Best Women’s Skate Shoes 2021 – Pick Wisely!

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Do you know 33.9% of all skaters are women? That may not seem like a huge sum but in the world of skating, it is. If you are a frequent skater then you are only a right skate shoe away from being a core one!

Anyone familiar with skating is not oblivious to the challenges of finding the right skate shoe. I can’t even imagine for beginners! However, who says the case is hopeless?


To help you I have assembled a list of the best women skate shoes that are designed around female foot anatomy. They are comfortable, durable, have material and sole options. All the high ranking companies with a satisfactory fan base and reliable customer service are mentioned below.

Happy skating to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • DC Women’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe
    “Absolutely love them! I’ve had my eye set on these for almost a year now.“ -Customer Review.
  • Adidas Women’s Broma Skate Shoe
    “These shoes are so simple and the inside is comfy. I am a size 5 and it’s true to size.” -Customer Review.
  • Etnies Women’s Calli-Vulc Skate Shoe
    “My first pair of zero drops/barefoot shoes and my feet are singing thanks on the daily. ” -Customer Review.
  • Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes
    “My 55-year-old mother loves these. They are totally cool with the elderly. I wore these as well. Eek! Timeless.” -Customer Review.
  • DC Women’s Chelsea TX SE Skate
    “Absolutely love these. The length is perfect and the width is perfect on these shoes.” -Customer Review.
  • VenusCelia Pro Women’s Perforated Skate Shoe
    These are nothing fancy but they fit the bill if you were looking for just white skate shoes to wear with anything and everything. I get lots of compliments.” -Customer Review.


1DC Women's Court Graffik Skate Shoe4.5/5 Check Price
2Adidas Women's Broma Skate Shoe4.5/5 Check Price
3Etnies Women's Calli-Vulc Skate Shoe4.6/5 Check Price
4Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes4.7/5 Check Price
5DC Women's Chelsea TX SE Skate4.1/5 Check Price
6VenusCelia Pro Women's Perforated Skate Shoe4.2/5 Check Price

1. DC Women’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Women's Court Graffik Skate Shoe

The first pair of women skates is something you cannot miss. Not only is this skate manufactured by a renowned company but also is durable and comfortable. The simple classy colors are combined to form a sophisticated female shoe with extra padding that brings all-day comfort. The outsole is made of durable material and there is an extra heel cushion for push reinforcement.

Low shaft measure:
The opening of shoes is a low top with less padding and material. The base of the opening is comparatively thicker. The lack of material prevents the ankles from getting enclosed. This could restrict the movement and bending of the joint.

Padded tongue:
To add to the comfort more padding is added to the collar. It is the material beneath the laces that extends out to the ankle on the above of the shoe. Due to its thick nature, it prevents the laces from digging into your skin and keeps the safety maximum.

There is no denying that women’s foot anatomy is different from men. There is not a huge difference but it is certainly noticeable to the skater. To accommodate that SC women skates have manufactured shoes matching the shape of women feet in all vital areas.

The exterior of the shoes is made of full grain leather that is uniformly sewn in. The leather increases the life of the skates and gives durability. The hard and Un stretchable nature is a balance to the soft cushioning present inside the Graffik skate shoes.

DC Women skate shoes are available in a wide range of colors. It all covers the basic as well as a wild streak of sharp colors. Overall, they are minimalist shoes that are affordable and the best option!

  • Soft boot opening.
  • low Platform measure 0-3.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • Lace closure.
  • Canvas Upper.
  • The heel area needs padding.
  • The pull on fabric is annoying.

Reason to buy

The contoured insole of DC women’s Graffik skates helps your feet accommodate the skate shoes as well as the skateboard with a superior command on your skates you can try out any move!

2. Adidas Women’s Broma Skate Shoe

adidas Women's Broma Skate Shoe

This list would be incomplete without adding an Adidas pair in it. Adidas has mastered making timeless versatile skate shoes. Whether it is on a skateboard or off use you will find the skates reliable. Adidas women Broma has longer shaft measures of about 0-6 inches that give you plenty of space. The canvas upper increases flexibility and ease in movement. The manoeuvrability for skates increases with an easy and simple lace up.

Opening measure:
The opening measure ranges from 0-3 inches which compensate for the low top nature and flexibility of shoes. Although this measure is ideal it also is not much wider so even with the lack of material around the ankle the opening is wide enough to fit the ankle without choking it.

