Top 6 Best Slip on Skate Shoes 2021 – According to Professionals

Every skateboarder needs a slip on skate shoe in their wardrobe.

If not for the quick access, then you can benefit from the low top construction!

Not to mention it saves you the hassle of lace adjustment till you get the right knot.

Slip one skates are designed to create ease and almost have the same features as a regular lacing shoe.
Instead, the quality depends on the stretchable elastic panels along the sides of the skates.

Now how will you determine which shoe is worth your time and experience?

Not to worry because I have assembled a list of the best slip on skate shoes. All the products have been tested by me and after hours of research and personal experience, I have mentioned them here. Furthermore, you can read the description to satisfy your arising questions.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • DC Men’s Villain 2 Skate Shoe
    “These shoes are stylish and comfortable. I bought them specifically for skating so that I could look good in what I wear, and because of their easy slip-on/slip-off capability. -Customer Review.
  • Konhill Men’s Breathable Skating Shoe
    “If you want good looking lightweight slip on sneakers these fit the bill.” -Customer Review.
  • Etnies Men’s Langston Skate Shoe
    “My son uses them to do Freestyle with his skateboard and tells me they’re very comfortable.” -Customer Review.
  • Emerica Men’s Wino G6 Slip-ON Skate Shoe
    I had a pair of red sneakers I wore out. Couldn’t find any that seemed as good, until these. They fit perfectly and they are my new favorite pair of shoes. -Customer Review.
  • Vans Women’s Slip On Skates
    “Easy on, easy off. Keep a pair by the door. Very comfortable. Simple styling. Great lounging, casual shoes. Great for skateboarding.” -Customer Review.
  • Vans Classic Slip ON Skate Shoes
    “Been wanting these for a while now & my husband finally got them for me for Christmas! I wear them every chance I can get & they are very comfortable.” -Customer Review.

List of Top 6 Best Slip on Skate Shoes 2021

1DC Men's Villain 2 Skate Shoe4.5/5 Check Price
2Konhill Men's Breathable Skating Shoe4.2/5 Check Price
3Etnies Men's Langston Skate Shoe4.2/5 Check Price
4Emerica Men's Wino G6 Slip-ON Skate Shoe4.6/5 Check Price
5Vans Women's Slip On Skates4.4/5 Check Price
6Vans Classic Slip ON Skate Shoes4.5/5 Check Price

1. DC Men’s Villain 2 Skate Shoe

DC Men's Villain Shoe Skate

The first shoe on my list is DC Men skate shoe and rightfully so! This skate shoe has the best combination of material and lining. DC has years of experience in producing ideal slip on skate shoes that have a high satisfaction rate. Not to mention the inner lining that is soft and comfortable. DC has not forgotten about the front because of the addition of impressive moccasin toe capping. The black classic is a must addition to your wardrobe.

Rubber sole:
The best way to protect the skate shoes against scuffing is the addition of strong and durable material. What else is more reliable than a rubber base. The outsole is made of durable rubber that is elastic and resistant to scuffing against the ground and skateboard surface.

Nubuck upper:
To top off the durability in the exterior nubuck material is used. Nubuck is like leather with a great strength that increases the life of skate shoes. Not only that but this harder material is a great balance for the inside soft lining it maintains the grip you desire in your skate shoes.

Mesh lining:
The inner mesh lining feels heavenly against your skin. Your feet face as much rub as outside. An ideal and comfortable mesh combination can save you a lot of pain. The constant rubbing can form blisters that are painful and damaging for an active skater. Furthermore, the lining is smooth and uniform.

Moc toe slip on:
The occasional cover across the toes saves the toe pads from injury. With a reliable moc cover, you can experience skating across multiple surfaces, the thickness of moc is designed to be adaptable to all kinds of surfaces. It can be made in perfect use for outdoor hard surfaces though.

You will be happy to know that DC Villain is available in more than a basic black color. The red and grey shades are soothing to the eyes. They are a good choice for minimalist people. Not to mention the various designs of upper you can choose from. They are available at a wide range of prices from affordable to expensive.

