Top 7 Best Vegan Skate Shoes 2021 – For Excellent Grip and Performance

Last Updated on April 12, 2021 by Jayda Salinas

The good news is that veganism has penetrated the world of skate shoes!

Skating is the spirit of all age groups from kids to adults but so is the concept of veganism.

It might not be common but most of the world is shifting towards it.

In that case finding the best gripping, durable, and lightweight pair is the biggest challenge!

The most prevalent issue in vegan skates is the leather material which has caused an uproar of nature violence and animal abuse.

Understanding the concerns of most vegans I have provided a list of some of the best animal friendly skate shoes with safe manufacturing techniques.

They give the same if not better results than the non-vegan skates. Additionally, to save your time I have added a description of the best and worst vegan features.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • Vans Unisex (Skool Classic Skate Shoes).
    “These shoes are so much more comfortable than the past pairs of vans I had. They go great with any outfit.” – Customer Review.
  • Osiris Men’s (Relic Skateboarding Shoe).
    “Love this brand they’re my favorite shoes. The color is awesome for where I work and they always fit like a glove. ” –Customer Review.
  • Etnies Men’s (Stratus Skate Shoe).
    “This shoe is SUPER light. It’s like air. It looks just like it does in the picture. ” –Customer Review.
  • Adidas (Originals Men’s Adiease Skate).
    “They are very light and comfortable skates, arrived on the indicated date, definitely a very good purchase, super recommended” –Customer Review.
  • Etnies (Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe).
    “Great for the price. I didn’t want to spend a bunch for nicer skate shoes.” –Customer Review.
  • Converse (Chuck Taylor skate shoe).
    “This shoe was for my granddaughter and she loves it. It is cushioned inside for a smooth comfy walk. ” –Customer Review.
  • Saucony Originals (Men’s Pro Vegan Sneaker)
    “This shoe is very comfortable and very well made. The tread is a very strong rubber as well with tons of grip.” –Customer Review.


1Vans Unisex (Skool Classic Skate Shoes)4.7/5 Check Price
2Osiris Men’s (Relic Skateboarding Shoe).4.3/5 Check Price
3Etnies Men’s (Stratus Skate Shoe).4.3/5 Check Price
4Adidas (Originals Men’s Adiease Skate).4.5/5 Check Price
5Etnies (Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe).4.5/5 Check Price
6Converse (Chuck Taylor skate shoe).4.4/5 Check Price
7Saucony Originals (Men’s Pro Vegan Sneaker)4.6/5 Check Price

1. Vans Unisex (Skool Classic Skate Shoes)

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

As Vans has not once failed its customers, it’s the oldest and trustful company. It makes one of the best and professionally designed skate shoes for everyone. Old skool is the most selling skate shoe because it is simple, comfortable and gives excellent duty. The padded cuff increases safety along with the Vulc construction that is not easy to disrupt.

Padded Cuffs:
The side and front padded cuffs protect your feet in every way possible. Old Skool gives you a perfect fit, easy grip, and high support. The cuffs give stability while doing backflip or side flip during the skate. Furthermore, they give protection against injury especially when your feet hit hard sidewalks or pavements.

Vulcanized Construction:
What’s more, in order to maximize its hardness and elasticity, it has vulcanized construction. Thereby the Vulc rubber increases the toughness and comfort of the Old Skool. Best of all the botanic and Botanic biosynthetic nature of rubber is well improved in this pair!

Durable Canvas Upper:
The two important variables in skate boots are none other than durability and flexibility. The upper durable canvas provides Old Skool longevity and stability. It gives your toes comfort and a soft surface. Not to mention, the moderate flexibility prevents your shoes from falling off after your first backflip.

Metal Eyelets:
Metal eyelets give your canvas a steady and fine look and prevent twisting of the material. Therefore, the grip of shoes on the vamp is strong and well built. It stops the cord from tearing through the hole and thus provides structural integrity.

Waffle Outsole:
The patterned sole of Old Skool is itself not a mere design but an addition to strengthening the basecoat of the feet and shoes. They not only help in skating but give extra strength and grip to feet when one actually run. Thereby, it doesn’t tire the person and the energy is used in skating.

