Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Welcome to have the best skate shoes for wide feet. And if you have just started skateboarding, you might not have an idea of how essential the right skate shoes are. And if you aren’t wearing the right pair of skate shoes, there are many chances that you can hurt your feet. The best skate shoes can enhance your performance and give you the best grip. Also, those people who have wider feet must be more cautious about buying skate shoes that fit them well.

Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews 2021

Here we have some of the best skate shoes for wide feet 2021 that allow you to do several tricks. However, there are several options for skate shoes that might confuse you. But we have the best skate shoes for wide feet in our review. Plus, these shoes are popular all over the world.

So let’s delve into the best skate shoes of 2021.

List of Top 6 Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet 2021

1Adidas Men’s Busenitz Wide4.5/5 Check Price
2Adidas Men’s 3ST.003 Wide5/5 Check Price
3Adidas Kids Jr Adipower Boa Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price
4Osiris Men’s Clone Skate Shoe4.4/5 Check Price
5DC Men’s Pure High Top Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price
6DVS Celsius Trainers Men Grey Low Top Trainer4.5/5 Check Price

1. Adidas Men’s Busenitz Wide Skate Shoe – 100% Leather Sole

Our top picks are the Adidas busenitz skate shoe. And it will make your skating more enjoyable. Also, these shoes are one of the best skate shoes for wide feet. And Adidas shoes have a great reputation in the industry, and many athletes recommend buying this shoe.

Adidas Mens Busenitz

Check Price

Physical Outlook
Nike Busenitz is a clean and basic pair that is available in two colors. It has an upstanding silhouette at the bridge of the shoes. Besides this, the front covering the toe area is seamed with thick padding. Additionally, the outsole is uniformly thick. The best part is the iconic Adidas stripes that are a present in this pair as well. These weigh 15 ounces with dimensions 12.3 x 8.2 x 4.8 inches. 


Moreover, these skate shoes are not much cheap. And it has a durable material as well as long-lasting construction. Plus, you can buy these skate shoes for having the most comfortable feel. Also, you may buy these shoes for wearing all day long. Plus, Adidas is one of the best brands that meet all the needs for skateboarding.

As if that’s not enough, this skate shoe for wider feet has a thick padded sole. Also, the cushioning in the sole can absorb the impacts from the harder surfaces. Plus, Adidas has a stiff sole that will stick to the skateboard with incredible grip and support.

We recommend buying these skate shoes for doing all the tricks and flips. Besides, you can wear these shoes for hiking, walking, as well as for cycling.

Best of all, these shoes have a custom fitting, and you will have several colors as well as sizes available in it.

Lastly, these best skate shoes for wide feet are a bit tight, but they will give good fitting once you wear them for a few hours. And these are the best skate shoes with arch support.

  • Synthetic, rubber, and leather sole
  • 100 percent imported
  • The shaft of this shoe measure a low-top from the arch
  • Expensive shoes
  • Hard material.

Reason to buy

Adidas Busenitz is meant to be worn all day long so you can enjoy skating freely. The leather upper is not only durable but easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, leather in scuff prone areas is a huge relief as you are less likely to face burns.

Customer’s Perspective:
Customers have enjoyed the performance and the comfort offered by this Adidas pair. The purchase on this collection has been high because of the affordable price and their long life. However, the only thing that is annoying is the tongue that is too long. Even with wider feet you might have to trim it a bit to your taste.

2. Adidas Men’s 3ST.003 Wide Skate Shoe – Lightweight midsole

Are you doubtful of buying Adidas wide skate shoes made with suede material? And you may wonder that these shoes may peel off. But Adidas will never let you down. Adidas is one of the best materials that last long. Also, the durability of the shoe depends on how often you wear them. Also, these skate shoes by Adidas have imported material.

Adidas Men’s 3ST.003 Wide Skate Shoe

Check Price

Physical Outlook
Adidas 3ST is a comfortable and the softest shoe. It feels like heaven against your tired wide feet. The upper is made of silkiest suede and woven material that gives a sock like feeling. It envelops around your toes so there is no deformation. It helps that the tongue is foldable and you can extend it. These weigh 3 pounds with dimensions 12 x 9 x 5 inches.


Moreover, this shoe has a suede and woven material. Also, it has incredible construction that will give you the best fitting and support. Plus, this pair of Adidas is similar to the busenitz. And we recommend this pair of Adidas shoes to the beginners who have just started to ride a skateboard.

Consequently, these skate shoes have an attractive design. Also, the outer sole of the shoe has an excellent grip at the heel. Plus, the padded tongue makes them stand out from all other skate shoes. Also, the Adidas shoes come in several sizes for people who have wide feet.

