How To Tie Skate Shoes Without A Bow – Several Techniques

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Are you curious to know that how to tie skate shoes without a bow? We’ll guide you in several easy techniques here.

Skateboarding is one of the best sports for youngsters. Also, it is one of the best ways to spend free time with friends. Besides, this is one of the best fun-loving games. And the skate shoes will give you the best experience of all time if you tie the laces properly.

However, for riding a skateboard, you need to have comfortable skate shoes with the proper lace-up. Also, the skate shoes should be tied correctly, and you need to lace-up properly for having the snug-fitting whether they are skate shoes or roller skates both need to be tied-up properly. Besides that, if you tie the shoes loose, an unforeseen accident may happen. And you tie the shoes perfect for having the safest skateboard ride.

How To Tie Skate Shoes Without A Bow

On top of that, there are several styles to tie the skate shoes, have a look below to know the style you need. But first:

Why should you tie your skates?

For starters skating is not as easy as you might think. The last thing you would want is an additional burden of primary factors like laces. Will you be balancing the skateboard or your stray laces?

Laces are of several types and are tied accordingly. Moreover, long laces tend to get in your way and the next thing you know is you are tumbling down on your face. Besides, laces have a stronger influence on stability, fitness, durability, and whatnot.

Lastly, taking care of laces helps prevent them from wearing out quickly. The laces are designed to fit along with the shoe shape so you can use them to your advantage. Let’s find out several techniques that enhance the skating experience for the users.

Simple Techniques That Will Tell You How To Tie Skate Shoes Without A Bow

We will guide you on how to tie the skateboarding shoes in a simple yet stylish way. Also, you won’t hassle for a while after lacing the skate shoes in the best possible manner. And lacing the skate shoes is not familiar for beginners, so check the techniques below to tie your pair of shoes.

For tying your skate shoes firstly, you must insert one lace and then go downwards.

After that, pull both ends of the laces. Also, you can make the crisscross design or put them leftwards or rightwards

Thirdly, make knots and then pull both laces again. After that, you can alter the laces as per your preference.

Lastly, you can tie the laces with this technique and then carry on tying the shoes from the front.

How To Tie The Skate Shoes?

One of the most comfortable skate shoes is the vans. Also, it is the most fashionable skate shoes.  Plus, there are various ways in which you can tie the shoes to make them look more stylish. Below we will tell other techniques for tying the skate shoes.


It is one of the best trends among skateboarders. Also, you can style the skate shoes with the crisscross style by following the steps.

  • With the holes of the skate shoes, you can tie the ends of knots easily from the outer side to the inner side.
  • After that, you can lace the shoes by squeezing them through the holes.
  • Just by grabbing the ends of laces, you can tie them conveniently.
  • Then stop lacing the shoes when you reach the top side.

skate shoe tie lace without bow

Straight Lacing Or Bar Lacing

Are you wondering how to tie skate shoes in a cool way? Bar lacing is one of the coolest ways to lace the skate shoes. Also, it will make your skate shoes more good looking. Bar lacing will give the best fitting, and you can tie the laces with a straight lacing manner to enhance the looks of the skate shoes.

  • You can tie the double knots on one end of the laces. Also, tie them from the bottom at the holes.
  • After that, tie the other end of the lace with the thread from the other hole.
  • That end of the hole needs some pulling towards the top.
  • Move the laces with the inner towards the outer side of the thread.
  • A thread can be at the bottom of the holes from the row.
  • Lastly, you can thread it with the holes at the other side of the shoe.

Zipper Lacing

The last type of tying the shoes is the zipper lacing. But this type of lacing is quite tricky. But you can check the steps below to lace the skate shoes in the zipper type.

  • For tying the shoes in the zipper first tie the knot at one end of the laces and then on the other side
  • After doing that, thread it from the outer side first from the inner side, then put it in the hole of the right side of the shoe.
  • Also, you can make the opposite end of the lace above then hole of the thread.
  • After then, pull the end of the hole with the other side.
  • Lastly, you need to loosen the lace with the thread of the hole until you reach the bottom of the lace.

How To Tie Skate Shoes Without A Bow

Different Ways To Avoid The Problems While Tying Skate Shoes

Now we’ll discuss the unique techniques that will make you tie the skate shoes easily. Also, you will have the best fitting in these types of lacing skate shoes. Below we have some tricks.

High Arches

If you want to tie the skate shoes securely, then it is the best method for you. So let’s begin.

First of all, you have the lace the skate shoes in the simplest crisscross technique. And after doing that, you need to pull the lace from each side without crisscross. Lastly, you need to lace the skate shoes in the other holes of the skate shoe.