Rubber sole:
The thickness of the rubber in the lower sole is not high because it can make you lose your footing. However, at the same time, it is not so thin and prevents the uncomfortable feeling of the road or ground when walking.

  • The upper canvas is available in variable colors.
  • It’s durable.
  • True to size.
  • Uni-sex comes for both men and women.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • The outsole covers enough area to protect feet.
  • Made of soft and right fabric.
  • Some customers complained about receiving fake shoes.
  • Rubs the back of your feet.
  • Not very easy to clean.
  • Tend to run wide by time.

Reason to buy

One of the most common skate shoes on the market is the Vans Old Skool. I am unable to help but comply with the public, with its canvas top and rubber soles, it’s extremely comfortable yet sturdy. In addition, for a smooth skateboarding experience, its vulcanized rubber offers you grip, comfort, and versatility.

2. Osiris Men’s (Relic Skateboarding Shoe)

Osiris Men's Relic Skateboarding Shoe

The best selling shoes, not only for skating but because of their fine and most welcoming look are Osiris Men skates. Not to mention, they are imported and the most Vegan shoes so far. The synthetics of the shoes are so well that they win the heart by simply setting the foot inside the shoe. Additionally, the low top opening gives easy movement and removes restrictions you might face while bending on a skateboard.

They are 100% synthetic that is not only a pride of the company but is loved by its lovers too. At the same time, the synthetic material makes them the most durable skates. They are actually more versatile than real leather making them more popular in the non vegan world too!

Rubber Sole:
The sole is made of rubber tested at different temperatures. The rubber used is cut and formed into the shape of the foot. The die cutting makes it function like a protective and soothing second skin. However, they have good wear resistance and are non-crease at the same time.

Low top:
Low top is best in many ways possible, as the ankle has freedom to breathe and move in any direction desired. The back of the feet is also protected from any rub injuries. Additionally, the sharp turning and sudden movement in the feet is quite easy now.

Reinforced high-abrasion:
Leather shoes may not have high reinforced abrasion but these synthetics own this fine property. It gives maximum friction causing it to give high grip and flexibility. Osiris vegan skates provide great traction and latch.

Padded Tongue and collar:
To enhance the fitness of shoes the padded tongue is added as a simple adjustment. It automatically prevents the heel of the foot from slipping out. Additionally, it holds the feet preventing them from slipping forward in one stride.

Ankle stability:
Whereas the thick collar protects the ankle from twisting and also holds it in place. The multi directional stability allows the ankle to move and rotate at the same time.

Water Proof:
The durability of the shoes is at its peak with a waterproof material but at the same time, it makes the skates resistant to weather conditions. Thus creating a very healthy and breathable environment for the foot in the skate shoe.

  • Have the most comfortable canvas.
  • Have Better traction.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • They are extremely eco-friendly.
  • They are lightweight too.
  • Not suitable for people with wide shoes.
  • Runs a bit wide with time.
  • Are a little narrow for some people up in front.

Reason to buy

Osiris Men’s (Relic Skateboarding Shoe) has a Padded collar and tongue which is perfect and most reliable for ones with past ankle or fracture injury. The support and the grip it provides is unmatchable. At the same time, the environment it gives to the foot in the shoe is perfect for every age group. These skates are also very reliable for people who have complainants regarding their joints.

3. Etnies Men’s (Stratus Skate Shoe)

Etnies Men's Stratus Skate Shoe

Veganism is increasing and so is the production of Etnies with manufacturing the best vegan shoes. Not only are they reliable but the durability of the material could rival the organic leather, the microfiber exterior has the best combination of fitness and breathability. Not to mention the energy foam insole that fuels your skating all day long.

Rubber sole:
The rubber sole of Etnies men is durable and wear resistant. The layers are specially glued together and then heated to produce resistance against the bright sun. After a long day of skating the rubber does not slide over each other and degrade easily.

As much abrasion as skating gives you need no bigger relief than a breathable upper that is cool. The micro vents allow an inlet of air that circulates the interior and keeps the temperature constant. It is a useful feature for skating in summer!

Molded EVA insole:
EVA synthetic material is the best alternative for animal products that require shedding and hurting animals. The molded foam is made of vegan compressible mold. It compresses easily and attached to the contours of feet to give inline cushioning and support.