Best of all, these shoes have a flexible material to provide the best grip. Also, it has a woven upper kit and enough cushioning at the back of the shoe. Plus, these shoes have a lace-up closure for easy and quick wear.

Lastly, the Adidas shoes have rubber material on the panels for extra durability.

  • Synthetic and suede material
  • Upper sole is durable because of suede material
  • Lightweight midsole and durable sock liner
  • No cons as such
  • Strong lace up that is hard.

Reason to buy

All that foam and woven textile is not for aesthetics in our Adidas 3ST skates. The thickness enhances the support of the midsole making it lightweight, compressive and shock absorbing. Moreover, the wider part of your feet is planted on the softer material of the midsole.

Customer’s Perspective:
This shoe is significantly more cushioned as compared to the competitors, making your wide feet feel more secure and attached to your board. You do not need to use shoe goo on the upper because the Ollie bumper worked. Many customers enjoyed how they can adjust the look of the tongue by flicking it up and down.

3. Adidas Kids Jr Adipower Boa Skate Shoe for Wide Feet – Imported & Synthetic Sole

Next up, we have the Adidas kids JR boa wide skate shoe. It had high-quality and incredible construction. Also, you can have the best-designed skateboard shoe. And these shoes have durable soles.

Adidas Kids Jr Adipower Boa

Check Price

Physical Outlook
Adidas Kids is the most protective shoe on this list. Not only does it look different but has technologies that ensure your kids smoothly sail through their skate journey. The upper is synthetic and padded. However, unlike the traditional lace up it has Velcro adjustment. The outsole is yet not the same with 6 cleats that have bounce ability. These weigh 8 ounces perfect for tiny feet with dimensions 10 x 10 x 48 inches.


However, Adidas shoes will offer the best protection for the kids. So if your kid has just started riding a skateboard, then buy these shoes. Also, these shoes have imported quality. Let us tell you again that these shoes are for the kids who have wide feet.

Besides, the Adidas kids JR boa skate shoes are available in two different sizes. One size is 6-8 years old, and the other one is for 8 to 12 years. Plus, you can buy these shoes for your kid as a birthday gift.

Consequently, these best skate shoes for wide feet have a synthetic upper sole that is water-resistant. Also, it offers ultra-light cushioning and support. And these shoes have a size – outer cleat sole for amazing balance.

Lastly, these shoes can prevent leaks of power. And Adidas are the best skate shoes with arch support.

  • 6-cleat outsole for the amazing balance and comfort of the user
  • Synthetic upper sole
  • Water-resistant with amazing protection
  • Doesn’t offer the best grip
  • The foaming is too soft.

Reason to buy

Who would not wish to master their passion overnight? Probably, no one. So is the wish of tiny hearts. Now they have the chance to act on it with Adidas Adi power Jr skates that have performance as well as the looks. The special outsole grips the skateboard and gives a bounce so you have natural propulsion.

Customer’s Perspective:
According to our survey many customers ordered these in a larger size so that your little kid can wear them for a longer period of time. They will be absolutely smitten. We recommend you slip these right on, twist to tighten, pull the knob up to unlock, and it slips right out. It makes kids feel like a true golfer.

4. Osiris Men’s Clone Skate Shoe For Wide Feet – Durable and water-resistant

The Osiris men’s skate shoe is available in several colors, and it provides the best support due to its incredible grip. So if you are searching for a skate shoe that offers comfort and support, then these are the best buy.

Osiris Men’s Clone Skate Shoe For Wide Feet

Check Price

Physical Outlook
Osiris is that brand for which you get to choose how you want your skate to be. The designs range from fashionable to minimalist. The upper is a synthetic leather with additional properties. Moreover, the additional fabric overlay increases resistance in multiple aspects. The platform outsole is uniform and thick. These weigh 2.49 pounds and are 17.56 x 10.39 x 4.8 inches wide.

Moreover, these shoes have artwork design on the shoes that makes the shoes more eye-catching. So if you need a comfortable yet breathable shoe then buy Osiris, best of all, these skate shoes will keep your feet dry even in the summers.

However, the Osiris skate shoes have cotton padding on the tongue to support the feet in accidents. Plus, we recommend buying these shoes for beginners because they offer extra protection. And those people can buy Osiris skate shoes which are always trying new tricks and flips.

As if that’s not enough, this shoe will provide additional balance while riding a skateboard. And these shoes have amazing quality. Also, it has a logo on the tongue of the shoe.

Lastly, these shoes are 6 inches above the arch approximately. Also, Osiris has an iconic style and superb durability.