Slipping Heel

If your heel keeps on slipping while riding the skateboard, then slipping heel lace-up is the best method for you. Also, if you follow this technique, you will have better support at the arch. And you just need to start lacing the shoes from one hole to another. After doing so, you need to tie the end of the lace with its opposite side.

Toe Pain

If you have pain in the toe-cap, then lace the shoes in this way. Also, it will create more room for your toes. Toe pain occurs when you don’t have enough space for the toes. Start lacing the shoes on the top side and keep on lacing towards the opposite side. Lastly, you need to lace the shoes in a slanting way towards the other side till the bottom.

Narrow Foot

Lastly, we have the lacing technique for the narrow feet. For narrow feet, we suggest tying the laces in the crisscross manner that we have discussed above in the guide. The crisscross lacing keeps the skate shoes tight and ideal for the smaller and thinner feet.

Tips For Tying The Skate Shoes

Finally, we are now going to tell you some of the simple techniques that you can use to make your skating more enjoyable and secure. Also, by trying the above methods of lacing the skate shoes, you will be able to skate in a better way.

Firstly, you need to choose the right skate shoes as per your foot size. And consider buying a skate shoe that has a lace loop as well. We are suggesting you buy skate shoes that have lace loops because it will reduce the risk of accidents. Also, you will be able to do the best tricks with comfortable lace-loops skate shoes.

Secondly, choose the flattest skate shoes because they will give you the best board feel. And you will be able to keep the foot stable with the flat skate shoes.

Thirdly, you need to keep in mind that the skate shoelaces should be equal on each side with a similar length as well. And never buy skate shoes without laces because they will not give you the snug-fitting.

Fourthly, you must make sure that you have some extra laces for the skate shoes. Because the laces of the shoes aren’t much durable, and you must have extra laces.

Finally, people with smaller and thinner feet have a lot of problems while skating, such as slipping heel. Besides that, you can try the crisscross lacing technique for tying the skate shoes most tightly. But make sure that your shoes aren’t too tight that you aren’t able to skate properly. Tighter shoes will make your feet stiff, and you won’t be able to do the tricks in the best way.

Influence of tying on Performance of Cupsole Skates

There is no denying that tying has a huge impact on skate shoes and your pattern of skating. Now, there would be so many tying styles if that was not the case. No?

Your skate shoes and the skateboard along with the skating rink will remain the same, the only thing you will be changing is your tying pattern. Prepare to be amazed how a small change can open a world of opportunities and skating ways for you.

Let’s find out!

  • Skating shoes have double padding. That cannot be effective if the tying pattern does not ensure your feet are pressed against the pads.
  • The same goes with the back where heel cupping ensures you do not accidentally tear your Achilles’ heel.
  • If your lacing is too tight it leaves little to no room for breathability. Get prepared for sweaty and foul smelling feet then.
  • The upper fabric is double or triple stitched that can be damaged if the tying of laces is pulling on the seams.
  • Make sure the lacing technique you use is compatible with your foot shoe as described by us. Or else you will be damaging your skates even before they are ready to face your skateboarding skills.
  • Lastly, do not lose out on the shock absorption padding because you did not bother with the tying and now the skates are no longer “protective”.

Tying benefits on activities other than skating

Just because the skate shoes are named after the literal support does not mean you cannot indulge in other activities. You have to walk around and jump right? In that case, you have to use a sustainable tying method that is compatible with multiple activities.

For that, we suggest trying any of our mentioned methods. However, for wider feet or deformities you should choose a method that leaves extra space for movement. If you use skate shoes for long distance walking without properly tying them, you will have problems.

You should be aware that skate shoes have a flat sole and are not designed to thump repeatedly. Even the skate shoes inside the design have a pad. In that instance, a cinched tying method is the most effective while performing.

The Conclusion

After reading the guidelines about the skate shoe tie-up procedure, you will have an idea that what its importance is. You must tie the skate shoes properly to avoid accidents. And never tie the skate shoes similar to the tennis shoes. Because if you tie the skate shoes in a bow, you’ll end up struggling with the skateboard as well. So the best techniques have been mentioned above that will make your skateboarding effortless. Also, skating shoes are perfect only if you tie them accurately.

However, you can wear skateboard shoes with any casual outfit to look cool. Skate shoes have a flat material to give the best board feel. And you will never feel uncomfortable while riding with the skateboard shoes.

We hope that you quickly learn the technique of lacing the shoes without a bow. Thank you for reading.

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