  • Low top skates.
  • comfortable interior.
  • The rubber is wear resistant.
  • gives the ankle freedom to move.
  • Extra supportive.
  • Their quality has taken a step back.
  • Need to order a size or two larger.

Reason to buy

DC Villain skates is a reliable choice because of the sturdy and strong exterior. The full grain organic leather not only makes the skates look esthetic but also saves you from the trouble of quick wear and tear.

2. Konhill Men’s Breathable Skating Shoe

konhill Men's Breathable Walking Shoes

Konhill Men’s skate is a shoe that does not need any second thought. One look at the construction and you will understand the need for this skate in your life. It has the breathability that rivals sneakers and the durability of a tennis shoe. You can use this versatile skate for a variety of skate tricks. Furthermore, the outsole is covered with a stretchable polyvinyl cover that is suitable for multiple terrains. The micro vent holes on the exterior add to the fashionable look.

Durable material:
The durability of the material depends on its resistance against the wear and tear it faces. Konhill outsole has made its customers proud with its defense against scuffing. The rubber is not easily damaged and gives the best performance and grip against all kinds of surfaces.

The shape and fitness of the shoes makes them versatile and suitable for different surfaces. You can use it for ninth indoor rink skating as well as outdoor hard rocky paths. The external material and the inside of the shoes are lined with a combination of breathable and soft materials.

Even with a double layered outsole and diversity of external material the shoe is light in weight. The materials are designed carefully to not add to the weight of skates. They should be lighter so you can easily push against the skateboard. Heavyweight shoes will only drag your feet and hurt the ankle

Cooling insole:
The insole is lined with a cooling gel like material. It keeps the feet cool and dry. The constant rubbing and hours of skating practice can raise the temperature of the shoes that will not only damage your skin but also the rubber of the outsole. The cooling layer of insoles maintains a constant temperature.

Electric midsole:
The electric midsole of Konhill breathable skate is designed to absorb shock from the ground. It breaks the upcoming shock weaves after you do backflips into even weaves across the foot sole. After the breakage of weight, you do not feel pain and landing on a hard surface.

It is a great opportunity to grab a shoe that is probably the most affordable on this list. The best part is that it has more than eighteen amazing colors and designs. For a low budget shoe, Konhill men skates have given skaters a variety of options to enjoy.

  • Smooth slip on closure.
  • Elastic topline.
  • open cell exterior.
  • Keeps the feet cool.
  • Knit expandable upper.
  • Suitable for summers.
  • Get dirty easily.

Reason to buy

Nothing brings a greater relief than a midsole that protects the shoes from shock waves. Instead of worrying about the high jump landing that can disrupt your feet and balance the midsole of Konhill men skates does the opposite. It energizes your move for a healthy skating spirit.

3. Etnies Men’s Langston Skate Shoe

Etnies Men's Langston Skate Shoe

Langstone is yet another impressive design put forward by the renowned skating brand Etnies. They have revolutionized their skate shoes according to the need of advanced skaters. This brand which is gaining fame is reliable and affordable. The elastic material for easy slip on is strong and maintains its worth. Alon with that the stretchable outsole makes the skate shoes bendable that is a huge relief for vigorous professional skaters.

EVA insole:
EVA is a reliable option as compared to synthetic rubber for the insole. It has plastic like consistency and when you step on it the insole fits right under the arch. It gives support and helps the skaters balance out their body weight on the sole of the skate shoes. Additionally, it absorbs excessive shock.

Elastic Goring:
The reason to choose a casual slip on the performance of elastic goring. A thin elastic goring is used along the adjacent sides of the opening of skates. It is made of uniformly distributed elastic fabric that easily relents against the slightest of a push but retains fitness throughout the day.

Raised foxing:
Foxing is a material between the sole and the upper and it combines the joint of the vulcanized sole with the exterior of shoes. The foxing of Etnies men skates is of the same color as the outsole to give a polished look. It wraps uniformly across the upper and keeps the skates firmly joined at the seams.