Platform measure:
Platform measure is the same as the opening to give similar traction. Unlike running and walking shoes, skate shoes have a low platform so more area is in contact with the skateboard. Additionally, low platform measures also decrease pressure on toes.

Pull on:
This Adidas pair is easy to pull on takeoff. A pull up strap is added at the back that saves your time for quick wear. It also helps you in adjusting the padding of the heel.

Canvas upper:
While there is no denying that canvas has less durability than leather and suede but it has more flexibility and manoeuvrability. Canvas need maintenance because they are easily damaged with scuffing. However, you can use hard tapes on a great pair!

Yet here is another minimalistic pair but with less color option. The classic black and white speak of personality and low maintenance nature. You can wear them with any outfit and in any season. It is a budget friendly shoe and a must for your closet!

  • Toecap overlay.
  • Extra durability.
  • Women synthetic insole.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Synthetic logo on insole.
  • The laces damage easily.
  • check size chart before buying.

Reason to buy

Adidas women’s skates have gone out of the way by giving the same durability as leather with canvas upper. The only good news is as compared to other materials you now have better manoeuvrability and movement.

3. Etnies Women’s Calli-Vulc Skate Shoe

Etnies Women's Calli-Vulc Skate Shoe

Etnies has dominated the skate world along with its record of breaking traditional designing and bringing forth the sedative exterior of shoes. This legendary pair is inspired by Callicut. Calli Vulc skate shoes have a brilliant lining with durable synthetic material. The material extends from the exterior to the durable outsole which is scratch resistant. Apart from that inner midsole modification keeps your feet energized through skating.

Vulcanized sole:
The vulcanized sole increases the flexibility and bending of skate shoes making them ideal for all kinds of track surfaces. Apart from that, they increase the grip on the skateboard with a thicker area and special hot glueing that lasts longer than average.

EVA Midsole:
The midsole is essential for any skate shoe because it is in direct contact with the arch. As you land from a backflip or try out an ollie EVA midsole compress against the arch and give it support. Not to mention it also absorbs the shock from the ground so your landing is smooth.

Deconstructed upper:
The deconstructed upper of shoes have parallel seams running up and with the additional shaft, the material gives you an area of movement. The shaft is elastic and extends with muscle flexing. Besides, the intricate detailing and craftsmanship are impressive and appealing.

A stretchable lace up is added on the upper however it is not largely spanning. Along with that padding around the low top ankle and inside of shoes gives adjustable fitness. The padding drains out your lethargy while skating giving timeless joy.

The unique and exciting designs on the Etnies skate shoes are designed for exciting souls that like to push themselves on skating rings. Apart from that, the simple pink that has natural tones is also soothing. It is another affordable pair with a small range of variation in cost.

  • Die cut padding.
  • EVA Midsole.
  • Bendable outsole.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Exciting designs on the exterior.
  • No cons.

Reason to buy

The deconstructed stitching of the skate shoes shows the craftsmanship of Etnies Calli Vulc work. You no longer have to count your lucky direction for best performance because now all directions are equally good and reliable.

4. Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

Vans shoes are thoroughly tested from the heel contouring to rubber quality. They are reliable shoes that have passed all standard skate tests. This casual pair is a simple decision because they go out of the way of traditional standards. The high top opening covers the ankle and gives stability. Instead of interfering it aids the skating, even with that opening, the shoes are lightweight and breathable. What more? The slim shoes with comfortable lace up further increase support.

Canvas and suede:
A combination of flexible and rich durable materials is used. Even with high scuffing, the shoes hold their worth. Multiple layers of durable and stiff material are more immune to wear and tear. The good thing is with tears the shoes still look fashionable.

The tongue of Vans is padded and has a lining. It keeps the tongue from losing its thickness. Apart from this the thick padding of the tongue increases fitness and keeps your feet grounded in the skate shoes.

Ankle support:
The high top material is not a mere extension. The material tightly wraps around your ankle and keeps a continuous connection between the moving forces of the lower extremities and feet. It also prevents excessive movement. However, it does not offer low top freedom of movement. It does have its perks though!

Heel counters:
Special hard and shapes heel contours are added at the back of shoes. They do not poke the heel but keep it in place. It is a stabilizing feature supporting the back of the feet so you do not face heel slipping and pains.