  • Iconic style, 100 percent synthetic, and rubber sole
  • Imported shoe and lightweight design
  • Padded tongue for additional support and performance
  • Comfortable and abrasion-resistant outsole for durability
  • No cons as such
  • Less padding in the heel area.
  • Fall apart sooner than expected.

Reason to buy

Skate on near beeches without worry of water or the dust being a part of skateboard ride. The resistant sole and overlays in Osiris skates repel water so while you accidentally step in water you will not have soggy, wet feet. That also means you get to keep your skates around for longer.

Customer’s Perspective:
Osiris Clone skates not only look wonderful, but they also feel great. For skaters with wide feet, we find that the normal stylish basketball shoe or tennis shoe does not fit your feet well, and after a few months of using them, the shape of your feet takes over the shoe. However, the “new,” “fresh” look of your relatively new shoes vanishes quickly. Yet you can stand flat footed in these and the shoes do not change shape.

5. DC Men’s Pure High Top Skate Shoe – Imported

Next, we have the DC men’s classic high top skate shoe for wide feet. DC is one of the best brands of skate shoes. Also, it has a good reputation in the market for shoes. Plus, these shoes have a high top that will give extra coverage to the heel.

DC Men’s Pure High Top Skate Shoe

Check Price

Physical Outlook
DC men’s street style high top skate shoes that will go with almost all your outfits. It is a master shoe for the beginners that are learning the initial ropes. You can choose between several styles but what remains unchanged is the padding around the opening. The lace up is long for custom fitness. On top of this the outsole is a thick cup sole. DC Pure weighs 6 pounds that is lighter than Adidas Adipower (Dimensions 13.8 x 9.9 x 5.1 inches).

Moreover, these shoes are best for skating as well as for cycling. Also, you can wear these shoes with any casual outfit. Plus, the DC men’s classic high top skate shoes have well-rounded padding on the collar and tongue. And they will support the feet well and absorb the impacts as well.

The best thing about these shoes is the upper textile design. Also, these skate shoes for wide feet are breathable. And DC will keep your feet free of sweat. Plus, these shoes have a durable rubber sole, and it has a pill pattern as well.

Consequently, you will have a great board feel as well. Plus, DC is one of the best skate shoes that gives amazing grip and heel support.

Lastly, these shoes have a 100 percent fabric textile. And the DC is the best skate shoe for wide feet.

  • Rubber sole and 100 percent textile fabric
  • Mesh lining for amazing breathability
  • Pill pattern tread
  • Bulky skate shoes.
  • Shipping issues.

Reason to buy

Buy an imported and good quality skate shoe they say. Well, this time it stands true because the DC skates are rarely damaged. The stitching and gluing is done precisely so they can stand hours of abuse. You are more likely to enjoy this pair for more than 3 years. Additionally, these are stylish and attract eyes!

Customer’s Perspective:
One best thing that won over 78% of the customers was the fitness technique in DC men pure skate shoes. The different placement of end eyelets is helpful. They attach the sides to the middle so the shoe remains tight but not too tight for wide feet. Additionally, the extra padding makes it less likely for the feet to poke out. However, there have been complaints about the shipping issues.

6. DVS Celsius Trainers Men Grey Low Top Trainer – Comfortable

Lastly, we have the DVS trainer’s men’s grey shoes for wide feet. If you are hunting for solid and durable shoes, then DVS is the best buy. Also, this company is making the best skate shoes. And a DVS is a famous brand worldwide. Plus, these shoes will enhance the experience of skateboarding.

DVS Celsius Trainers Men Grey Low Top Trainer

Check Price

Physical Outlook
For the wide feet the DVS skate shoe appears to be extremely durable. However, because the internal padding is softer and stretchy, this could not be further from the truth. The sides of our previous Adidas pair are similarly thicker. The leather shell extends the life of the shoes, while the synthetic outsole improves skateboard traction. These are 3 ounces in weight and are 15 x 10 x 8 inches in size.

Moreover, these shoes have a dynamic design. Plus, the insole ensures the comfortability of the rider. Also, this shoe has enough padding on the tongue and collar for additional support. And you can wear these shoes easily for several hours.

Consequently, these shoes have a durable material. And if you love doing stunts and tricks, then buy these skate shoes.

Lastly, the DVS skate shoes for wide feet are durable as well as reliable to keep the feet secure and well- balanced.

  • Rubber and imported sole
  • Comfortable and durable
  • 100 percent leather
  • Less akle protection.
  • lacks hard side panels.

