7 Most Durable and longest lasting Skate Shoes of 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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Skateboarders keep looking around for the most durable skate shoes 2021 that they can find. And, if you are tired of buying new capsules every month. Fortunately, here we are going to reveal several considerably longest-lasting skate shoes so you can save more money.

Most Durable Skate Shoes Reviews 2021

But you must agree with a bitter truth that no skate shoes last forever. Even if they are made with the most durable material. So that does not mean you should settle down for low quality or less durable skate shoes that last no longer than a week.

Also, we have a few things in our buying guide that we should consider while buying the best skate shoes.

For now, let’s dive into a couple of best skate shoes and read their pros and cons. Our team has shortlisted the 7 longest-lasting skate shoes. And you will find all the details that you need to for making the best purchases.

List of Top 7 Most Durable Skate Shoes 2021

So, let’s check out our top picks!

1Emerica Reynolds G64.7/5 Check Price
2Durable Vans Unisex Skate Shoes4.6/5 Check Price
3Nike SB Dunk Low3.9/5 Check Price
4Adidas Busenitz Pro4.5/5 Check Price
5Adidas Originals Samoa Vintage4.0/5 Check Price
6DC Men’s Spartan High WC TX SE Skate Shoe4.6/5 Check Price
7Dc Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe4.7/5 Check Price

1. Emerica Reynolds G6 – Extra padding for comfortability

Emerica is one of the top-rated shoe brands for many reasons. One of the reasons is that they make durable shoes, and those shoes have excellent performance. Emerica Reynolds G6 is the boss of all other finest skate shoes.

So when you think about long-lasting pro skate shoes, Adidas busenitz pro may come to your mind. But don’t worry if you don’t have enough budget, Emerica skate shoes are the best option to buy. Also, they have a sturdy and rugged material for the longest lasting.

Most Durable Skate Shoes Emerica Reynolds G6

Check Price

Other than that, the soles of shoes are made from superior quality rubber to last long, and they have deeper triangular treads on the sole to keep you on the board.

Plus, G6 polyurethane has an additional comfort level due to the insoles. And the insoles are also removable if needed for some users. Honestly, these shoes have the best insoles from all other skate shoes in our review.

Why You Will Love It

Besides that, the inner textile lining is comfortable as well as breathable. And the hot melt cap makes the shoe last for the longest time. Moreover, it has a super padding perforated lycra-spandex tongue for breathability and comfortability.

Finally, emeria is the boss of other skate shoes. And these shoes will last longer than standard skate shoes.

  • Extra padding for comfortability
  • The durable, rugged design look
  • Reinforced toe cap for better protection
  • Not so budget-friendly
  • Inner soles can be made more comfortable

2. Durable Vans Unisex Skate Shoes – Popular skate shoe

There is no secret that Vans are the favorite skate shoe brand of many people. But that might not be an accurate judgment. Usually, many skateboarders prefer buying vans. And Vans classic has indeed been the best skateboard shoe since the 1970s.

Also, Vanssk8-hi unisex most durable skate shoes have a waffle tread, and white vulcanizes outsoles, laces, and logo waving on the side strip. And this shoe has a tough black suede upper for durability. Plus, you can choose Vans for various colors. Usually, people prefer buying black Vans.

 Durable Vans Unisex Skate Shoes

Check Price

Moreover, these shoes have a swanky outsole feature that has a signature waffle tread. You might expect this shoe offers a copious amount of board feel. Unlike other shoes, this one is quite flexible, which means they are tough to break in.

Other than that, VANs have a high-top style that features three longevity-boosting that run parallel to each other all the way around the ankle collar. Also, the padding hides behind a breathable material that extends down to the van’s strip on the shoes’ side.

Further, it has four layers of collar padding and supports the ankle as well. And there is a nice cut suede paneling at the toe and lace strips on each side of the skate shoe.

Why You Will Love It

As if that’s not enough? You will love the wall detailing around the heel of the shoe. And it has a recognizable red logo that makes them unique. Besides, the tongue and insole are pretty thin.

So don’t expect much cushioning. And you will get tons of board feel. Does Board feel it is something every skateboarder needs? And these are the best shoes ever that fit true to the size in most of the cases.

Finally, we can say that the vans sk8 skate shoes are the most durable skate shoes in 2021. Surely, they won’t fall apart the first time you skate them. Among all the skate shoes, these are the top-rate shoes in our review list.

  • Affordable and unisex shoes
  • Great reviews by the consumers
  • Easy to break-in
  • Cool and comfortable high top skate shoe
  • Different sizes up to 14.5
  • Popular skate shoe and has lots of padding around the ankles
  • Nothing worth to mention

3. Nike SB Dunk Low – Good for wide feet skateboarders

Next, we have Nike SB dunk low durable skate shoe. It is built to last the longest, and you cannot stop eye-feasting on this shoe. Moreover, these shoes have a leather upper for durability and comfortability. Also, Nike boasts a rubber outsole that makes it the most enduring cupsole construction.