Slim fitting:
Langston skate is a slip fit skate that is probably a good thing because of the slip on construction, if there is any chance of slipping or compromise of fitness it is removed now. They are also suitable for narrow shoes. With the slim fit it contours across the planes of the arch and gives a well adjusted fitness.

Midsole egg crate:
Egg crate construction of outsole as its advantages. The diamond like pattern across the broad insole fills out space and gives stability to the insole. The midsole is easily placed In between the layers to replace the foam and give a broader feel to the skateboard.

Etnies is made for people who speak of fashion and style. The burgundy and navy blue skate with an impressive print is a no go. It will enhance your personality and catch the eyes of onlookers. All five skates vary in price range but including the tax most of these are affordable.

  • Die cut sole.
  • EVA soft material.
  • Gives rebound properties.
  • Extra stabilizing.
  • Egg crate construction.
  • The opening is a bit stiff.
  • Suitable for narrow feet.

Reason to buy

Etnies Langstone skates ensure that you get the maximum of fitness. The skates are designed to match the anatomy of feet with contours and padding at the right places. Along with that the slim fit construction makes sure they do not accidently slip off given that they are slip on skates!

4. Emerica Men’s Wino G6 Slip-ON Skate Shoe

Emerica Men's Wino G6 Slip-ON Skate Shoe

Emerica has built the Wino G6 design from the original Wino only with extra durability and functionality. New features are added to this skater after carefully analyzing the requests of the audience. It has the combination of stability and comfort that is good for beginners. It is one of its kind with double wrap foxing that looks sleek on the outsole. Not to mention the heel support of Emerica men is unmatchable and protective against all twisting skate activities.

Low top:
The low top opening of the skates not only makes the slip on design feasible but also comfortable. High top skates beat the purpose of slip on while the wide opening increases the freedom of movement. The ankle is able to bend and the muscles can’t relax without extra fabric choking the joint.

PU insole:
The PU insole increases padding and softness of the interior of shoes. It also increases the rebound property while skating because the compressible pad compresses and stores energy which eventually builds up. Right when you need to push against the skateboard the energy is released and your performance is ten times better.

Heel anchor system:
Emerica men may be a low top shoe but that does not mean it lacks stability. To balance out the low opening heel anchor system is added that wraps around the back of the shoe. The thick cushion at the base prevents heel from slipping and keeps the ankle joined to the arch forming a continuous momentum.

Triangle tread:
The triangle design on the tread of rubber outsole increases contact with any surface. Regardless of a skateboard or a rocky ground the rubber fits on the surface and increases friction so you can give your best. It increases the push which shoots off to a good velocity on the skateboard.

Double wrapped foxing:
The double layer of foxing looks fashionable and also makes the vulcanized outsole durable. Due to the thick layer, it joins the exterior to the outsole firmly. Even if the glue is lacking there is no way the durability of the outsole will be affected with the modern double layered raised foxing.

If you are fond of loud skates and do not want to go with the boring and repeated colors then Emerica has formed a collection with the best loud colors. The peach and mint color is eye catching and bold. All the skates in this collection are easily accessible. Furthermore, they are also cost effective and reliable.

  • Double wrapped foxing.
  • Heel anchor system.
  • C6 PU Insole.
  • Triangle tread outsole.
  • Low top skates.
  • No Cons.

Reason to buy

A beautiful pattern of triangle trads is added to the outsole of Emerica skates. The pattern is an extension of outsole made of same rubber that however increases fraction and grip on the skateboard. Rest assured even a greater disruption will not separate you from your skateboards!

5. Vans Women’s Slip On Skates

This list would be incomplete without a good old VANS skate pair. Vans have dominated the retail stores of all sports skate shoes because of their superior construction and functionality. This pair is like all the others but with a reliable upper that is waterproof. The outsole has a monotonous pattern that increases the grid of the sole across rough surfaces. It is designed for outdoor skating so you can show off this minimalistic professional skate pair.

