How to Break in Skate Shoes? Easy Tips and Techniques!

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If your newly bought skate shoes are hard at first, then it is a good sign!

All good quality skate shoes are problematic in the beginning. However, this can interfere with the comfort you place in your skate shoes for skating.

You cannot start doing your favorite flips right away in your brand new skate shoes. That will produce more damage than joy.

Even if you have bought a pair of more aesthetics than the sport, you still need to be able to walk correctly. You can show off your skates after breaking them effortlessly.

The good news is that skate shoes are comfortable to break, and this method is not unheard of. I have mentioned some of the oldest and newer advanced tricks to break in skate shoes.

Grab the necessary equipment along the way, and let’s get started!

Mechanical Methods:

Skate slowly:

Skate shoes come in a variety of styles and materials. Some materials are naturally bendy, and some are not. Vulcanized soles are more flexible than cupsoles.

If your skate shoes do not hurt your feet, then start skating in them slowly. Bring the skates to work and let them accommodate your movement and foot shape. Hold yourself back from doing nose and flips because the shoes are not adapted to that extent yet!

Lace slowly:

If your skate shoes have laces, then the break in the process gets twice more comfortable. Laces are a vital point that holds the sides of shoes together. You can temper with laces to change the fitness of shoes.

Do not start with tying your skate shoes to the maximum fitness. You can tighten your laces gradually. Lace them lightly and take a few steps and pull them to your usual fitness.

Wear socks:

Socks are an effective way of creating extra space within the shoes and your feet. Wear the thickest pair of winter socks you own!

Wearing socks can also prevent you from getting blisters and corns if you have sensitive skin.

Not to worry, if you do not own such a pair, then roll on two to three pairs of socks. Slide your feet inside the skate shoes and start walking. Flex your feet every once, and I promise you will note the difference within a few walks!

Wear shoes frequently:

All you have to do is wear your new pair and walk. That’s it.

Walk for 1-2 hours continuously. I recommend you to walk in the evening because that’s when your feet swell naturally. This will not only stretch the shoes but also mould them to your feet, so they are comfortable and softer.


You can also stretch your shoes while sitting. Mould your feet and clench them for a few minutes while sitting. This will pull on the material and force it to loosen over time. The fabric’s mesh will widen and increase in size.

Don’t worry, that will not affect the durability of shoes like skates. Remember to stop if you feel cramping in your feet. Do not push yourself as there is more!

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Heating works in expanding the shoes, especially the tight spots. You can use a blow dryer or steamer over the skate shoes. Make sure you are wearing the skate shoes while doing that, so they fit perfectly. You will also know when to stop the heating.

Wear thick socks to produce quicker results. Blow-dry the hot air for fifteen to twenty minutes and flex your feet. Do not keep the heating in one area for long because that can damage the shoes. Use external chemicals like conditioners or moisturizers designed for skate shoes.

Once you have stopped heating, continue to wear for a few more minutes to ensure the shoes the break-in is noticeable.

Potato method: 

Put a peeled potato the size of adjustment you want to keep in the shoes for two days. Check if it has generated results.

If not, increase the size of the potato piece and leave it for another two days.


Wet newspaper is practical. However, to avoid wetting, you can use double the amount of dry newspaper. Like the peeled potato, leave it inside the shoes for two days.

Pack the newspaper tightly against the tight area.

Spray Alcohol: 

Take a mixture of sixty percent Alcohol and fifty percent water and spray it on the exterior of skate shoes. Do that while you have inserted your feet inside the shoes. You can dilute the Alcohol mixture.

Do not overspray or use concentrated Alcohol because it can damage the material or fabric of shoes. The break in of skate shoes through this method is sufficient!

Frozen water: 

Pour some water into a plastic bag and fill it to the expansion you want in the skate shoes.

Make sure you place it in the shoes and put the shoe and the bag inside the freezer. Let the water freeze overnight for expansion. Take out the bag. Dry the shoes and try them on for examination.

Stretching sprays: 

Stretching sprays and mists are readily available in stores and online for all kinds of material. Sprays for leather, fabric, and even vinyl are commonly used. Stretching sprays catalyze break in of skate shoes as you practice in them.

Spray it on the skate shoes and walk a few steps to accommodate the Stretchability.


You do not have to be disappointed with your new skate shoes when you have the option to change that. Apply one of the many tricks mentioned above and watch the skate shoes unfold. Now you can enjoy your journey to its maximum.

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