Energy foam:
Another feature the hardcore skaters would love to try is the energy insole. Can you imagine a whole day of practicing your favorite skate moves without getting tired? The energy insole adds potential to skating and increases velocity.

NBS Rubber Pods:
Special rubber pods are added at the base of the outsole to increase the grip of the outsole. The NBS is durable and nature friendly. Besides that, the shape of pods increases the area of contact and friction so you are not easy to uproot from your skateboards.

Spandex tongue:
The exterior might be fabric but the stretchability of Etnies skates is catalyzed by the spandex tongue. It is added right at the base of the skates and extends widely over the top. You can stretch the tongue to thin it out. Other than that, if you need padding then ret it settle for a while.

  • Energy bomb insole.
  • Yarn bomb upper.
  • Lightweight compression insole.
  • Hard rubber outsole.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • The foam sole gets damaged easily.
  • The interior of skates is too soft.

Reason to buy

It is quite a challenge finding a skate pair or a shoe, in general, without leather features, however, Etnies brings forth a skate made of animal free microfiber that is breathable and increases flexibility of skates.

4. Adidas (Originals Men’s Adiease Skate).

adidas Originals Adiease Sneaker,

The fourth pair on this list is another renowned brand that has embraced the nature of vegan demands with open arms and vigilance. Adidas is a big supporter of anti animal cruelty and has produced Adiease skates with synthetic material that have gone through safe manufacturing. The grippy upper and vulcanized outsole holds your feet in place and centers the gravity right below the arch to enhance the skating experience.

Jacquard upper:
Jacquard is one of the many techniques that have been used by Adidas as an alternative to grain leather since forever. Jacquard upper has the same stretchability and durability as the organic material. It increases the lifespan of the skates.

Vulcanized outsole:
A thicker outsole has no match against the scuffing and resistance a rocky path might provide. This skate pair has an extra thick vulcanized outsole that increases the feel of the skateboard and remains attached to the surface under all circumstances.

Due to the vulcanized nature of the outsole, the versatility of skates automatically increases. Regardless of the inner surface or outdoor hard uneven paths, it will give the best maneuverability. The sole bends and increases the hold on the surface for an energized push.

The thin silhouette of Adidas skates is designed with precision so it suits all kinds of skaters. It is a unisex shoe with sizing for both men and women. The broad lace up at the top compensates if there is any lack of adjustment.

The base of the outsole is broad and constructed with a design that enhances the feel of the surface. If you have stepped on slippery or uneven ground you will be able to detect it easily. What more? The increased feel means increased firmness and less excessive body movement.

Adiease skates are available in more than five special colors. The side signature strips of Adidas are added in complementing colors that enhance the logo. There is also a printed orange teal design that is appealing to all fashion skate lovers. Furthermore, all shoes are affordable at fixed prices!

  • Jacquard textile.
  • Wide base of sole.
  • Increased grip of skateboard.
  • Unisex shoes
  • Skates have a standout design.
  • No Cons.

Reason to buy

There is no replacement for a bendable outsole that is versatile and suitable for all kinds of skating surfaces. Grab onto the Adidas skates to enjoy skating across your favorite terrains.

5. Etnies (Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe).

Etnies Men's Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

Here is another pair of Etnies skate that is made of recycled carbon neutral substances. No animal product is used to promote the ideas of vegan skaters. It may be hard to find a good deal but Jameson is a low top skater that gives you freedom of movement. Best of all the thin padding and tongue enables you to reply in a durable rubber lite outsole.

Synthetic sole:
The durability of skate shoes relies heavily on the outsole. The triple layers of the outsole are made of safe and non toxic chemicals that do not deteriorate easily. They bond together to bring out the best of rubber mesh in the outsole.

PU foam:
You have to choose the skates that can stand any hazard while giving comfort. To find this cool feature PU insole is the best. PU insoles give mechanical support and do not limit the design potentials. They are also wear resistant and keep the inside comfy as long as you skate.

Faux Vulc:
Most skaters can relate to the problem of the outsole separating from the exterior. That is mainly due to the faulty gluing and a weak rubber. However Faux upper makes sure the outsole is firmly attached to the material because it encircles the entire shoe.