Elastic side accents:
The elastic side accents of Vans are broader than an average slip on because while skating when you bend your legs the broader elastic stretches to accommodate the flex of muscle. Instead of relying on the fitness of laces, you can make use of automatic adjustment of the elastic accents.

The upper material is made of full grain leather that breathes life into your skates. The leather is comparatively a stiffer material as compared to suede and canvas. While it may restrict the movement, it adds to the resistant nature of the skates.

Another reason why you should choose leather in this Vans pair is because of its waterproof nature. If you like to skate along the breezy beaches then no need to worry about the wet irritating skates because the waterproof coating of leather keeps out the wetness and your feet remain dry.

The inside of Van’s skates is lined with soft sock liners. They extend from toes to the heels and keep the feet enclosed in cushioned softness. After a long day, you do not have to anticipate stiff muscles because they remain soft and safe from shock waves.

Vulcanized outsole:
The vulcanized outsole is your other go to, if you want to choose flexibility over durability. The outsole is broader than average and has a better grip on the skateboard. Other than that it bends easily across rough tracks so you can skate better. However, it may fall apart faster than a cup sole.

More than fifteen designs of Vans skates enable you to match the skate to your outfit and mood of the day. Apart from that, the upper has designs ranging from simple lines to large check box patterns. Most designs might not be available and you have to wait for them to stock up. However, the best thing is that they are available at fixed prices!

  • Full grain leather.
  • The wide base of the sole.
  • The increased grip of the skateboard.
  • Unisex shoes
  • Skates have a standout design.
  • No Cons.

Reason to buy

Who says women cannot skate in their favorite breezy places without facing many problems? Here is the chance to grab a waterproof Vans women skate that keeps your feet dry and free of irritation. Additionally. It prevents the sand and dirt from flitting inside the skates.

6. Vans Classic Slip ON Skate Shoes

Vans Classic Slip ON Skate Shoes

Lastly, another pair of Vans have made it in this list because of the innovative style. Unlike the previous one, this has qualities in aspects Vans women skate is lacking. True to its name the upper material is made of canvas that is easy to maintain. The broad elastic bands at the side facilitate easy slip on without tearing the canvas at the seams. Another thing to notice is the thick outsole that multiplies grip across all turfs.

Double layered vent:
Vans classic has a thick upper that spans the above of the arch and the toes. There may not be a traditional lace system to keep your feet in place but the double layer packs nicely. Even after a vigorous day of skating the upper does not go out of shape.

Criss cross tread:
The tread plays an important role in the gripping feature of the outsole. It is a shapely extension with a criss cross pattern that inserts itself into the muddy terrains and removes the chances of skidding. The pattern is uniformly added to the outsole.

Thick outsole:
The proportion of thickness in rubber outsoles is evenly distributed. The heel of the shoes is in a plane with the toes so the bodyweight is spread throughout the shoe uniformly. This helps you maintain body balance while skating downhill or on rough fields.

The canvas upper is flexible and easy to mold. Besides, the area of the exterior covering the heels is thinner than the front. The thin fabric does not pose much resistance to ankle movement and softens by the time increasing comfort.

Foxing tape:
A black foxing tape is added to the outsole which looks fashionable. Other than a classy appearance it holds the sole to the exterior fabric of the shoes. Even if the glue in certain areas goes weak the foxing manages to pull together the parts for an enhanced skating experience.

Those people who are fond of chess can relate to the exterior of the shoes. The classy black and white boxes are hard to mix especially at an affordable piece. Grab yourself two pairs while you are at it!

  • Soft sock liners.
  • Flat platform rubber.
  • Classic slip on skates.
  • Unisex shoes
  • Fashionable foxing tape.
  • They are suitable for wide feet.
  • Need to wear socks along with these skates.

Reason to buy

While doing skating flexibility helps you carry out your tricks and change the position of the skateboard without moving the whole body. To ensure flexibility Vans classic has evolved their skates into a thin heel exterior crucial for easy ankle movement. Along with that the stretching pads for easy slip on also increase elasticity for muscle flexing.

Why should you choose slip on skates?

Whether you are a skater or not you cannot deny the importance of slip on skate shoes.