Most Durable Nike SB Dunk Skate Shoes

Check Price

Why You Will Love It

Furthermore, the padding on the tongue keeps the feet comfortable while the silhouette lets you experiment with all the skating tricks. And if you are looking for a skate shoe that has a great impact absorption feature, then Nike is the real deal.

Moreover, the zoom air unit in the shoe has a liner to give you extra cushioning. And you can wear these shoes and jump on hard surfaces without any danger to get an injury. So you may also be looking for the right grip! These are the longest-lasting skate shoes.

You can find that in this shoe as well. Nike is a multi-directional grip skate shoe that is best for you. Also, it has the best skate shoe material, and they are durable skate shoes.

  • Constructed with a long-lasting leather
  • Company is known for its exceptional product
  • Extra padding for better protection
  • Multi-directional grip
  • Good for wide feet skateboarders
  • Not available in various colors

4. Adidas Busenitz Pro – high-quality

Adidas busenitz pro is one of the best skate shoes in 2021 that you can get. Also, the look of the shoes is amazing. And you will probably be feeling bored much while wearing them. And you will get everything at a good price.

Adidas Busenitz Skate Shoes

Check Price

Why You Will Love It

Moreover, the stitching of the shoe is durable and even sturdier. Plus, it has a cupsole construction, geofit collar, and durable skate shoes that last the longest.

As if that’s not enough, these most durable skate shoes are called busenitz because of the popular skateboarder Dennis busenitz. This company has the best durable skate shoes that will last for ages.

  • Sturdy cuspsole construction and tough outsole for longevity
  • Well-padded and offers geo collar support
  • Roomy and high-quality shoes with detailed stitching
  • Pricey skate shoes
  • Tough to break-in

5. Adidas Originals Samoa Vintage – Cool vintage look

Adidas is a famous shoe company, and they have come out with Adidas Samoa along with three other classic names, the superstar, the gazelle, and the campus. This company reintroduced the best pair of shoes because they are durable. Many trainers recommend buying these skate shoes. And Adidas Samoa is still among the best of all other skates in the market.

Adidas Samoa Skate Shoes

Check Price

Hence, these shoes are built to last the longest period. We bet that you will never be disappointed buying these skate shoes.

Why You Will Love It

However, it is available in a wide variety of colors, and these shoes are lightweight as well as super comfortable. And you know what? They are affordable too. Do you know why these shoes last the longest? Because they are crafted with high quality and longest-lasting synthetic leather. Also, the sole of the shoes is made of tough, unbreakable rubber. Additionally, the toe cap is heavily reinforced. And toe cap matters a lot in the durability of the shoes.

Believe me or not, these shoes are worth getting compliments on. Also, they are eye-catching. So if you are an adoration-seeker, Leo or Aires dude, then these shoes are perfect for you.

Moreover, you will notice that these shoes are cool and they’ll never be outdated as they last for more than a year. And if you skate hard, they won’t even lose their grip. Plus, we have added these shoes to our review because they are easy to break-in.

And nothing could prevent anyone from buying these shoes. And these shoes are one of the longest-lasting skate shoes on the market. Thus, if you are planning to practice all skateboarding tricks, then these are the best ones to buy.

Finally, Adidas has added a lot of positive features to these shoes, and they are affordable as well.

  • Durable leather material
  • Manufactured by a well-known company
  • Affordable shoes
  • Cool vintage look and they are easy to break-in
  • The tongue could be thicker for better protection

6. DC Men’s Spartan High WC TX SE Skate Shoe – Excellent stitching

DC men’s skate shoes are unique from other skate shoes. And they have a wide look that gives them a great look. So if you are looking for a skate shoe that has a high-top style, then these shoes will be the best among them.

DC Men's Spartan Skate Shoes

Check Price

No doubt, you will love the style of these shoes. Consequently, they have the best material that is crafted with 100 percent textile material. And there are amazing color combinations with lots of other muted colors and looks.

But the detailed stitching gives them a look that you cannot draw your eye away from.

Why You Will Love It

Moreover, the detailed stitching gives them a durable look which you can’t draw away from your eye. Plus, the rubber sole is thick and absorbs a great impact. Also, DC men’s shoes will bring you continual comfort while you are skating with them.

Other than that, these skate shoes have a mesh lining that helps the air to circulate and wick away the sweat and moisture. And you know what? The less moisture that sits in your shoe makes them last longer. Also, these shoes are stylish as well as functional.

Finally, the tongue and collar of the shoes are padded enough for support.

  • Long-lasting
  • Inner mesh lining
  • Excellent stitching
  • Stylish skate shoes
  • No cons

7. Dc Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe – Comfortable

Last but not least, we have the DC men’s court Grafik SE skate shoes. These are simply amazing black skate shoes that have a white design as well as there are various colors to choose from. And these shoes have sizes for everyone. And they will look great when you are on the skateboard.

DC Mens Court Skate Shoes

Check Price

On the other side, these shoes are breathable and have a small vent hole near the sole of shoes. Holes let the airflow around the inner layer of the shoe. Also, the breathable material will keep the material of the shoe moisture wicking from the inside.