Padded tongue:
Unlike most skates, Jameson has a thin tongue to balance out the PU Insole. A thick tongue accompanied by a cushioned insole can choke your feet and hinder free movement. Thin padding allows cool inlet of air and the skates are easy to wear.

Open cell:
Jameson skate is a reliable option for skaters that are tired of sweaty feet in winders. It does not help that harsh chemicals on top of sweating can cause allergic reactions. However, a safe material with micro vents saves dust from falling in while keeping uninterrupted ventilation.

The opening of Etnies skate is designed with a thin material so you can bend the rear end of the skate. While flexing the muscles of feet face resistance against the material but a thin coverage relents easily and keeps the momentum flowing through the heel and arch.

  • Casual shoes.
  • Open cell PU foam.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Faux Vulc Cup sole.
  • Thinly padded tongue.
  • The opening of skates is thin.
  • The outsole is too hard.

Reason to buy

While most people think skating is just smooth sailing on wheels, they have not seen vigorous skating tricks in hot summer days. To minimize sweating of feet Etnies Jameson has installed open cell technology for increased ventilation.

6. Converse (Chuck Taylor skate shoe).

Converse CTAS Core High Top BlackWhite

Chuck Taylor converse has made its comeback from the ‘90s with an innovative design that is meant to be the eye catcher of vegan lovers. The skates have a high top opening for stability and maneuverability while high speed skating. Along with that, you cannot overlook the lightweight material that stretched evenly in all directions. Chuck Taylor is a casual skate suitable for all customers.

High Top opening:
The opening of the converse is wide and high top from the arch. The material ends just above your ankles and gives full coverage. It envelops the ankle and gives stability while you are maintaining balance on skateboards.

Canvas upper:
Vegans do not have to stick to the old skates to find the best pair as the canvas exterior of this skate is made of innovative synthetic fabrics. They are soft and light in weight. Not to mention easy to clean and maintain.

Toe Cap:
Would it be an ideal converse without a good toe cap? Of course not and that is why this feature is highly demanding. The white uniform toe caps bring out the stiffness of shoes and protect the metatarsal bones from getting harmed in case you accidentally bump them.

Rubber outsole:
The rubber outsole is thicker in the front but relatively thin at the heels. However, foxing is added to keep them connected to the exterior of shoes. The rubber is sealed firmly and is resistant to changes in temperature.

I would recommend using this pair for easy activities that do not require a lot of stability. As good as converse skates are they are most suited for light exercises and indoor skating rinks. Furthermore, converse skates are prone to scuffing and tearing.

The thin silhouette of skates is a look out feature for skaters who often complain about fitness in skates. The narrowed down middle increases fitness along with the adjustable lacing. Skaters with narrow feet will love this converse pair!

  • Color contrasting skates.
  • High class canvas upper.
  • The material is flexible.
  • Casual designs available.
  • Lightweight skates.
  • You have to order one size up.
  • Need to wear thick socks.

Reason to buy

Converse Chuck Taylor skates save you from the unforgettable pain of accidentally hitting your toes. The toe cap is wide and covers the front. It is also a potential saving hack for skaters with painful bunions.

7. Saucony Originals (Men’s Pro Vegan Sneaker)

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Low Pro Vegan

Saucony skates have years of experience in developing successful vegan shoes. They have analyzed the demands of their vegan customers and have developed an animal product and by product free skate. To avoid the use of animal leather a combination of canvas and hemp is used which is stretchable and soothing. Best of all the lace up is microfiber with a broad diameter that spans the upper and increases fitness.

Cushioned opening:
The cushioned opening is a low top that allows maximum movement while giving comfort and stability. The cushioning extends to the heels and provides a soft base so that your heel and Achilles’ tendon are fixed to the heel cupping.

Lace up:
A wide lace up spans the upper part of shoes that are made of animal free fiber and chemicals. They pass through the eyelets smoothly and bring out the best if you use the right lacing technique. The metal eyelets are strong and do not rip easily.

Upturned front:
The upturned front of the skates catalyzes the forward propulsion so you have to use less energy to gain greater speed. The upturned shape also helps avoid the metatarsals from excessively hitting the ground.

The outsole is made of thick rubber accompanied by a cushioned insole that is effective against shock absorption. You do not have to worry about almost losing your joints after landing from a jump. The breakage of shock makes landing smooth and the same with the old school skating tricks.