We all need a pair that is easy to carry around and should give greater access all day.

It is enough that you will be skating using all your potential that you have to add the extra effort of fumbling with laces.

I have mentioned top reasons why a pair of slip on is a must in your closet. Once you read about the comfort they enhance there is no letting go.

Let’s get started.

Quick work:
Slip ones are quick to work because you do not have to go all in to slide them off. A quick tug from the toes of the other feet to the back of the heel and the shoes are off. They are easy to take off while you cannot reach your skating rinks any quicker.

Besides in situations like airport security they are quite handy and save loads of time.

Rubber sole:
To balance out the softer material on the exterior slip on skates are often accompanied by a sturdy outsole. The thick rubber is tear resistant. It also doubles the gripping on the skateboard. Furthermore, if it is a bendable outsole then the skates exceptionally fit the skating bill!

Canvas upper:
While you will find a great and classy pair of slip on with a leather exterior most of them have a canvas upper. Leather may look beautiful but nothing can beat the advantages of canvas upper. Canvas is flexible and breathable. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Slip one skates are designed to be lightweight since most notable brands take special care in picking handmade material. The decrease in bulk automatically increases your energy and spirit to skate. Heavyweight will only drag you down.

Whether you have a high arch or not you still need a contoured orthotic insole. Energized and padded insoles add comfort and can be customized to match your shoe fitness. This takes away a lot of stress of shifting between certain slip ones till you click with the right one!

Things to consider while buying slip on skates:

Buying slip on skates can be tricky. Many people forget to focus on the elastic panels as they are driven towards the outlook of skates.

However, remember to look out for:

Elasticity of panels:
Make sure you buy slip on skates that are tighter in the beginning. The elastic fabric of the opening should smoothly expand as you double the force on it. Supreme quality fibers should be used that should keep the elasticity maintained. It is a common occurrence for the panels to lose their shape after a long time of use!

Width of panels:
If you have broad feet then choose narrow elastic panels as the shape of the shoes will provide enough fitness. However narrow feet face more concerns of fitness. For that you should buy a slip on that has wide elastic panels to increase fitness and hold on feet.

Heel support:
Most slip ones offer less heel support as the material surrounding the ankle is thin. In that case, you can use an orthotic insole that increases padding and holds the heel muscles in place. Thin material is likely to wear out faster than you think!

A light exterior with a thick rubber outsole is likely to fall apart. A strong gluing of a good slip on will keep the outsole attached to the upper. However, a good foxing tape can seal the deal ensuring an unbreakable connection.

Drawback you can face with slip on skates:

Now! Now! You need to be aware of the drawbacks to be able to distinguish a good shoe from a bad one!

Canvas upper:
Canvas may have bought ease but you should know that it is prone to scuffing. Notice the pattern of your previous skate and use strong adhesive tape to cover those areas.

Did you know!
Slip on skates are versatile shoes. Not only can they be worn for a number of activities but for different occasions as well. A polished leather or a canvas can be passed as casual as well as formal shoe wear. You can kill two birds with one stone by buying a great slip on skate pair. Furthermore, slip ones can be worn for running and walking other than mere skating on a skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are slip on skates good for skating?
While slip on skates is good for skating, they are not the best. You should choose a sturdy pair with good lacework and mid top opening. However, slip one skate look much better and offer more flexibility than a sturdy laced skate pair!

Should I buy slip on skates with leather or a canvas exterior?
Honestly, it depends on the skater and what an individual prefers, if you want a formal skate with a durable exterior then leather should be your priority. However, if you are a minimalist person that wants soft and flexible shoes which should not require much maintenance then the canvas is the best fit.

Can the insoles be changed in the slip on skates?
Yes, you can change the insole of most slip on skate brands. Some skates use memory foam in which you will notice the insole does not need any change. However, if they do not, then the skates have the freedom of changeable footwear to replace with customized orthotics. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for feet that have plantar fasciitis.


I have mentioned the best slip on skate shoes after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of slip on skate shoes.

If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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