Reason to buy

From the opening to the toes the high and thick padding covers wide feet like a pro in DVS Celsius shoes. Due to the high coverage, there is a less chance of you developing further problems associated with the wide feet. Additionally, the dip in the outsole is something to look forward to because it gives the arch elevated height for complex skate tricks.

Customer’s Perspective:
The shoes have provided skaters new support, according to the majority of buyers. They may be relied upon to perform elevated flip stunts without causing damage to your toes. They are, however, rather difficult, and you must land carefully. Furthermore, they are not difficult to break into.

Things to consider while buying Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet – Buyers Guide

Can you imagine that you just walked right by the skate pair that could have been your best bet. However, due to lack of knowledge and experience you were again trapped under the glamour of the skate that poses the same issues as the previous one.

To help you overcome the problems we have listed down some of the essential features that will help you buy a compatible skate pair for your wide feet. These include lightweight, breathable, durable and stable skate pair features.

Let’s get started!

Shoe Cut
The breadth of the shoe cut is perhaps one of the most crucial factors to consider. This area cannot be too narrow if you have wide feet. A broader cut may provide less stability for narrow feet, but this is not the case for you. It will hurt if they are too narrow, and there is no way to break them in.

Lace Up
There are multiple lacing combinations but you have got to try our pro wide lacing method. Not only does it take care of your feet but protects the shoes as well. Do the Criss Crossing near the ankle and leave the eyelets facing front alone. You can clinch the laces for custom fit but do not go too tight as it is damaging for the skate shoes.

Stability is one of the most important characteristics to look for in a skate shoe. It’s more difficult to accomplish tricks and you are prone to making mistakes if your feet are all over the place in your shoes. Runners, for example, are well-versed in pronation (natural foot movement), which is required to absorb shocks.

Skate shoes develop a terrible odor with time, which is difficult to avoid. You sweat a lot, and your feet sweat even more, so don’t wear your skate shoes around your crush, and if you must, leave them on! It’s not only about the fragrance; choose shoes with adequate ventilation.

Cupsoles are often a little thicker than vulcanized shoes, and they are more durable and supportive. They also handle impacts better and provide superior arch support. You will, however, face less board feel. Because the sole of the Vulcanized is more flexible and thinner than that of the cups, it provides significantly more board feel.

Choosing a right skate shoe width can be a challenge, knowing your feet width and compatibility with shoe brands is essential. This way you are less likely to make a mistake. Let me tell you why. There are 4 common skate shoe widths that can be spotted rather easily; the D and E are easier to find and common so there are less fitness issues.

However, more than that like 2EE and 3EEEs are not as common. As you start rounding up to higher levels finding the shoe becomes nearly impossible. You might have to customize your shoes or move out of the regular skate shoe brands to find the right pair. We suggest looking among the wide shoe brands we have recommended stick to that brand for years to come unless you find another good pair.

Best Skate Shoes For Wide Feet FAQ’s

What Are The Benefits Of Having Wide And Big Feet?

The bigger feet naturally mean that you have an energetic personality. And you can balance better with wider feet size. Also, you will be able to kick in a better way. Also, people with wider feet perform better than smaller feet.

Is It Fine To Touch The End Of The Shoes?

No, your feet shouldn’t touch the end part of the shoes. If they do touch, you cannot walk much comfortably or play. The toe area and tip of the shoes shall have some extra space to curl up the toe comfortably.

Can I wear normal skate shoes with wide feet?

Choose medium-width shoes that are at least one size larger than your regular shoe size. Many styles can be purchased in a larger size as long as they are comfortable and do not slide off your heel. Make sure your laces are securely fastened.

How wide is EE skate shoe width?

Shoes with an EE width are normally between 4.4 and 4.9 inches across; however they can be anywhere between 3.4 and 5.4 inches wide.

Should you size down in wide fit shoes?

In normal sizing, shoe size and shoe width are proportionate, thus large shoes may run a little wider than necessary if you have long, narrow feet. However, choosing a larger shoe size simply for the goal of achieving a wider fit is not recommended, since this could result in a trip hazard.

The Conclusion

Finally, after having a look at the best skate shoes for wider feet, you’ll be able to decide on one for yourself. We have mentioned much detail about each skate shoe with its negative and positive aspects. Also, our team has done a lot of research to find out the best pair of skate shoes.

We suggest buying the DC Men’s Pure High Top Skate Shoe, and Adidas Men’s Busenitz Wide Skate Shoe. These shoes have the best sole and offer amazing grip as well as support. So get ready to have the best riding experience.

Thankfully, the best skate shoes for wide feet review will eliminate the problems of many people. And we have also considered the reliable and reputable brands of shoes available on the market today.

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