Vans classic casual skates have a thick white line running up the side with circular patterns across the high top area. This adds appeal and character to the shoes. Depending on the area there is a price variation but even with that, they are affordable. They lean towards affordable to expensive price though!

  • Casual shoes.
  • Resistant to scuffing.
  • Combination of material.
  • Foam Padded tongue.
  • Bring all day comfort.
  • They are a little expensive.
  • Suitable for wide feet.

Reason to buy

Good thing Vans SK8 hi skate shoes have thought of heel contoured technology. It is not easy to come back to skating with an injury but because of special hard contouring, there is less chance of multiple damages to the previous area. It increases the comfort and direction of skating.

5. DC Women’s Chelsea TX SE Skate

DC Women's Chelsea TX SE Sneaker

DC Chelsea skates are the best choice for women skates because of their fashionable outlook and soft insides. You do not always have to have a stuck shoe to get the ideal durability. Now is the chance to get a soft shoe with a hard exterior that does not feel stiff at all. Along with that, the metal eyelets make it look more appealing. Furthermore, the durable vulcanized outsole is suitable for all types of skate activities.

The shoes have a covering of small vent holes spread uniformly along with the material. It forms a double layer along the synthetic material to increase durability. Because of increased friction, not only the skates but your skin also faces harm. The vent holes keep them cool and dry.

Metal eyelets:
You must have witnessed a lot of shoes whose eyelets and laces fall apart while they are new. The metal eyelets are installed cleverly pinching the material around the eyelets so they are not yanked easily. Furthermore, the smooth metal eyelets facilitate the lacing.

Vulcanized construction:
Vulcanized construction is ideal for shoes that have stiff material. The stretchable outsole balances out the stiffness by easily allowing bending of skates not to mention vulcanized soles are broader than cup soles with better grip.

The back of the Chelsea skates is cushioned with thick padding that keeps the heel protected. Especially the Achilles heel when the tendon is extended to its limit. Additionally, it is the best feature for people who have been previously injured.

You will be delighted to know that Chelsea has more than fourteen designs to match your wardrobe. Even more wonderful is the fact that all designs are easily available. Unlike most skates, no color and design are hard to get. Furthermore, the skates do not cost much!

  • Lace Up and Slip On both forms.
  • Nubuck and leather material.
  • Pain free shoes.
  • Metal eyelets.
  • Broader feel on the skateboard.
  • Beware of knockoffs.
  • Sometimes too tight fitting.

Reason to buy

If you like to push yourself on skating rinks but are uncomfortable because your feet sweat too much, think no more! DC Chelsea women’s micro vent technology keeps the inside ventilated so the sweat Evaporates and your skin remains dry.

6. VenusCelia Pro Women’s Perforated Skate Shoe

VenusCelia Pro Women's Perforated Skate Shoe (8 M US, Black)

VenusCelia women skate shoes are manufactured keeping women foot anatomy in the center. There is no way there would be an error with the shape in accord with human body engineering. This skate is comfortable and convenient, along with that it is specifically designed with arch support for normal as well as high arched people. Your landing from high jumps and backflips will be smooth and uniform. Best of all they have the breathability of sandals and sturdiness of tennis shoes!

The material of VenusCelia is not only breathable but light as well. Packed with a double layered exterior it still weighs lightly and gives a cloudy texture. The plimsoll design on the material is the reason for the decrease in density of the layers.

The exterior is a canvas that extends on the upper and sides of the skate shoes. It coordinates nicely with the inner padding and increases flexibility. To ensure durability and minimize tear the upper canvas is double stitched.

The insole has a fixed arch which is raised in the middle with padding and compressible mold cushion. It increases performance by giving the foot a smooth surface to press on. After storing the body energy, it reflects the force and increases the potential of skating.

To further increase comfort padding is installed inside the shoes especially in the toe and arch area. Along with that perforations in fabric and insoles keep the get free of moisture. On a sunny day, there will be no itching and foul smell which can be offensive!

VenusCelia has more than four affordable designs. This is the pair that is most affordable on this list and rightly so! If you like you can buy an extra pair to switch In between. This will add vigor to skating.

  • Lightweight shoes.
  • Vent holes perforations.
  • Compressible insole.
  • Soft interior.
  • Suitable for multiple terrains.
  • The skates lack ideal support.
  • They make feet look longer.

