How to Lace Skate Shoes Review 2021 – Best Tie Up Methods

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How to lace skate shoes, it is a commonly asked question. Skateboarding is great fun, but dangerous if you will not gear up properly. For instance, your shoelace is not lace up properly. What will happen? It can cause falling or injuries because you will not get a proper balance. The more important thing is the skate shoes required different tied. If you are not familiar with how to lace skate shoes 2021 properly, you are in the right place. Here we are going to tell you the best way to tie up your skateboarding shoes to minimize the risks of injuries.

How To Lace Skate Shoes

Why you should not overlook lacing?

Meh! Why don’t I overlook lacing for today and jump straight into skateboarding? Do you know what the outcome of that will be?

We do. Either you were unable to fully enjoy your skating session or you are cradling your arm or leg by now. Awkward.

Laces are added to skate shoes for a reason. Heavy professional skaters that are experts at kickflips and Ollies recommend you use the right lacing technique. Either way, you will be lacing your skate shoes.

Laces are added for your safety for obvious reasons. Make sure you tie your laces properly so the safety part does not backfire. You do not want to accidentally step over your lace and topple over. Now the safety here is of the skate shoes as well. The laces keep the sides firmly pressed together against your feet so after one session your skates do not look like they survived a nuclear attack.

Nest up, lacing adds appeal to the skates. You can use our methods below that make your skate shoes look like they have walked right out of the runway. Shoot up the aesthetics of your skate shoes by following our recommended method.

Thirdly, protection is an important point. This time we are talking about your feet. Right lacing ensures the right fitness. At least the skates will not slip off. If you have a foot deformity then the perfect fit insole will enhance your skateboarding experience. Now you will actually have an exciting day to look forward to!


Tie/Lace Skate Shoes

There are different ways to lace up your skate shoes, but a few are the best, for instance, tie skate shoes without a bow. The best thing about this method is, it will not let your shoes loose. So you will not have to face injuries. You have to be careful because injuries are a standard part while skating.

However, this method doesn’t demand you to try for weeks to learn. You can learn in a few minutes. Let’s know that with simple steps, “how to tie skate shoes without a bow?”

  1. Take your shoes in your hands, and be sure that you have to insert the lace from the last loop going down.
  2. Now when you have inserted it in one eyelet. Simply bring both ends of the laces out and place them crossing each other at the toe of the shoe, so it looks secure.
  3. The next thing is to tie the right shoelace over the left one. The best thing is to tie two single knots at the toe of the shoes.
  4. Make sure you have adjusted the knot length.
  5. Last but not least, you have to tuck the tied under the tongue. The next thing is to push show tongue down to show you on the front. But you should be careful that the shoes don’t get in the way of your toe. That’s all concerning how to lace shoes.

How to Wear Skate Shoes?

It is tricky when you have to wear skate shoes. Did you know that skate shoes are perfect to be worn on without socks? It is true that socks make you more comfortable as well as don’t look bad. But they can make you a boarder highly unstable, which might result in instability, improper balance, or other injuries.

  • It is most necessary that you should never wear skate shoes without a sole. The soles are designed to give stability and comfort, not for the short session but also useful in daily life, without a sole, your feet are prone to slippage, which is a result, that you have to face injuries.
  • When you tied your shoes, you should check them twice, either need any improvement, then make it tight or try the lace without a bow.
  • You should make sure that your skate shoes are stitched with a firm sole. It will minimize the wear and tear issues, and your feet will stay comfortable.
  • Get the right size when it comes to Skateboarding that fits on your feet without making them feel discomfort.
  • Lastly, the essential advice for skaters is that don’t wear skating shoes if they are not fully dry.

Wear Skate Shoes Casually

Whether you wash your face in the washbasin or wash while taking a bath, no one stops you from washing your face. The same case is for your skate shoes. You can wear them casually, but they are not designed for casual purposes.

The skate shoe manufacturers are specially designed shoes for Skateboarding. So it can be harmful to your shoes as they can lose their shape.

However, some people want to attract others by wearing skating shoes. That’s fine. You can wear them for casual such as parties, gatherings, etc. But we don’t suggest you as you have many other options.

It also depends on you whether you can wear skate shoes casually or not. Because if you are a severe skater, you should never think that you can wear them for casual dressing. Otherwise, it is up to you.

Lace-Up Vans

When it comes to the vans, it has no alternative with no doubt. The vans are relaxed, comfortable, and trendy footwear, either you are a skater or not. It will be a perfect fanatic for both skater and casual wearers.

The market is full of a variety of vans ranging from lower to high prices. There are some vans that look like fashion symbols, but they are expensive. Just celebrities or pro skaters as fashion wear them. Let’s come to the point about the vans.

It is an exciting fact that vans can be tied up in many ways. Here we have the best options that people liked the most for how to lace vans.

·       The Criss-Cross

Old gold is perfect for criss-cross and will never go out of fashion. What will you have for criss-cross is just place the lace at the tongue. It should be placed in between with eyelets. Next, you have to do is that it brings the lace-up by opening. There will be some remaining eyelets. What you have to do is that bring the lace-up through them to the top.

