keeps the ligaments around the ankle bone secured.

It is a relief if your skates are lightweight. You will be handling the skateboard while pushing on the ground with the other one. If the skates are heavy, you could lose momentum and likely injure your front toes badly.

Vans balck and white kids are pretty expensive as compared to the other skates on this list. However, if you have money saved up then what are you waiting for, grab your kids and order as they are only a quick away!

  • Flexible skates.
  • Heel contours in the insole.
  • Vulcanized construction.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • Broad straps on the upper.
  • Velcro material peels off.
  • The skates are too snug.

Reason to buy

Vans kids’ skates are lightweight and flexible shoes that can be bent and make movement easy. The special lightweight material is added so you do not feel the shoes on your feet slowing your steps!

Things to consider while buying skate shoes for your kids!

Your kids will turn to you for direction!

Now is the time to puff up your chest because you will know a thing or two about skate shoes after reading this.
It is a guarantee that you will be able to avoid the most common mistakes made by buyers.

It is essential to understand and analyze what you are buying before making the final purchase. It gives you knowledge, better direction, or if there is any error, you can professionally handle it.

There are some features you cannot avoid with skate shoes. I have mentioned the reason why and how you should make a choice.

Read on!

Your first mistake would be choosing the wrong material. There is no denying that skate shoes face scuffing a lot. Due to constant rubbing, they are prone to quick wear and tear.

The ideal material for skates is stiff suede, full grain leather, and canvas. Canus is not as preferable because it gets worn quickly. However, it offers more flexibility and stretchability.

Another thing to look for is that there should be a double layering of material. Whether it is the same material twice or rubber coating, they work the same!

This way, even if the outer material is worn out, the inner layer maintains the shoes’ fashion, and they do not look worn out!

If the shoes lack fitness, then they are no good. It would be best if you have a fitness and snug feel because while pushing on the roller skate, you do not want your shoes to slip or fall off. Similarly, while landing, the same thing can happen, and it can cause a severe injury. Fitness charts are given along with the majority of skate shoes. Please take a detailed look and match the fitness with your previous skates.

There are two significant outsoles used for Skate shoes. They are the same for all the skate companies. The outsole’s main principle is that it should be wear and tear resistant and should offer significant friction against all kinds of surfaces. Besides, sole treads of different patterns increase the grip of the outsole. They can be broadly classified into two types:

Cup sole outsole:
Cup sole outsole uses hot glue and sewing for the assembling of layers of the outsole. That makes this outsole more durable and resistant. Cup sole is also broader than the other type. However, there is a drawback: it offers less flexibility. In movement, because of the thick outsole and more comprehensive feel, they ground you to the surface firmly.

Vulcanized outsole:
The vulcanized outsole is flexible due to its gummy polymeric nature. To increase the durability and stickiness, synthetic chemicals strengthen the cross link bonding of polymer. Because of this, they are not only durable but also softer and flexible. This increases the flexibility and bends angle of skate shoes. However, compared to the cup sole, this outsole is less durable.

Tongue and collar cushioning:
Cushion matters a lot in skate shoes because they are primarily for skating, which faces abrasion. Protector of tongue protects the ankle joint. Padding along the sides and insole covers the rest of the foot, including the arch, toes, and heel. Skate shoes are not mainly used for walking and running, so as compared to those, they have more layers of cushioning.

Toe caps:
As for abrupt breaks and pushing for increasing speed, toes have a significant part to play. This is why you need to protect your toes. A wider front with reinforced rubber and rubber toe caps are installed in most skate shoes. A wide area decreases friction and balances out the body weight by increasing the flex of the toes. While the rubber toe caps absorb shock and increase the break in period of the skates.

Do not forget that you are buying the skates for your kids. So, what more can you do?
You can buy aids for knee and elbow joints. Pads and arm guards protect the joint if your kid happens to fall over. That will happen a lot so instead of worrying, buy the aids that can save them. Do not stop them! Rather let them explore in safety!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Are skate shoes bad for feet?
Skate shoes have a role to play, and that should only be associated with skateboarding. Other than that, skate shoes do not offer much arch support and heel padding. Due to this, they are not suitable for doing other activities. They are also stiffer than an average shoe, so they drain out your energy quicker!

Are vulcanized shoes good?
Vulcanized shoes are a better option, and all the advanced skate shoes have vulcanized outsole. It is flexible and durable. The unique technology is used to thicken the cross links of polymers. Along with rubber, the polymer increases the vulcanized outsole’s elasticity, resilience, and tensile strength. Besides, they are easier to clean and are foldable!

How do you know when it is time to find new skates?
There are two significant signs of the skates dying. If you spot one of these, then you better start saving up!

  • If the padding of shoes is no longer thick. Walk in the skating pair and check if it has thinned out in some areas or you do not feel the cushion at all. It is no longer helpful because there will be no shock absorption and protection.
  • The state of the outsole determines the value of skates. Due to wear and tear, the outsole thins out or falls apart in fragments. A sturdy outsole made of rubber has a broader feel and a better feel of the skateboard. If the rubber is not sturdy enough, then time to change!

I have mentioned the best skate shoes for kids after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of your kid’s skate shoes.
If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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