Reason to buy

Venus Celia Pro Women skates are no less than any skate. They are designed with handpicked lighter material and plimsoll patterns that add to the heavenly feeling of shoes. After a long day of skating your feet do not feel exhausted at all!

Things to consider while buying Best Women Skate Shoes:

There is no denying that women anatomy is different from men. If you know the difference then you will be able to find the right skate shoe in no time!

However, if not! Then no need to worry. The good news is there is not much difference to consider.

All the other vital features are the same as an ordinary skate. The inside of shoes like the outsole, midsole and design needs much focus.

It is near impossible to find skate shoes with all features. What you can do is find one with the maximum of the points I have mentioned below. They will balance out the absent feature and bring out the best in skates.

What are those features?
To know that please read all the points in detail so there is no room for error while buying.

Let’s get started!

Remember to never forgo fitness even in your favorite pair. Most women tend to ignore size because they are unable to find that in their fashionable skate shoe. Look for another company that offers many designs as I have mentioned above. You will find another fashionable pair but with the right size.

Ignorance of that can lead to problems and slipping on skateboards. Besides women skates are designed according to female foot anatomy that can be disturbed with the wrong size and fitness!

There are two major outsoles used for Skate shoes. They are the same for all the skate’s companies. The main principle of the outsole is that it should be wear and tear resistant and should offer great friction against all kinds of surfaces. Besides sole treads of different patterns increase the grip of the outsole. They can be broadly classified into two types:

Cup sole outsole:
Cup sole outsole uses hot glue and sewing for the assembling of layers of the outsole. That makes this outsole more durable and resistant. Cup sole is also broader than the other type. However, there is a drawback: it offers less flexibility. In movement, because of the thick outsole and broader feel they ground you to the surface firmly.

Vulcanized outsole:
The vulcanized outsole is flexible due to its gummy polymeric nature. To increase the durability and stickiness synthetic chemicals are used that strengthen the cross link bonding of polymer. Because of this, they are not only durable but also softer and flexible. This increases the flexibility and bends angle of skate shoes. However, compared to the cup sole this outsole is less durable.

Tongue and collar cushioning:
Cushion matters a lot in skate shoes because they are mostly for skating which faces abrasion. The cushion of the tongue protects the ankle joint. Padding along the sides and insole covers the rest of the foot including the arch, toes and heel. Skate shoes are not mainly used for walking and running so as compared to those they have more layers of cushioning.

You will notice that all the recommendations of skates emphasize cushioning. Cushioning helps you absorb shock and increase rebound muscle functioning. However, apart from that, you will exercise and do flips in the same shoe all day. The cushion will compress to the respective body weight. It will not allow the shoes to wear out quickly.

No cushion or padding will irritate your skin because you will be rubbing against the hard material that heats quickly and gets worn out after a few runs, which will damage both your muscles and the shoes.

Flexibility is present in the fabric of shoes and the outsole. If the material is stretchable, it will allow you movement in multiple directions. It also increases the break-in period of shoes. However, flexibility in outsoles should be comparatively low. The bendable soles enable you good traction on many types of grounds. Not to mention the surface of your favorite skateboard!

Canvas is more flexible than suede and leather. It stretches easily, is softer and gives freedom of movement. If you want durability rather than flexibility then choose leather and suede material!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is the outsole of skate shoes broader?
The outsole is slightly wider than an average shoe for more contact with the skateboard. This is done to increase the area of contact and grip with the board. It will give you more control and manoeuvrability for skating. Not to mention they increase the push while you crouch for speed on a skateboard.

Does rubber deteriorate over time?
Yes, it does. Did you know that other than the wear and tear they are many other factors that can damage the rubber of skates? These include light exposure, dryness and temperature. Sadly, there is more because of polymeric nature they can be oxidized easily and over time the rubber flattens out and loses its agility. Skating with such shoes is dangerous and indicative of the death of that skate pair!

Can the insoles be changed in the brand of skates?
Yes, you can change the insole of skate shoes of most brands. Some skates use memory foam in which you will notice the insole does not need any change. However, if they do not, then the skates have the freedom of changeable footwear to replace with customized orthotics. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for feet that have plantar fasciitis.

I have mentioned the best skate shoes for women after spending hours on research and customer reviews. I hope you have clicked with at least one pair so you can take a good initiative. More than that, remember to go through the additional information for successful picking of women skate shoes.
If you have any queries, please ask. I would be delighted to answer!

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