The Saucony design is stitched along the sides that is protective and classy. Stitching is added in Saucony skates not only for aesthetic purposes but each patch is divided according to the anatomy of feet. The front pads and sides bring flexibility and functionality to skates.

  • Animal free material.
  • Chemical free vegan laces.
  • Thick outsole.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Uniform upper double stitching.
  • The skates wear out quickly.
  • Sthe tongue causes restriction in skating.

Reason to buy

No skate is bound to fall apart with a uniform double layered stitching. The careful stitching of Saucony skates follow the natural movement of the feet and holds the skates together increasing their lifespan.

What should you look for in Best Vegan Skate Shoes?

It is an understatement that finding a good vegan skate shoe is a difficult task.

There are not many vegan shoes available in the market so the ones you find, you have to grab with both hands.
Although that is no longer true because many renowned brands are looking forward to launching vegan shoe merchandise to promote vegans.

A safe chemical free process is used in which no animals are harmed.

If it is hard for you to debate whether you should stick to your vegan status because of the difficulties you face then worry no more.

There is a reason why you should stick to your ideas!

Let me tell you why vegan shoes are not only good but preferable as well:

Cruelty free:
Vegan shoes are made of plant based products in which no animal by product or derivatives are used. It is commonly seen that for manufacturing wearable items animal rights are excessively abused. Vegan shoe wear is free of animal rights manipulation.

Another reason why vegan skate shoes should be on your list is that the material used for their construction is the best alternative for leather and suede. Not only is it animal safe but also has better properties than leather like flexibility and breathability. It completes the drawbacks you face with leather.

Vegan leather:
Yes, you heard that right! Vegan leather is a thing and it has better fitness than full grain organic leather. It molds the anatomy of feet and promotes the shape for better skating.

Because of the lack of many vegan brands currently, ethnic vegan brands pour more attention into the customization of vegan shoes. There is no way they lack the best features and comfort. You get a good package deal with innovative designers and the best mechanical shoe workers.

With the handcrafted detail, the value of vegan shoes automatically rises in the retail market.

Shoes made of vegan material feel natural and smooth. The lightweight material is used that barely feels like anything. It is like walking in the air with free movement and a breathable texture. Instead of a heavyweight leather skate that feels like bricks on feet.

Vegan shoes also are low maintenance and versatile wear. They can be paired with a casual as well as formal outfit. The shoes are easier to clean and if they are layered with faux tapes they do not get dirty easily.

Potential problems with Vegan skate shoes:

While there are benefits there are also drawbacks of vegan skates. To help you make your decision I have mentioned those problems.

Don’t think too much into it because they can be fixed with a god tape and DIY techniques.

However, it is good to know what you are buying and what needs to be done for improvement.

While vegan skates have better breathability and functionality, they lack the durability a good old leather material provides. The stiff material is better if you want a material that is more resistant to scuffing. Furthermore, there are endless options of Nubuck, Naugahyde, and Hydrolite vegan materials.

Because of the less production and collection of vegan skates, they mostly fit into casual or formal wear. If you want a skating pair that matches your outfit with good prints and better designs, they are less likely to match your ideas. However, I have mentioned a few pairs that are basic and match all outfits!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Vegan leather as durable as real organic leather?
Vegan leather is no doubt a better alternative to organic leather however it is not the same. Vegan leather is made of plastic coating bonded with fabric inner. While microfiber inner use has better breathability and functionality it does not have the stiffness of real leather.

How can the lifespan of vegan skates be increased?
Vegan skates are prone to wear and tear like converse skates. It is not possible to cut back on your skating but you can make the material stiffer and resistant by using masking tape on the areas that face the most scuffing. Also, use sprays that make the material stiff. Better yet buy double layered vegan shoes so if the upper layer is damaged the inner one remains intact.

Can the insoles be changed in most brands of Vegan skates?
Yes, you can change the insole of most Vegan skate brands. Some skates use memory foam in which you will notice the insole does not need any change. However, if they do not, then the vegan skates have the freedom of changeable footwear to be replaced with customized orthotics. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for feet that have plantar fasciitis!


I have mentioned the best skate shoes for vegans after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of Vegan skate shoes.

If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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