·       Straight Bar

Here we have another option. Through the bottom eyelets, the straight bar lets you place and inserts their laces. Then you have to deal with the left end and tie up through the eyelets on the same side. The next thing is to the right down the tongue through the opposite eyelet. Now, you have to do the same with another pair. You have to continue until the laces come up from the utmost top eyelets. The last thing is that you can now tie the knot behind the tongue. That’s all.


  • Zipper Lacing

To make a pattern comparable to knitting, this lacing method requires looping the lace at each eyelet. Begin by tying a knot and threading the lace through it. After inserting the lace in each hole, twist it. You’ll also need to crisscross the lace to make a zipper like design.

  • Army Lacing

Start at the toe eyelet and thread the lace through two eyelets on one side at a time, then crisscross it and thread it through the opposing side. Rep with the other end of the lace and the other end of the lace. Until the lace has been passed through all of the eyelets.

To guarantee that you are comfortable while skateboarding, make sure you use skateboarding shoes. Regardless of your lace tying skills, failure to do so will result in accidents. Also, flat laces are better at keeping in place than other types of laces. Always have extra laces on hand in case your present ones break or fray.

Techniques You Can Use To Lace Skate Shoes

There are so many things that have to consider to lace-up skate shoes. Let’s know about them.

High Arches

There are so many skate shoes come with high arches. This design is only for those who need the utmost comfort and want to minimize the tightness.  So, you should try the criss-cross pattern to lace up your shoes. In the end, the remaining eyelets make you tie the shoes up.

Feel Too Tight

It is based on the even distribution of your shoes. The shoelaces are tight means you can feel more comfortable. It allows you to get a parallel fashion by underneath each of the opposite eyelets., thread the laces by feeding them and tie up as you want.

Slipping Heel

Get the utmost support from your skate shoes, and it requires the shoes are not snug. It prevents slipping.

What do you have to do with your skate shoes? It requires you to lace your shoes from the second eyelet to the last eyelet. You should make sure that the lace has gone right up to the final eyelet. Now tie it up as usual.

Wide Forefoot

The next technique is for the wide forefoot. The lacing manner promises to offer lots of room in your toes area. So when it needs to start, you have to thread the lace through two sides and lacing up by criss-cross manner from the mid-foot to onward.

Narrow Feet

For those who have narrow feet, you have to tighten your shoes more than usual. It doesn’t protect your feet but also keeps them safe.

Skate shoes with lace protection for narrow feet should be criss-cross instead of simple crossing. When you have done with criss-cross lacing, then tip them as you want. But you should make sure they are too tightening for you.

Wide Feet

Last but not least, the wide feet require more space for the foot. It is simple to tighten lace for these shapes of shoes. You have to choose the criss-cross pattern from the top eyelet to the bottom. Hence, when you have don, tie your lace-up. That’s all.


Quick Tips on lacing skate shoes!

Now that you have perfected the lacing technique. We would love to share a few tips that will help you master the skateboard. Moreover, these updated tips will let you make the most out of your skate shoes.

  • Follow the lacing technique to the dot. However, with that lacing fitness, the socks are not included. Forgo socks and use our methods to get better control of your skateboard.
  • If you plan on lacing for maximum fitness then choose high quality stitching for the skates. Low quality will fall apart within a few weeks and you will be back to square one.
  • The only movement that should be allowed is a little heel and toe movement to check that skates are not constrained. Other than that, the movement like a foot sliding from side to side indicated not only wrong lacing but also the wrong size.
  • Not all skate shoes have the same kind of laces. Some skates have 7 eyelets while some have only 4. Double check the length and width of the lacework before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do my laces rip when skating?
Probably because you are not taking the right care of your laces. It could also be because they are not the right size. If your laces are short do not pull them taught to fulfill all the eyelets. Buy a new pair that is not too long. Additionally use a lacing technique that is compatible with your feet. Try our techniques and walk around to determine which one is for you!

How do you protect your laces when skating?
Make sure your laces are tied properly. The biggest reason for laces being damaged while skating is them getting stepped on. Or in the worst case scenario when they are tangled in the skateboard wheels. Additionally, clean them regularly or use a rigidity spray so the fabric of laces does not flay.

Are immortal laces good for skate shoes?
Immortal Laces are produced with nylon cord and high-quality metal aglets in the United States. The high quality material and craftsmanship ensure that the laces will last and withstand the abuse that skateboarding and other action sports can dish out. Always have extra laces on hand in case your present ones break or flay open.

The Bottom Line

All in all, we have discussed the more comfortable and secure way to “lace skate shoes.” it matters the most, so you should not compromise over it. However, there are so many ways available on the internet that will be looking stylish. But you have to stay close to a secure method. Besides that, we will recommend you try all the lace-up methods to find which one is best for you in both terms comfort and security. However, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. We are always here to help you, and thank you for visiting us!

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