Accordingly, these shoes are long-lasting due to the breathable material. Usually, when the shoes start absorbing moisture, they wear out, so it is a great idea to keep the shoes dry.

Why You Will Love It

Further, these shoes are comfortable and have padded tongues and collars. So when your feet are inside the shoes, they will feel cushiony and supported while skating. These skate shoes with arch support are comfortable as well.

And they are specifically made for skating, and your foot will never slip. Also, DC shoes have fewer chances to wear or your feet become sore. It is the most longest lasting skate shoes on Reddit.

Lastly, the pill-pattern soles on the bottom give you great traction.

  • Comfortable
  • breathable
  • Trademarked pill-pattern
  • Tough to break-in

Buying Guide for the Most Durable Skate Shoes 2021

There are some factors that you must consider while buying a durable skate. Also, these factors determine how long the skate shoes will last. Plus, it depends how often you are out there skating, how hard you ride, and other material that makes the skates shoes. Other than that, the overall design of shoes matters a lot.

Buying Guide


So you will be expecting the leather material to last longer than suede? Yes, it does last longer. And suede shoes outlast canvas shoes. But when it comes to overall shoe design, cupsoles withstand better than vulcs.


Generally, thick soles that are made of rubber outlast the thinner soles. And the shoe companies these days are borrowing ideas from the care tire makers. So if a shoe is made of similar technology as what firestone uses for their tires, you know it will last longer.

Usually, thinner soles may not last as long as the thicker ones. But they often aren’t as comfortable in our experience. And thinner soles typically deliver a better feeling of the skateboard.

Synthetic soles may last longer, but they are unpleasantly noisy compare to the other materials. And polyurethane is also a good sole material. But we recommend buying a shoe that has a thicker sole made with a rubber material. Also, they have better performance, and these shoes are durable enough. Besides that, the midsole and insoles are thick enough to absorb the impact of hard landing surfaces.


Most of the skate shoes are now made of lightweight material, but let us tell you they won’t last long. Just like everything else in the shoes, the weight should be high too for better durability.

Similarly, many companies are making shoes of less material, and they don’t last long. And the heavier shoes outlast the lightweight shoes. But too much bulkiness may reduce the overall performance. For this reason, they maybe not the best skate shoes to buy.


Some of the skate shoes that are carpeted with stitching tend to tear apart sooner than those with more minimal construction. Usually, detailed stitching tends to increase longevity. But the shoes with double stitching generally outlast the simply glued shoes.


Other than that, you must consider your budget while buying a skate shoe. Since there are some durable shoes and have low prices as well. So you should spend between 60 to 100 dollars for buying the most durable skate shoes. And you may buy one or two pairs of skate shoes when the sale is going on.


As there are several brands, and you can’t ignore this factor while buying a skate shoe. So Adidas, Nike, and other brand shoes tend to be the best of all other brands. Also, we have some of the best brands in our review that are affordable and durable. You shouldn’t be brand conscious but buy a pair that last longer.

So, you should keep all the essential factors in mind while buying a skate shoe.


1- What is the best material for durable skate shoes?

The most durable material for a skate shoe is suede and leather when it comes to a shoe upper. And these two best materials are best for choice while buying a skate shoe. Because they are flexible and durable enough to deals with wear and tear. Plus, when a skate shoe has double stitching with this material, it will make the shoe longest lasting.

 2- How long should the skate shoes last?

Generally, if you do a lot of kickflips, allies, tying the flips, park, and street skating, then your shoes shall last for 4 to 5 months. Only if you take good care. And you must buy a new pair of skate shoes after six months for better protection of your feet.

3- Should skate shoes are tight or a little bit loose?

The skate shoes shall be comfortably loose when you wear them normally. But you must tighten them with the laces so that it won’t slide off your heel. And the new skate shoes are tight around the toe or at the sides of the feet.

4- How to make the skate shoes last longest?

Some of the tips for making the shoe last longest include, avoid using your feet to break, use suede patches to cover holes, apply shoe goo to cover tears. Other than that, you can apply superglue to stitching areas where your deck’s grip tape usually comes in contact.

5- Which are the most durable skate shoes?

Some of the most durable skate shoes are DC Men’s Spartan High WC TX SE Skate Shoe, Adidas Originals Samoa Vintage, Adidas Busenitz Pro, Nike SB Dunk Low, and Emerica Reynolds G6.

To Conclude

We know the best, but do you know what’s best? By choosing a pair from our review, you will know that it is safe to skate like a pro. And we know that every journey starts by taking one step, and that step should have enough grip, protection, as well as comfort.

According to our suggestions, we have two longest-lasting skate shoes Emerica Reynolds G6, and Dc Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe. They have the best imported material, cushioned panels, comfortable lining, and much more. Besides our suggestion, you can buy any skate shoe from our review that suits your needs.

So buy the right pair of skate shoes that are durable and show your competitors what you can do.

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